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The Chilli God

The Chilli God's Character List Thingie

((More to come))

"MURK want fighty-fight!"

"I have something for that, actually."

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Orc
Class: Fighter 6 / Exotic Weapon Master 3 / Eye of Gruumsh 7
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 20-something.
Height: 6 foot or something.
Weight: 190-something lb.
Face: Dull green, with helmet-trimmed black hair and wild-looking sideburns. Huge teeth, and right eye has been put out. Left eye is red-brown, with no intelligence behind it.
Equipment: Vek (a magic double-axe), a very sharp pen, and some mithril breastplate.

Race: Half-Drow
Class: Bard 6 / Mindbender 10
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 40-something.
Height: 5 foot or something.
Weight: 120-something lb.
Face: Grey skin, soft and smooth, with long, flowing white hair that reaches down to the waist. Grey eyes with that spark behind them, and usually a cheeky or seductive smile.
Equipment: A magic rapier, and a backpack that holds a lot of magic items. Wears indigo commoner's clothing (Or glamored armor, your choice).

MURK was born to and raised by a reigning arena champion in an orc-dominated port city, adjacent to a wasteland with lots of monsters.
Megara was born to and raised by an orc slave, as her drow mother tossed her out of her house in disgust.
MURK was taught to use the double axe by his father.
Megara self-taught herself the powers of the song.
MURK sought to adventure, and gain his own reputation
Megara sought to escape, and live amongst the surface.
MURK eventually started to adventure, with blessing from his father.
Megara escaped, with the aid of her orc slaves.
Just as both had gotten out, they were both teleported against their will to a strange demiplane created from the mind of a half-insane cultist of Vecna. The two were forced to battle several creatures conjured by the unseen cleric, and endured the features of the cramped dungeon-like area, including a healing fountain and a tub of black goo.
Megara learnt that stupid orcs make very reliable and extremely capable slaves and bodyguards.
MURK learnt that black goo makes MURK stronger.
Megara's singing one night charmed the cultist, so that he agreed to let the two free. He teleported the two to an area of the wasteland, where MURK befriended a tribe of orcs, who grew to worship him as a deity. MURK took this as a sign from Gruumsh, and from the cleric of Vecna. He later named his double-axe, Vek.
Megara stayed with MURK, hoping to use the tribe to satisfy her dominative urges.
MURK left the tribe all of a sudden, seeking to adventure elsewhere.
Megara stayed to control the tribe, until the tribe's high priest (Bob) then sought to eat the bones of the Triceratops of MURK (which MURK had refused to eat, claiming that he was unworthy) in front of him to secure his position as chief. Megara chased after MURK, trying to find him before Bob could.
Megara caught up with MURK, satisfied that Bob is far away from him and that MURK can protect her when needed, and at least she has somewhat domination over someone.

[Common Knowledge]
Not much. MURK and Megara are largely unknown, which suits both of them fine.
However, a quick observation would quickly reveal that MURK is as stupid as a stump (but stronger than most giants), and Megara has his mind bent around her little pinky. (and she possesses a strong chest for singing)
-In a fight, MURK has two techniques that he employs, usually whilst raging. The "GGGRRRAAARRRGGGHHH!!!" Technique involves MURK recklessly charging a foe and using a massive downward slash to try and cut him in half. It usually works, even against adamantine blocks! It is usually only achievable from an initial distance (to gain foraward momentum) and leave MURK hideously open to a counterattack afterwards. The "GRAH-GRAH-GRAH-GRAARR!" Technique involves MURK pinwheeling his double-axe into the foe, aiming for every conceivable part of the body in an order determined at random. Though lacking the initial blow power of the "GGGRRRAAARRRGGGHHH!!!" Technique, the buildup of hits more than compensates, and it's safer as well.
-MURK's working on a third technique, where he shows off his skills with his double-axe and simultaneously spits in the opponent's eyes. He's finding it difficult, however, since neither part of this technique actually hurts opponents.
-In a fight, Megara has four sources of attack. Firstly, she can use her bardic spells, and usually uses a good repertoire of illusions and enchantments to confuse the foes. Secondly, she can use her bardic music to bolster her allies or make things extra difficult for her enemies. Thirdly, she has mind powers, and can use them to bend or break the minds of others. Fourthly, she has a very large collection of magic items, and will not hesitate to use any one of them as appropriate against a foe.
-Megara's magic items include, but are not limited to, a twig with fine silk threads that springs up a wall of force, a pen that shoots disintegration rays, a wand of fireball, a monocle that lets her see through thoughts, alignments, magic, and also into faraway locations, a set of boots that can teleport her anywhere within a short enough distance, a rod with several ice enchantments, a paua shell that can cast stoneskin on the user, a charm that provides immunity to fire, a jeweled rapier that can animate itself, armor enhanced to look like normal clothing, two tomes (one provides insight on how to turn law into chaos and vice versa, the other's purpose has yet to be revealed), and a device that attaches itself to the targets brain and reprograms their entire memory and personality.

-MURK speaks in disjointed sentences. Megara is used to them, and will clarify for any that are confused.
-Megara typically likes to look inside the minds of others, to see how they work. She will not normally ask for permission.
-MURK is completely and utterly random, but is not in any way related to Thog from OotS. It's a mere coincidence that the two are similar, I swear.
-Both are members of KNAVES, under the titles Vindicator MURK and Mistress Anteme.

[Ongoing Storyline]
(For Old Town)

Bob has caught up to MURK and Megara, along with MURK's entire tribe of orcs. Bob now seeks out MURK so that the orc can be captured and forced to witness his triceratops bones being eaten.
Megara has witnessed Bob's presence through a crystal ball, and now seeks to hide MURK for the time being until she knows how much more powerful Bob has actually grown since last.
Megara found KNAVES and signed both herself and MURK up for the protection offered, as well as the chance for power.
When KNAVES packed up and left, MURK was left behind to take care of this annoying matter of Bob on his own. MURK wasn't very good at that, and got mobbed by the tribe's head hunter, Flak, who took him to Bob's campsite...
Until it was attacked by ninjas, and then nuked from orbit. Only a chance portal managed to save them all from a burninating death.

(For New Town)
MURK crash-landed in a nearby peak to the rest of the orc tribe, and Megara rescued him and held him in KNAVES for as long as she could.
...Until Bob got really impatient, and first sent Flak's son (Flak Junior) out to retrieve MURK. Flak Junior ended up being captured by KNAVES, and was interrogated by Megara for information on Bob, and she didn't like what Flak Junior had to say very much, but didn't act on it.
When Flak Junior didn't return, Bob took his second-in-command (Vorr) with him to Town to search for MURK. Bob found something better than MURK, however: He found Aesa. Bob struck a deal with Aesa to capture MURK and bring him to her, in exchange for a rare item. Aesa completed her end of the bargain to perfection, snatching MURK from under Megara's grasp and bringing him unconscious to in front of Bob's feet. Bob waited until MURK was conscious, and then challenged MURK to a duel. The stakes: their lives, and chieftainship of the orc tribe.
Meanwhile, Megara was forced to strike a deal with another powerful being. She was visited by Sha'rin, the archdevil of the Tenth Hell. Sha'rin offered to help MURK with his fight against Bob and Megara, a little emotional at the time, agreed without consideration.
It turned out to work in the end, for Sha'rin disrupted the divine connection between Bob and Grummsh long enough to give MURK the upper hand in the battle. In fact, it seemed as though Grummsh began to favor MURK in the fight anyway, as shown by his grin when he decapitated Bob and ate him back.
Never mind that the Orc Campsite was decimated by Edict and looted by Megara afterwards.
The Chilli God

Someone new - my first ever PC!

Kheldar Shadowstep [Hamlet]

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue 3 / Fighter 2 / Whisperknife 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 30-something.
Height: 3 foot 3 inches.
Weight: Not very heavy.
Face: Rudy skin, with confident brown eyes. Black hair, along with sideburns and a goatee.
Equipment: Rapier and Shortsword, lots of throwing daggers, some trendy adventurer's clothing and a colonial-style hat. Also a mobile shop.

Kheldar is an adventurer, and has been roaming the lands for about 5 years. Kheldar was trained in a thieves guild of a large city, and uses his talents to catch his enemies by surprise.
Kheldar has a fiancee, someone with whom he has adventured for most of those 5 years. Another halfling called Cora Greenleaf, who is skilled in swordplay even more than Kheldar, although she lacks subtlety.
Kheldar has had adventurers with many other interesting characters, though his many experiences with mages leave him either jealous or derisive.

[Common Knowledge]
-Kheldar is a strong-hearted coward. He will fight gladly most of the time, but there are some points where it is just better to flee.
-Otherwise, Kheldar is a boisterous halfling, and is quick to make new friends. However, it takes a while for Kheldar to warm up to arcane spellcasters (or Mage-ick casters, as he calls them)), due to his past experiences.
-Kheldar owns a shop on his house-wagon, called Dungeon Plunders. As the name suggests, the shop is stocked with dungeon loot that none of the other party members want. Kheldar's recently gone through a very profitable and dungeon-free period, so Dungeon Plunders isn't as well stocked as it could be. But he might have something that someone needs.
-In a fight, Kheldar fights with two weapons and usually aims to get into a position with a buddy where he can easily find an enemy's weaknesses. If he is somehow unable to find said weaknesses, he is usually rather ineffective.

None other than the above.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Currently running Dungeon Plunders in the Hamlet.
The Chilli God

Because of my love for the elements...

The Tredecielemental (Tred) **DELETED**
*Thirteen is the most unlucky number you could come across*


[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Elemental
Class: None
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 26 years since it was summoned, real age unknown
Height: Usually around 6 feet.
Weight: Usually weightless.
Face: Varies in skin color, but always has slit-like eyes of the inverted color to that of the face. Has no ears, hair, or mouth.
Equipment: None

Fire: In this state, Tred looks like your everyday fire elemental. The cyan eyes clearly show rage behind them, and the large body continuously burns with multiple fires. The circular symbol on its chest shows two diagonal lines crossing each other.
Water: In this state, Tred looks like your everyday water elemental. The yellow eyes are open with sadness, and the body bends with the wind as if it were jelly. The symbol shows one diagonal line from the top-right to the bottom-left.
Air: In this state, Tred looks slightly different from an air elemental. Where most air elementals are big and grey, Tred is slender and cyan. The dark-red eyes show signs of worry or impatience, and the symbol shows one diagonal line from the top-left to the bottom-right.
-Earth: In this state, Tred looks just like an earth elemental should. The jagged lines of rock and stone, filled with dirt in between, completes the typical form. The sea-blue eyes are set and strong, and the symbol shows two diagonal lines reaching from the bottom to either side of the circle that encloses them.
-Light: In this state, Tred looks quite humanoid, were it not for the distinct lack of features. It practically glows with brightness. The black eyes are definitely happy, and the circular symbol encloses two lines - one from top to bottom, and the other from top to the left side.
-Darkness: In this state, Tred looks like a fleeing shadow, though it is blurry and really hard to locate. This form has clawed hands, white eyes with sheer terror shown, and the circular symbol shows two lines from the bottom and the bottom-left meeting at the center.
-Thought: In this state, Tred's figure is wispy and only vaguely humanoid. It's semi-transparent, glittery, and appears to be made of brain-matter. The bright-green eyes are usually furrowed in consideration, and the symbol shows two lines originating from the top and ending at either side of the enclosing circle.
-Form: In this state, Tred has no distinct form. It is always changing, seemingly without pattern. The two dim-red eyes always look down on others, and the symbol shows two straight lines from the top and the left, meeting at the center.
-Power: In this state, Tred looks almost like some sort of blast of electrical energy given substance. Energy constantly zaps over the thing's body, and the two dim-green eyes are wide open and alert. The symbol shows two lines in the middle, the vertical one much shorter than the horizontal one, but neither reaching the edge of the circle around them.
-Metal: In this state, Tred looks like a very imposing robot. It's made of only very simple shapes like prisms and spheres, but each seems to have been plated over multiple times. The grey eyes are narrowed, and the symbol shows two vertical lines connecting the top-left to the bottom-left and the top-right to the bottom-right of the circle around them.
-Nature: In this state, Tred looks like a lean Shambling Mound, with slightly less mess. It is covered by leaves, bark and flowers, and two root-like tendril serve as arms. The magenta eyes are passive, and the symbol shows one horizonal line stretching from left to right.
-Time: In this state, Tred looks kind of humanoid, if humans didn't have legs. It is very difficult to determine the true position of it, however, because it seems to be moving when it's already moved, or when it is just about to move. The dim purple eyes show signs of stress behind them, and the symbol is two lines, one vertical, one horizontal, that cross over each other in the center.
-Life: In this state, Tred looks most humanoid, though parts of the figure seem to blend into yellow energy. While Tred's skin is mostly a pale yellow, patches of it are a sickly dark yellow-brown. Its blue eyes are full of emotion and sympathy, and the symbol shows only one vertical line from the top to the bottom of the circle enclosing it.

It is written in the tome of an ancient scholar that is long-dead, that there are thirteen elements. The theories between this hypothesized number of elements and the number itself in relation to luck and its effect on planar forces themselves, they were astonishingly detailed, but were seen by the scholar's peers as sheer lunacy. There aren't thirteen elements, there are four! Or five! Or ten, as many as there are dimensions to this world! But the idea that there could be thirteen was simply laughed out of the science books.
The scholar decided to prove his peers wrong. He took up a form of religious prayer to the ideal of thirteen elements, and apparently, his ideals came to answer back to him in the form of Tred. The elemental was created seemingly from the scholar's beliefs alone, and the scholar used Tred to prove his peers wrong.

Tred was bound to this scholar's will from life until death. When the scholar was eventually killed by old age, Tred was free to live out its own life. Tred has never really made any friends or places that it calls home, due to its rather alien nature and unpredictability of emotion.

[Common Knowledge]
-Tred can speak despite not always having a mouth, through either vibrations caused by altering the particles of its state, through telepathy (only in Thought state) or by means of creating itself a mouth (only in Form or Metal state). However, Tred much prefers to be silent (Ears open, mouth shut), and uses sign language whenever possible.

-Tred has thirteen different 'states,' forms of different elemental composition, which can be changed at a whim but only if Tred experiences a particular feeling. Each state has its own powers, and each state looks different.
-Fire, caused by furiousness. Gives highly explosive and destructive powers such as ye olde fireball and the like.
-Water, caused by sadness. Gives abilities focused on shielding and healing.
-Air, caused by anxiety. Gives fast abilities designed to get people places.
-Earth, caused by determination. Gives protection-based powers, though potentially more destructive and less regenerative than water.
-Light, caused by satisfaction. Abilities given are slightly protective, though they rely more on punishing opponents for making offensive moves, or preventing them from doing so.
-Darkness, caused by fright. Focuses almost exclusively on stealth and escape.
-Thought, caused by interest or thoughtfulness. Only state that allows telepathy, and also has other mind-related abilities.
-Form, caused by superiority or arrogance. Allows manipulation of self and of others (including formation of extra body parts like mouths).
-Power, caused by excitement. Has potential for destruction, though abilities are more hit-fast-hit-soft than fire.
-Metal, caused by annoyance. Provides a vast array of technological abilities, with equal emphasis on destruction and protection.
-Nature, caused by calmness. Has an equally-distributable range of capabilities, mostly to do with natural processes.
-Time, caused by stress. Ability to slow or speed up time in a selected area or around certain people.
-Life, caused by love. Tred has only ever experienced this feeling once, when his scholar master was killed by irate rivals. Has the power to snuff or restore the life force of others.

-Tred has a certain weakness to sound. Sure, sound is nothing but the traveling vibration of air molecules hitting one's ears, but Tred wasn't created with sound as an element in mind.


-There is a fourteenth element that is trying to weed its way into Tred, but has not yet found the chance because it actually requires Tred to experience a complete lack of emotion (most likely through death or unconsciousness, and Tred has never experienced either). Void/Aether is the element, if you're wondering, but Tred doesn't know about this. If Void succeeds, then the fourteen elements composing Tred's form will either change its form irrevocably, or destroy it.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Currently being chased by members of a wide-spread, underground, arcane cabal that want to examine it.

The Chilli God

The Tribespeople of MURK

Bob, High Priest of the Tribe of MURK **DEAD**
"I will find MURK, and I will eat him!!!"

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Orc
Class: Cleric of Grummsh 20-something.
Age: 30-something.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Early 30's
Height: 6 foot-something.
Weight: 200-something pounds
Face: Black hair with sideburns over a dulled green/brown face. Dark red eyes, and one ear missing with the other having three earrings attached.
Equipment: A glowing red longsword, spiked adamantine full plate with the words scratched on it, "EAT MURK." Holy Symbol. Tribe of orcs.

Bob was the high priest of the tribe of orcs before MURK came into the scene, and so he remains. Bob was taught well the ways of Grummsh, and sees that MURK possesses hardly any of them, yet MURK deems himself worthy of being chieftain.
Bob subtly (for an orc, at least) widdled his way into MURK's favor, with the intention of defeating him in an unfair combat while MURK is at a disadvantage for whatever reason. However, MURK's chaotic nature prevented any decent plan from coming to true fruition. When MURK packed up and left, that made things worse.
Bob then focused towards stewardship of MURK's tribe, and then openly declared his intentions to eat MURK's triceratops in front of the orc. Bob has been gaining much power since that time, and has arrived in front of the Town, ready to see his leadership fulfilled.

[Common Knowledge]
-Bob's the leader of some orc tribe, and he's also quite good with his spells.
-Bob is very pissed off that the old Orc Campsite has been subject to loads of attacks by miscellaneous adventurers and armies and such.
-Bob uses self-buffing magic most of the time, such as Righteous Might, and relies on this power to annihilate his foes.

-None that I can think of presently.

Flak Junior, of the Tribe of MURK
"Can we just get this over with?"

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Orc
Class: Ranger/Barbarian, about mid-level.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Late teens
Height: 6 foot.
Weight: 160-something pounds
Face: Dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Orcish face with not-quite-yet-fully-grown teeth. Brown eyes.
Equipment: Chain shirt armor, a greatspear roughly 8 feet long and a wickedly-jagged tip. Emergency dagger in belt. Supplies and other stuff necessary for hunting.

Flak Jr. is the only living descendant of the master hunter for the Tribe of MURK - his father, Flak, was quite similar to Flak Jr except for age and experience. Flak has been with the Tribe of MURK before MURK even came onto the scene, and much of his personality was passed onto his son. Flak Jr. finds this pressure to live up to his father's name, even under the intense scrutiny of the high priest, Bob.

[Common Knowledge]
-Flak Jr. is most likely to be found away from the Orc Campsite, usually on hunting trips and sometimes alongside a group of Random Orcs.
-Flak Jr. is quite disgruntled and suspicious of anyone he meets (even his best friends), and always thinks about the maneuvers to release should he be attacked.
-Flak Jr. uses his greatspear as one would expect him to use a spear. He is careful to avoid attacks, and fights smartly, preferring to keep his foes at a short distance.

-None that I can think of presently.

Vorr, Second Priest of the Tribe of MURK
"Of course, Bob. It shall be done."

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Orc
Class: Cleric of Grummsh, mid-level.
Age: 30-something.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Early 30's
Height: Just below 6 feet.
Weight: 170-something pounds
Face: No hair, except for chin stubble. A typical orcish face. Navy blue eyes.
Equipment: Cleric vestments, on top of breastplate armor. Clerical spells, but no actual weapons. Holy symbol and other spell components.

Vorr liked MURK when he came into their tribe almost as much as Bob did. And that's not saying much. When Bob took the position of leadership, Vorr was the first to suck up to his new boss. This bootlicking gained him a very good position of favor, and Bob now shares most of his plans with his second-in-command.

[Common Knowledge]
-Vorr uses mostly destructive magics such as Cometfall and Inflict X Wounds. He almost never buffs, and under no circumstances heals another.

-None that I can think of presently.
The Chilli God

For a special occasion.

"Orders are orders, after all."

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Warforged
Class: Fighter 20
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: Approximately 300,500 years since creation
Height: 6 foot 3 inches.
Weight: 300 pounds.
Face: Obsidian-shined metal, a shining glyph on his forehead representing his current master's affiliation. Lidless and pupilless eyes. Mechanical mouth. No features.
Equipment: A scythe, a longbow, Toppler (his magic chain, which has weights attached to either end). A mithril composite plating.

Errathal was constructed on some far-away planet hundreds of thousands of years ago, using plans mysteriously acquired by that planet's greatest planar scientists. Civil war occurred with the bringing of other like technologies, and Errathal was sent to war.
He was part of a reconnaissance mission to Phlegethos, layer four of Hell, to look for anyone that would be willing to offer assistance to his master's cause. Of course, the group were ambushed by Chain Devils, and only Errathal was spared, where he became the devils' slave for a few hundred years until he escaped (because he heard the devils planning to kill him, technically qualifying them as enemies instead of masters), and fled through Phlegethos until he literally fell into a portal to the material plane.
He emerged into a subterranean battle between two subterranean races, and found himself being ordered by a female voice that he couldn't see to attack the enemy side. Errathal never really got the chance, however, as an earthquake erupted and buried the entire battlefield in earth.
It took hundreds of thousands of years before the area was finally excavated, and Errathal quickly found himself with a new lord. Cho-Tek the Ulitharid was an idealist, who had managed to extinguish this realm's sun and was in the process of fighting off an invasion from a holy army of light. Errathal proved key to this campaign, using many tactics and resources to win many battles.
But then, another planar portal opened in the middle of a crucial battle, and sucked Errathal in...

[Common Knowledge]
-Errathal's tactics in battle are quite complicated, but very well-suited to the job of being a bodyguard. Errathal typically adopts an inviting stance in between attack routines that makes him seem open to attackers. Except that when they attack, Errathal shifts and attacks them back. If the opponent is humanoid, Errathal will attempt to trip the foe with Toppler, otherwise he lets loose with a blazing flurry of chain strikes.
-Toppler has some very interesting magical properties. Aside from being well-adapted for tripping, it also unleashes a disrupting sonic wave upon striking a target, which may blow the enemy back a few meters.
-If Errathal has been given orders, then he will carry them out. He will not question an order more than once (even then, it is a very rare occasion), he will not regret or resent an order, he will not ever fail to fulfill an order unless it is either directly suicidal or he has been given conflicting orders to do otherwise.

-Some time ago, I called Errathal "Er'rathal," with the apostrophe. Excuse me if I shove in apostrophes where originally I didn't.
-Errathal has a male personality. I refer to 'him', even if he really has no gender at all.

[Ongoing Storyline]
None yet, though he is planned for the Cabal of Grammaton.
The Chilli God

You know what, what the heck. I'm bringing myself.

"Why, that looks like a Super Chilli of DOOM heading my way!"

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Human
Class: Demigod
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 17 human-years.
Height: 5 foot 11 inches.
Weight: Pushing 60 kilograms.
Face: slightly-pale skin, very dark-brown and messy hair, brown eyes with a blood-like mark from the iris to the middle edge of the eye, shadow of a mustache beginning to break through.
Equipment: Two Chilli Blades, spiffy purple-and-darkred-motif clothing, powers over all chilli.

The story of gods has always been that no god stays a god for long. A misnomer, considering that even a short time to the gods measures in millennia of mortals. To the older gods, Dinony would appear to them to not even have made his way out of the womb yet. They look on him as though waiting for him to shed his clinging to mortal life and fully embrace divinity and immortality, to truly be born.
Dinony is still getting used to the god-powers blessed to him almost spontaneously by the previous God of Chilli, an enigmatic figure that Dinony knows almost nothing about. All his knows is that the original God of Chilli was very, very old, almost about to fade out of existence, and that he had made enemies with the God of Wind-Based Natural Disasters - not a good situation to put a newbie in.

Like one would slowly wade into a cold pool to stop the shock from getting all of his body at once, Dinony is very slowly warming up to these new powers - and the responsibilities that it brings, responsibility to his portfolio, to all fruits of the capsicum genus.
It is a tough responsibility, one that should not be taken lightly. Compared to the responsibilities of higher gods, however, it is as if all you had to do every day was remember to get changed before you could go off and have fun.
Before his ascension, Dinony was a simple mortal child born to a simple family. Rather bright, rather separated from those around him.
Now, Dinony clings to those mortal threads of life, and almost always walks the mortal worlds as one of them.

[Common Knowledge]
-Dinony's tactics in battle are amateurish in style, though, thankfully, his god-powers have made up for it. Dinony uses his two Chilli Blades (wavy scimitars that cause intense burning sensations upon touch) in a swashbuckling style of attack in melee, and his powers from range. Dinony's favorite tactic is to cause great chilli pillars to slam from out of the ground and fling the enemy into the air at odd angles.
-Dinony loves nature, and especially enjoys looking at the hard-working laborers putting themselves to work. Dinony is a strong believer of organization, in ranking and making sure that everyone performs their duty within the organization's structure.
-Dinony is shy, an introvert. He doesn't do very well around strangers, especially if they try to assert superiority over him. Despite having the power to prove otherwise, Dinony will most likely shrink back from such people, as he doesn't want to accidentally hurt them. On the other hand, if they hurt him first...

-Yep, Dinony is my namesake.
-Though everywhere in the post claims Dinony to be a god, I will never treat him as such. If you're familiar with Forgotten Realms' Time of Troubles, when gods had tremendously-reduced power and were forced to walk the earth as mortals, that's the sort of thing I'm going for, here.

[Ongoing Storyline]
None planned. I hope that there won't be one, either.

The Chilli God

Because I think it actually counts as one, now.

The Necrolisk

[Stats & Desc.]
Race: Zerg Necrolisk - Unique strain
Class: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: < 1 year.
Height: around 10 foot. 13 if it really stretches.
Weight: 400 odd pounds.
Face: Bleaching bone-like color, with slit-like eyes that sometimes flash with negative energy. Open maw with lots of teeth, and two vestigial antennae.
Equipment: Two bone-like claws.

(See Below)

[Common Knowledge]
-The Necrolisk eats living flesh. Any will do, though sentient flesh is a bonus.
-The Necrolisk currently has no mind other than that of an animal. Speaking for it is just a trick like rolling over or playing dead.

-The Necrolisk has two powers regarding its ability to reposition souls. The first is to perform an impromptu lichery-ritual, which shoves the soul of a willing target into another creature or object indefinitely. If killed, the target will respawn after a matter of hours, bursting out of the 'phylactery' from a cyst.
-The second is, if the Necrolisk has chosen itself to be the 'phylactery,' then it can throw the soul to unleash a blast of energy against another target. The soul itself attacks the opponent as a spectre would (dealing as much damage as that soul's creature would deal, plus energy drain), before it is disintegrated by the Necrolisk to restore energy, killing the body that the soul is supposed to belong to.

[Ongoing Storyline]
The Necrolisk was created from the remains of Destro Yersul during an ultimately unsuccessful invasion against the Surtur Zerg brood. Kagg, their cerebrate, extracted from Destro's DNA the ability to speak, and the ability to manipulate the positioning of souls.
Kagg tested out the Necrolisk once, in a skirmish against the beach (which the zerg lost, but they came out on top regardless thanks to the Necrolisk). After that, they were pretty much forgotten.
When Kagg was killed by Protoss assassins, the brood ran amok and all of its members killed itself. The Necrolisk only survived because the area it set itself to respawn was forgotten, covered in the skeleton of a colony structure.
The Necrolisk was rescued by a clone of Destro, whom it - being left with only animalistic zerg instinct - is following like a stray puppy.

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