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Name: Liran
Race: Vampiric teacup silver dragon
Alignment: NG
Hight: 1'3"
Weight: 5lbs.
Main Weapons: claws and bite
Level: Dragon ECL 11, Vampire 7

Description; see avatar

Backstory; Liran's egg was found incased in a block of ice by high priest Zavier, and the rest of his party hunting down a white dragon. Liran hatched durring the night, and Immediatly befriended Zavier. Why she is now in the town is unknown, but it may have something to do with hunting her mother's killer.

Common Knowledge: She was addopted by Rex, and calls him "Daddy". She also thinks of Hitomi as her mother, and Truck as her brother.

Not-So-Common Knowledge: Liran may or may not be a Lesbian. This will be determined as the story develops.

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