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Story Of My Friend

Here is an interesting story of my friend - Cameron Barrett Sharpe.
His latest business venture, The Relationship Company, is the culmination of years of experience and missteps in the dating industry.

It starts here, you can read from his account.

It's fine and all, but we're a pretty liberal community of gaming nerds who really don't do much hardcore stuff.

I'll admit that it's always interesting to read people's stories, or listen to them as I'd usually hang around Homeless Shelters and Salvation Armies just chatting with addicts and ex-addicts.

It's not the devil that gets you into these spots, and it isn't God that gets you out, it's the triumph of Faith. A lot of addicts lack faith in themselves and those around them, Think that warnings are lies, and that they are fine. Even when they get around to admitting their problems, their lack of faith in themselves is astounding, and will prevent themselves from looking for help, after all, you can't fail if you never try.

But how does one gain faith. How can you have faith in yourself when you hate your habits? You can't. What about other people? Friends and Family are actually a really nice cause, but they can't be with you always, and you might slip at some point. The best answer would be someone known to be benevolent, omnipotent. and, since we've already turned him into a Gary Stu, omniscient. You can have faith in that, because, you know, God could totally kick Superman's ass, as shown in Action Comics #237  Superman vs. Jesus.

So, does Jesus Cure drugs? Well, that's a firm Maybe. I've known a few sad individuals that were kicked out of the Salv's program because they started using again. I also know a few atheists that got themselves to quit through sheer force of will.

Instead, I think kicking a Habit is akin to using Turn Undead. You need faith, it just doesn't matter what you have faith in.

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