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The Chilli God

Spyrian [Race]

This is the only piece of real homebrew material that I have ever seriously created. Based heavily on the Raptoran from Races of the Wild, it's considered that the Raptoran would be half-Spyrian, half-Human.



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Over a hundred millennia ago, when the world was still young and when the ancestors of over a thousand generations of elves lived, a demi-deity, a spirit from the elemental plane of air, was experimenting with his new creation. He spent endless years fixing them to be a replica of his majestic form. Beaks, feathers, wings, talons; that was what he wished. The figure of a human, the flight of a dragon and the wisdom of an angel; that was his ideal purpose for a sentient race of this earth. But when she showed her new creations to his masters, the forgers of the world, they laughed at her. "O-HO! Little half-life thinks she can shove her own species into our ultimate creation!
"But I spent so much time working on it! Look at the detail! This is no block of stone I made, can't you see?
"Hmm, well it is done skillfully... Alright, then! we'll put your little pet into our world. After we make a few modifications to it."
And the masters mutated and changed the figure into what turned out to be today's birds. Once the demi-deity saw what had become of his race, mindless and hardly dangerous, hunted for the fun and sport of it, she decided to unleash her intended race into the world regardless of the wishes of the masters, to show them what she could do. When they found out, they were so furious they cursed the birdfolk, to never wish to leave their grand nest, to stay away from the rest of civilisation. The birdfolk created their nest over the next hundred years. Hardly anybody left the tower city hundreds of miles high that they had built. Thus came the Spyrian.

Physical description
Spyrian are like men in figure, but they display a proud plumage of feathers, which are found from the neck to elbow and thigh. The feathers can range in color from ginger to brown to black, but the most common color is white. They have eagle-like faces with hooked beaks and big eyes, compared to that of men. In the place of hands and feet are talons, each with two digits and a thumb or back claw, and legs are shaped like that of a bird's also. Wings sprouted from the shoulders are about 8 feet in diameter and are commonly adorned by trinkets or medals earned in combat.
Some Spyrian possess great fan-tails that cover their hind legs. These fan-tails are hereditary, and generally grow with age.
A spyrian's clothing is made of robes and togas, white being the most common color, and with holes as necessary for wings and tails, which Spyrian display proudly.

The older generations of Spyrian tend to be noble and snobbish, always thinking themselves as a race above the other landlocked races in more ways than one, whereas more recent and reckless generations of Spyrian are beginning to develop a sense of curiosity with the earth below, much as one would be curious about the activities of a group of animals.
Regardless of age, Spyrian show unswerving trust and loyalty to anyone who has earned their respect. This is often difficult, as Spyrian also believe in working alone. It takes a lost of patience and honesty to gain a Spyrian's trust.

Spyrian think all other ground-based races to be inferior, and are generally distrustful of them. They disgust dwarves for their tendency to live in the earth rather than above it, and the subterranian races are even more loathed for living under the earth instead.
Spyrian prefer those people and races that share their desire to seek the clouds and heavens, and are usually happy to assist those who are 'enlightened' in overcoming their shortcomings. This has led them to a preference with gnomes, for their inspiring innovation in becoming airborne.

A Spyrian is not often anything other than chaotic, given to no particular organization unless it is for the good of the community. They always do their own thing for themselves first. Good Spyrian are more common than evil Spyrian. The most typical alignment for Spyrian is Chaotic Neutral.

Spyrian have great respect for the deities that created them, since they claim to be the closest to the gods. The Majority of Spyrian worship the demi-deity that brought them into life, Siminya.
The Birdwatcher, She with the Golden Wings
Demigod (Chaotic Neutral)

Siminya started out life in the Elemental Plane of Air, as an exceptionally powerful outsider with wings of pure gold, somehow lighter than one of her own feathers. After she set the Spyrian upon the new world, the overdeities cast her back to the Elemental Plane of Air, to suffer from her fatal error. She is now not content to sit in one place like regular birds and Spyrian, but she soars through the highest winds of the plane, where nobody else dares to go. Siminya is a contradictory figure, teaching of the joy of abiding by one's own sense of morals and ethics, free from other laws. In a sense Siminya is Chaotic Neutral. Her favored weapon is the longspear.
Portfolio: Birds, Freedom
Domains: Air, Chaos, Liberation
Some Spyrian have also taken up Bahamut's teachings of discipline, some more worship Obad-Hai for his neutrality and affinity for nature.

Spyrian language consists of chirps and calls, either at a rate impossible for human ears to follow, or just one long call, there's little forms of communication in between the two. Spyrian, due to their beak structure, find it rather difficult to speak any ground language, although they can easily understand and write it.

There are very few Spyrian who adventure, those who do are either on recon missions for the guard, traders with gnomes, or migrants, who do not inherit the Spyrian trait to stay at the nest, but go places and see new things. These migrants are either hated or admired, depending on how much they can accomplish. Spyrian migrants are mostly scouts, fighters, rangers or sometimes paladins, but they could train to be anything, even wizards as well, though being a wizard is unlikely among migrant Spyrian, considering that one won't stay at one place for years to study then take off adventuring. It's either stay at one place or go adventuring for Spyrian, the number that do both can be counted on one hand.

Racial Traits
- +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha. A Spyrian possesses the agility and grace of their own bird-kin, and have developed an extraordinarily keen connection with their senses and environment, but their arrogance to non-flying creatures breeds a certain coldness to their personality at times.
- Medium Size.
- Spyrians have a base land speed of 30 feet.
-Glide (Ex): A Spyrian can use his wings to glide, negating damage from a fall of any height and allowing 20 feet of forward travel for every 5 feet of descent. Spyrian glide at a speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability). Even if a Spyrian's maneuverability increases, he can't hover while gliding. A Spyrian can't glide while carrrying a medium or heavy load.
- Flight (Ex): A Spyrian is able to fly using his wings, that become fully developed at adventuring age. Spyrian can fly at a speed of 40 feet, (average maneuverability) but can't fly while carrying a medium or heavy load, or while fatigued or exhausted. They can fly for up to 2 hours total per day, and no longer than; any longer and they become fatigued.
When a Spyrian reaches 4 Hit Dice, they can fly for an extended period of time; flying requires no more effort to them than walking or running.
A Spyrian with flight can make a dive attack. A dive attack works like a charge, but the raptoran must move a minimum of 30 feet and descend at least 10 feet. A raptoran can make a dive attack only when wielding a piercing weapon; if the attack hits, it deals double damage.
-Low-Light Vision: A Spyrian can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. A Spyrian retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions
-Chirp: The Spyrian language, consisting of bird-like chirps and calls, can be understood somewhat by birds. A Spyrian gains a +2 racial bonus to Handle Animal checks when dealing with birds. This does not allow the birds to communicate with Spyrian to much extent, or vice versa.
- Spyrian have a +2 racial bonus to Spot checks, due to their eagle-like eyes.
- Automatic Languages: Auran, Spyrian. Bonus Languages: Common, Draconic, Gnome, Sylvan.
- Favored Class: Scout.
- LA +1.

Vital Characteristics:
Maturity at age 26
+1d6 (Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer)
+1d10 (Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger)
+2d8 (Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard)

Middle Age- 30 years
Old- 45 years
Venerable- 60 years
Max- +2d10 years

Male: Height- 5'8 +2d6; Weight- 50lb _2d4
Female: Height- 5'6 +2d6; Weight- 40lb _2d4

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