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Hey guys, I need some tech help.

When I shut down my computer, or hibernate it, about half a minute after it turns off, all the light light up on the main box (Fan light, front light, power lights etc) and it beeps as if it is going to turn on. Then, everything turns off (very soon after all the lights turn on). It does this again. Several times this happens, then it stops.

WHen I come to turn it back on, I need to unplug the mains from the back and wait until a light in the motherboard turns off, then I put the power cable back in, and then it'll turn on.

Any idea what this might be? I've updated the BIOS after this started and it continued to do so, so I guess it's not that.

You need the Magic Brick Exy.

The good news is they are very common and available from any builders merchants.

In serious news, something may be a bit crosswired. Might be worth a look. After that I have no idea.

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