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The Castle of Ravenloft

Looking for brave adventurers to surrender their souls to the darkness...

I've got a campaign that's been hungering for playtime!

Who wants to see exotic, misty places; meet the Vistani; and get killed by the eldest of Vampires?  ...  um... I mean: kill the eldest of vampires?

With fun cameos by undead, lycanthropes, plague victims, and distrusting villagers?

Level 13 to 16; 32 point buy; 500,000 gold; Taint and Penalties in effect

Not sure if you really meant the 500,000 in gold or how you want hit points done.  

Here's the beginnings of Ruadhan  You can tell me what you want changed.

Oooh... an adventure I can't possibly pass up on. I guess I'll be busy with PbP games, but exams are soon over so why not...

I've been itching to get a high level character going for a long time. Going with an acrobatic spellcaster... a swashbuckling mage, so to say. I think I'll use the Daggerspell mage PrC (complete adventurer) if that's ok.

So what is the exact level? And is it ok if I use an FR specific race (strongheart halfling)?

Gold:  Yep, half a million.  You'll need it.  Though beware...

Penalties:  Encumberance counts, so watch how you spend the half-million.

Level: Oh, let's say 15 1/2  (XP to get you halfway to 16, that is).

Race:  Anything goes in Ravenloft.  After you pick I'll let you know what fun things will afflict you, and give you a chance to change your mind.

Looks fun. I'll see what I come up with. *likes making high level chars*

Will probably be a drow with a generic base class. Maybe shadowdancer also...*hmm*

How many spots do you have?

I wanna play a game too <.<.

We can go up to eight, need at least four.

Taint rules?
Fenric as DM?
Even being in as many PbPs as I am, I can't pass this up.

Do we have to be good, or can we be evil? Do you want us to be ECL 13, or level 13?
Would you be unhappy if I decided to play an undead character (due to the way that would interact with Taint rules?)
Oh, and also an important question: What source are you drawing your taint rules from?

Edit: And what books? Any books?
I'm considering Incarnum...

I may try with another character...

Ah ok.

I'll probably do a Thief then.

Couple of Questions;
Level Adjustment - How much can we have? Is the xp still fixed (at 112500, Lv 15.5 given no LA)?
Frostburn - How dead will an Uldra get to be? ;P.

Question: I am thinking of making a drow character, still not sure on what class - If I was to be a drow, how badly am I going to die?

Neat. Will see about creating my character, then.

This should be interesting.

I'm thinking Monk. Because I like them, haven't used them in forever, and it'll drive Amber crazy. ^-^

I'm getting extremely tempted to make an old dwarven cleric/master of shrouds (Libris Mortis) instead. That's what I get for looking through books... too many good ideas

Given the go-ahead; Mine will be an Uldra Rogue. =). I think I can pull someone like that off.

Updated Ruadhan and my brain is fried for the moment on her.  How will we figure hit points and check over all my stuff, what else do you expect or want to see?

You do not have to be good.  Remember that Taint skips straight to the interesting bits if you're evil.

Undead are, of course, not affected.  But you start to loose your free will.

Level 15 1/2.  I'll ignore ECL for LA less than 4 - at that level, the stats and special abilities won't help - and I will be assigning offsetting penalties.

Taint:  From the "Journey to Castle Ravenloft" 3.5 ed sourcebook.

Incarnum:  Allowed, but I'm going to treat it like clerical power:  Evil descriptor takes a taint penalty, good descriptor is less effective and attracts attention.


No, I don't want to see the evidence.  If you look faked, I'll sick undead on you and drain levels.

Here is Glaciermelt so far.

Still need to do HP and monetary stuff.

Fenric; So what you mean is... I'd still have 15 rogue levels?

Anwen the Undying.
Factotum skill monkey, with a bit of combat capability as needed.

Gwen: Looks good so far.  You are going to get Bloodlust as a penalty, I'll get the exact numbers after I convert them from 2nd edition.  The basic idea is that every time you shift, you have to make a Will save to avoid going into an uncontrollable rage like a berserker without the the berserker's benefits.  This save is something you should make almost every time.  You will also have to make a (much harder) save if you take enough damage to have to make a system shock check.   Also:  should NPCs see you shift, they will assume you are a were creature and react accordingly.

Yes, Exy: that's what I mean...  I have to have something for the undead to drain away, after all - can't take LA.  Your character is not going to be popular with the NPC's, seeming too much like some strange undead halfling.  I don't think you need to be penalized further.

Vael:  Still thinking (really, I ran out of time before I had to go to work)

Ethrelda so far

Still need to add in items, and weapons.
Draken Frosthand

Rhaem Al'zon: "The mother of monsters will come to purify this place!"


Madman who serves an entity of corrupt positive energy.

It will be finished shortly.

Which spellcasting class is he advancing with his Geomancer levels? Or are you alternating?
Draken Frosthand

Wizard spellcasting (transmutation specialist, necromancy and illusion forbidden).

As far as divine casting go. Just level 3.

So don't count on me for superb healing. That bonus healingfeat  is there to compensate the low level of the spells and to add to the feeling of "Servant of Ragnorra".

Edit: AAAAARGH. Bloody "Other notes" entry that keeps suddenly disapearing!


All I need left is items, I believe. Let me know Fen if I've screwed something up.

Back-up Healer/Fighter/Rockstar, reporting.
Draken Frosthand


My two cents.



Speed should be 80 ft.
Unarmed attack damage is 2d6, not 1d12 (OH GOD, big difference =P)
140000 gold left. Wut? Get a periapt of Wisdow at least, it's pretty low.


Bards suffer no arcane spell failure from Light armor.
Mithril Chain Shirt is light armor.
Twilight is wasted.


Yea, that's it for now.

Kyr's character has Boots of Striding and Jumping.

Meh, forgot that they ignore ASF for light armour.  So yes, Twilight's wasted, but Mithral gets rid of the check penalty completely and still takes down the weight.  And I was already struggling to find anything to spend the money on, so meh, I don't care that it's wasted really.
Draken Frosthand

Monk fast movement is an enhancement bonus.

So is the effect of the boots.

They don't stack.

Yep:  Kyrian, gotta rethink the boots - they don't stack.

otherwise, no penalties for that build.  Cassie, Drow is a penalty in Ravenloft.  Kantur, you're fine, go sit by Exy Smile

Vael: I actually don't think it's too bad.  I'm going to give your girl Fascination.  At times, something interesting will grab your attention.  You will have to make a will save at 22 (break-even: let me know if my math is off) or loose 1d4 rounds studying whatever it is.

Draken:  Like Cassie, your race is a penalty in and of itself.  You have a lot of work to not end up trapped in Ravenloft forever.

A note for those with leftover gold:  58 gold pieces weigh one pound (approx 1/4 of a troy ounce each).

Updated Ruadhan, please check my math and figures....

Hey Kantur. Fancy Seeing you here ;P.

Still working on items though.


I think I'm done. =) Yay for handy haversacks. ^.^

I think I'm also done. I hope.


I also may have way too much little stuff.

Sorry for taking so long. I've been trying to stat out my dwarven cleric, and it didn't go so well. Quite a mess and the build is... weak.

I'm going to turn him into a lich. A dwarven lich. That's LA +4 but it'll cost me a lot of gold (120000 gp) and some XP. I think making him a lich will fit the character, and his background, a little better though.

I should have a complete sheet ready tomorrow, around this time at the latest. Just wanted to inform you of my plans, if you have anything to suggest... or if you want to advice me against this plan.
Draken Frosthand

"Children of this cursed world! Hear my words! For I come in the name of the Malshapers, I come to herald the arrival of the great mother, Ragnorra, who shall sweep the world clean of the wretched undead and bring a new age of glory and perfection to you all!"

Rhaem Al'zon, Malshaper.

Nearly finished. I just need to make the GODDAMN Tangleweb stop eating the "other notes", so I can write down the spellbook.

Ok, first draft of Barun the dwarven lich. Should be mostly complete, except for a few details.

Haven't decided what I'll use the last 19000 gold on yet. How much do you care about all the annoyingly small and mundane items, and rations and stuff like that? Not that he'll need rations, but... items like that

I'm also unsure about his alignment. I would prefer to have him be LN rather than LE. He may get corrupted and turn evil in Ravenloft, who knows, but I think LN fits him better... even though liches are supposedly all evil according to the rules.

I couldn't find a deity that fit perfectly either, but I think Hoar comes close enough. Fits his home region relatively well too, though it's not really a dwarven deity. Not sure how much it matters.

There's a premade offical adventure that has a neutral lich in it. Lots of fun. So not all liches are evil. =P

Libris Mortis actually has a Good lich variant detailed somewhere in the back. But it's a variant, so probably doesn't count.

OK, back from the holiday.

This week, we will finalize characters and rules.  I will be posting taint my variation, and setting up the initial situation.

This is not going to be a fast-paced game.  I will not get grumpy unless you fail to post for three days running, excluding weekends.  

If you want to spoil the story, go get the 3.5 ed book: that's what I will be using as the base story.  I will be changing monsters and traps to match the group, so don't go by that.

So.. is my character ok..?

Sorry.  I hope to get a chance to go over the characters and ready the rule clarifications soon.  I can't promise when, though.

Sorry, is this game still going to be ran? <.<
Draken Frosthand

I'm waiting as well >.>

But if Fenric's busy, we can do nothing.


I am sorry:  I would still like to do it.  Somehow just suggesting this made everything busy beyond belief.

=) Tis ok Fenric. You may as well take your time. Just would be fun to do this game.

G'luck with your work.

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