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The Barrel of Foxes (Aiki's Characters)

[Stats and Description]
Titles: Knight of Inari, Scholar of Philosophy
Name: Sir Aikidu De'Laurent Veneanar (Aikidu Ven)
Race: Canii
Class Cleric 12/Knight Defender of Inari 5/Biotrooper 3
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 23
Height 5'11"
Weight 125
Hair Red-Brown
Eyes Amethyst-Violet

[Equipment of note]

  1. +1 merciful greatsword of wounding (Sacrilege Blade-Breaker)
  2. Cold Iron Evil's Bane Longsword (Smite)
  3. +1 Anarchic Short Sword (Trust)
  4. +1  longsword of Shocking (Sylva)


  1. Biotrooper Armour
  2. Grworll Chainplate
  3. The half-helm of the sun (Circlet of Dexterity +2) w removable chainmail ponytail sheathe
Supernatural Powers

  • As described in "knight defender of Inari"
  • Ability to attract small feral foxes equal to his age plus four in number. The foxes act as cohorts would, and revere Aikidu as a leader.
  • Ability to transform himself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

Name: Alraune "Aura" Co'Malan (all-RAY-oon ko-MALL-on)
Race: Canii (Considered Fey) (Cold Subtype)
Class Cleric 15/Rimefire Witch(Warlock) 10
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 20
Height 5'10"
Weight 131
Hair Silver-white
Eyes Icy Blue

[Equipment of note]

  1. +1 Holy Longsword of Mercy (Sacrilege Defender(on the right))
  2. +1 Anarchic Longsword of Wounding (Sacrilege Destroyer(on the left))
  3. Holy Blue-Ice Trident of Elemental Bane


  1. Blue Ice Full Plate
  2. The half-helm of the Moon (Torc of Wisdom +2)
Supernatural Powers

  • As described in "Rimefire Witch (Frostburn)"
  • Ability to attract small feral foxes equal to his age plus four in number. The foxes act as cohorts would, and revere Alraune as a leader. This is little-seen in Alraune
  • Ability to transform himself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

Name Valeria Co'Norget (vall-AIR-e-ah ko-NORE-get)
Race Canii (Considered Fey) (Cold Subtype)
Class Rogue 7/Cleric 6/Rimefire Witch 10
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 22
Height 5'11"
Weight 126
Hair Blue-silver
Eyes Icy Lilac

[Equipment of note]

  1. Shocking Burst Blue-Ice Trident
  2. Masterwork Composite Longbow


  1. Blue Ice breastplate
Supernatural Powers

  • As described in "Rimefire Witch (Frostburn)"
  • Ability to transform herself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

[Shared Backstory]
Born far to the north, Aikidu and his mother were seperated from his brother and father when he was just a year old. He followed the church of Growrll from the age of 5 on, and when he was fourteen was sent out to do good in their lord's name.

Having come to the Temple of Inari two years following, he stayed there as a non-priest member of the temple, offering aid and services to the patrons. Some two months following his disappearance from the temple (a month after joining) Aikidu was posessed by the soul of another being. The being turned out to be Alraune Co'Malan, his estranged brother, who had come to be a powerful Rimefire Warlock.

In the time following his separation from his brother through a 'gift of life' spell, Aikidu watched as his older sibling helped return the temple of Inari from a massive debt by mining and smithing blue ice from the town of Winterhearth to be sold at the temple for revenue.

Alraune left the temple some weeks afterwards, and Aikidu the week after that, seeking his brother.

After being reunited with his brother, Aikidu and his group who had been searching for relics of their combined deities were attacked. Aikidu was the only surviving member, fending off the attacker with his brother's trident after his own blade was shattered.

The rift that their attacker had used to assault them took the shards of his blade and scattered them across the plains of this world, and so Aikidu went on a quest to recover the remnants of Sylva, the Rose Blade, his pledge sword, before returning to the temple months after leaving.

He again left with little notice a few weeks following that. For a time nobody heard from him and he is reluctant to talk about it; however many moons after that the dragon Argen started an effort to save Aikidu. Aikidu returned aswell, but his mind was not completely there.

An entity known only as 'the Mind' had taken over his body, and many others. Upon reuniting Alraune, the katana, to Aikidu's side; the sealed spirit forced The Mind out of Aikidu's body. Alraune took control of his brother's form, and told the Inarites of a plot to turn a mortal to a god.

A campaign was started to free the souls trapped in crystals by The Mind, and The Mindbearer was revealed, carrying a wicked blade with a life-force all it's own.

All that is known of the battle is that the souls were freed, and The Mind may still be out among the world, devouring souls and twisting mortal will.

After returning again to the temple, Aikidu and Alraune left a single origami fox on Fenric's doorstep. This note was a message of return. Before they could do that, even; a cloaked white figure appeared, apparently hunting them.

Later revealed to be friend, not foe, Valeria Co'Norget has reunited with her Canii allies and now must prove Alraune's innocence in the slaughter of Winterhearth, lest his life and the life of her Eidolon be forfeit.

[Common Knowledge]
Aikidu is an easy going person, but with a strong sense of duty. His allegiance to the patron deities of the foxes is one with little bounds, and he will fight with all his vigour to defend his friends.

Alraune is a very secretive person, and picks his friends carefully. He has an almost sixth-sense for danger; and thinks things through before barreling into a fight, unlike his brother. He is considered fey due to his achieving a bond with his deity that is so strong as to force him to undergo Rimefire Apotheosis, fusing him with the fragments of his deity's power.

Valeria Co'Norget is not a relative of Alraune or Aikidu; but rather an old childhood friend. Aikidu knew her for a very short time before they were separated. It has been learned that the Canii wolves took control of their village, enslaving the populace and sending her to return Alraune for trial. She is fiercely devoted to her deity, and she will not willingly betray a friend; but these conflict when her Eidolon is threatened. Intuitive and fluid in motion, Valeria grew up as a theif before she heard the call to Faith; and subsequently the call to arms in Hleid's war against Iborighu.

[Descriptive Text]
Standing nearly six feet tall; Aikidu is a young man with long, red-furred, elf-like ears protruding from where his human ears should be, wearing armour of his creation. The 'chainplate' armour bears the crest of Inari, a symbol he affectionately calls the "coin of Inari". His violet eyes are alert and scan the world around him constantly as his red-brown hair falls slightly over one eye. His hair is cropped short in all but two places. Two braids almost half his height in length fall against either side of his face; a testament to his trip to the future.

Alraune Co'Malan looks much like his brother; standing just an inch shorter. His flesh is tinted a surreal blue, and his hair is white as the snow of his homeland. Across his right cheek is an overturned symbol, a spiral in a triangle; The mark of Hleid. His hair is cut shorter than Aikidu's, but it still hangs long enough. He wears a silver torc, the other half of the set, around the back of his head.

Valeria Co'Norget, just as tall as Aikidu, stands proudly bearing no readily apparent markings. Her skin is an icy sheen of blue and she has the characteristic blue-white hair of a fey. Being Canii, her ears protrude much like the others', from the sides of her head in hybrid form. Her iced-violet eyes seem vivid when engaged; but she always bears a thoughtful look.

Titles: Student
Name: Malsesen
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 5
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 14
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 78
Hair: Dusty Blonde
Eyes; Minty Green

[Equipment of note]





Mal doesn't have much of a storyline. He knows not where he was before he entered the town, nor does he know his real name. A small pendant around his neck is the only indication of ID, and it simply says "Malsesen"

He seems to be afraid to show his face in public, and he has shown an affinity for clockwork, however beyond that he remembers nothing of his past.


Organization: Meridian Exploration Agency
Title: Scout
Name: Ohm
Race: Merid
Occupation/Type: Pilot
Disposition: Careful
Age: 18 Town Calendar Years

Physical Description: Standing between four and five feet with gold skin, Ohm is typical of his race. What could be seen as 'hair' hangs in thick strands, braided intricately into a mid-back length rope. Proportioned like a lithe human with long arms and legs, he has green patterns swirling across his golden flesh and his green-brown eyes seem contemplative.

Occupational Description: As a Scout or Pilot of the Meridian Exploration Agency, Ohm is expected to strike out alone or in a small group to find and make contact with new and unknown civilizations. Having found the known worlds of The Town; Ohm was awestruck to discover so many civilizations working, or fighting, together.

Racial Description: The Merid are a technologically young race. Having discovered their - remarkably efficient - faster than light travel only a handful of Townian Years earlier, they have yet to make contact with any other races. Their world lies on the outskirts of known space, and was thought uninhabitable until just recently. Their world's gravity is almost half again as strong as on most known worlds, lending them remarkably fit constitutions.

Organization: The Meridian Exploration Agency was founded only a few years ago with the advent of the Meridian FTL Drive. Their sole purpose is to discover new places and if possible to make contact with hypothetical alien life forms.

Craft: Kria Lom Grana
A third generation scout ship with considerable cargo space for it's size; the Kria Lom is Ohm's home sweet home. Only a few tens of meters long, the disc-shaped wing, which comes in front of the pilot, seems to cut through space as the four sizable thrusters propel it when at sublight. The FTL drive is remarkably small, despite its crude design. The ship is obviously designed for beauty before lethality, however function is paramount before form. It is an efficient craft but it lacks the proper offensive capabilities to make it any kind of threat.

Defense: The wing and cockpit share a thin green line that creates a small cross along the top of the flight section, curving around the front like a circle with a line through it. These are the barrier amplifiers and they provide the ship with a much more concentrated defense than Meridian Conventional Barriers. This technology is not new, but has only recently been put into use and so is plagued with minor problems.

Armaments: The twin Pulse cannons located on the outer edges of the wings project concentrated beams of energy. Much less effective than most races; the beams can often be deflected by mirror-smooth surfaces. The central mounted AP gun fires traditional explosive rounds. Using pressurized gas it propels it's metal projectiles quickly through the void of space at their target.

Gear: A standard Teleporter worn about the wrist and disguised to look like harmless Jewelery. A standard Personal barrier array, disguised as  an emitter in the belt buckle, two hidden amplifiers in the boots, an earring, a ring on the left hand and a functioning Meridian-time watch on the right wrist.

Personal Armaments: Ohm carries a small 'ray gun' type pistol. It has no obvious ammunition but seems to be able to project a variety of different types of radiation in a confined beam. Thankfully absent on that list is Gamma Rays, however it is obviously a defensive weapon.

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