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The curtain.

I checked and couldn't find an answer so I'll throw it out to the world.

Who invented "the curtain"?  I've seen it used in multiple threads, by a great many people and yet there doesn't seem to be any official rule about it (not to say that there should be, etc. etc.).

So where did "the curtain" originate?

It probably started with the first town couple. They needed a way to do it without describing it. Thus the curtain falls. It probably has to do with how shows end or switch between scences when something like this happens.

If I recall correctly, it began life as a specifically black curtain.

Ahem, it was not me that came up with it  Razz

No, it was Kyrian and Arha that came up with it.  Kyrian used it for the first time in a public location in GitP Town.  I can't remember where and the thread has probably been purged.

Ooh, ooh!  Was that at the place with the hookahs?  Can't remember the name, sorry Sad  Indurain was quite fond of it.

It was either that one or on the beach.

The first place was on the beach and the place was named Hookah Hanks.  

Yes, I remember some memorable rp with Indurain and a pillow in Hookah Hanks...

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