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Shadow of the Sun

Tales of Catharsis...

Alrighty, people! Obsidian Blade and I somehow managed to have what I feel is a good idea!

Basically...I'm thinking about writing a novel based on Kathairein.

I'm thinking that the general premise is that a bunch of normal people, like you or me, with some secret, a burning brand on their souls, are sent into Kathairein and are forced to watch things from their pasts that torments them...with, perhaps, some breaking, and some not.

Here's the fun part.

If I do decide to get this off the ground...I'm willing to accept stories from other people that fit the basic premise, as long as they are well written. Yes, I'm an elitist. Get used to it.

I'd probably name it as of the title of this thread, because it's a good, fitting name.

Anyone interested?
Obsidian Blade

Yes. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

I'm willing to edit. I'm actually better editing other peoples things than noticing my own errors. (But that's how most editors are.)

Ooooh, sounds good.

I may have to give this one a shot.

I'd be more like Wukei here - not really wanting to write a story about a character in Kathairein, but rather would enjoy editing and/or revising others' stories.

Sounds fun, good luck!

When I read the title, an idea that came to mind was of a group of theater critics watching a bunch of Greek plays and commenting/arguing with one another during the showings in sort of a slice-of-life series.

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