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The Abanandoned Champion (PrC)

Whatever happened to those champions that sold their souls and their lives for a gd that promised them protection?  Sometimes, they are able to bring themselves back through sheer force of will.  After that, they never forget the fact that they gave everything they have and then were abandoned.  They must take a vow never to worship again before they can master the arts of the Abandoned.  The abandonded are a group of Champions that have been abandonded by their gods.  Some of them fought and even killed eachother before dying, and yet now they have become allies.

Usually the Abandonded are ex Paladins or clerics, though they come from all walks, just as gods do.  Divine spellcasters must give up the ability to use their spells, though they do gain some additional benefits.

BAB: +10
Feats:  Iron Will, Weapon Focus (any)
Spellcasting:  Must abandon any and all divine abilities
Special:  Must have died in a great battle for a diety that had promised victory or aid, and failed to deliver.  Must then have been brought back by a means OTHER then a cleric of a diety that is the same alignment as his or her own on any axis.

(Will include a table later)

#of PrC level: 10
BAB:  As fighter
HD: d8
Saves:  All good

Soulfire:  Because they have damned their souls to a lost cause, ACs are able to burn their own soul to fuel their powers.  Technically, they have unlimited soulfire energy, but using it has it's consequences.  An AC can use their CON score in Soulfire points every day without penalty.  5 points after that, they take a -5 penalty on all ability scores and rolls.  5 points after that and the penalty increases to -10. finally, after they use their CON score +15 more points, their entire soul is consumed, and they cannot be ressurected by any means, mortal or divine.

Soulfire Weapon:  By spending 1 point of Soulfire a round, a champion can ignite his weapon with the violent energies.  This results in an extra d10 per for every two levels of Abandoned Champion.  This damage is capable of bypassing DR, as well as being enhanced by a critical.

Soulfire Blast:  Costing three points, this fires a blast of pure Soulfire energy.  it has a range of 200 feet, requiring a touch attack roll, and deals 5d10 damage.

*Will write the rest later*

Currently, I plan on including a mod option on the blast for splitting it, increasing damage, and explosive.

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