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The Banning of Admiral Kelly

For those of you that have not yet been made aware, Admiral Kelly has been issued a permanent ban from the Enupnion forum. It became official on the second of May, 2008. The members of the Administrative Staff has concluded that it would be for the best for all involved if you, the players of Enupnion, came to understand how this important Administrative decision came about.

The decision to ban Admiral Kelly was not made quickly or lightly. The matter was heavily debated for approximately six days, the better portion of a week, either in the Moderator Forum or on various instant messaging clients. Admiral Kelly was banned because, at the end of six days of debate, it was decided that it was the best thing to do. We did only what we thought was right.

The Administrative Staff came to the decision of banning Admiral Kelly not because of the severity of his infractions but because of their regularity. The Administrative Staff received a nearly constant stream of complaints concerning Admiral Kelly and in turn Admiral Kelly received more warnings than he probably should have. He refused to change his behavior, resulting in the ban.

The Administrative Staff would like to issue an apology to anyone who had a character or characters engaging in roleplay with a character or characters belonging to Admiral Kelly. We regret that this had to occur, as it was most certainly not something that we wanted to do, but only something that we felt that we had to do, for the good of the forum and for its many members.

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