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Sophistemon's Sucktastical Saturday

Sophistemon awoke at 9:30 in the morning, so that he would have more than enough time to shower, dress, eat, and maybe chat a bit online before setting out for work, which began at 11:00 and ended at 8:00.

He went to work, stayed his required nine hours (counting the two fifteen minute breaks and the one hour lunch) and then burned rubber home, which is bad for the environment but enjoyable nonetheless.

He arrived home at approximately 8:12 and puttered around a bit until about 9:30, when he got onto his brand-spanking new Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop, which had been a high-school graduation gift from his parents. He talked a bit with his friends, made a few posts, and interviewed someone for admission to New Town (the guy passed).

At 10:30 Sophistemon left his home, got into his car, and picked his younger brother up from work.

The younger brother did not thank him, but that is a gripe for another time.

Anyhow, buy 11:00 it had been nearly eight hours since last he had eaten and, even though he wasn't really very hungry, shrimp alfredo is freaking delicious. He microwaved a large bowl, filled a glass with iced tea and went back up to his room.


Sophistemon set the bowl and glass down on his desk. As no one, not even Sophistemon, is stupid enough to tempt fate by placing a full glass of iced tea next to a $716.00 laptop, he set about moving some magazines from his desk to another locale, so as to move his glass of iced tea farther away from his precious, precious laptop, which he loves more than having the use of his pinky-fingers.


As he lifted the stack of magazines, National Geographic (may its treacherous soul burn forever in the darkest bowls of Tartarus) slipped from his hand and knocked into the glass of iced tea (may its equally-treacherous soul also burn in the darkest bowls of Tartatus) which, of course, tipped it over.

Time moved abnormally slowly, like it must have for the citizens of Pompeii as they witnessed their mountain explode.

Sweet, sticky doom flooded the desk and flowed, horror, into the opening of the motherboard fan.

There was a horrible chirr-chirr-chirr. There was a horrible blackening of the screen. There was the horrible, horrible pit that opened in Sophistemon's stomach.

He unpluged his precious, precious Inspiron and placed on its side on his bed, so that the iced tea might find its way out again.

He had also, by this time, turned it off, which would explain his rather rude disappearance.

His father was the one to deliver the news that his precious, precious, social-life preserving laptop might be... broken. As in, forever broken. As in, there goes $716.00 broken.

There were no tears.

There was a lot of swearing.

He was told to wait twelve hours before turning it back on, so as to give any iced tea that may have remained inside sufficient time to dry.

He went to sleep at midnight, severely pissed off at both iced tea and himself.

The next day he woke up, dressed, showered, and went to work. Two hours. Fifteen minute break. Two hours. Hour long lunch. Two hours. Fifteen minute break. Two hours. Go home.

His father was laying, half-asleep, on the couch. Sophistemon asked him if he had done anything with the laptop. His father said that he had not, that he had left it up to him. Now, through the course of the day Sophistemon had come to terms with the idea that he would have to spend $716.00. He had saved up enough from work to afford it; it would just be a pain in the ass.

So imagine his surprise when he pushed the power button and his precious, precious Inpiron actually turned on. And then actually worked.

There was much rejoicing.

Then Sophistemon's father, the sage that he is, told Sophistemon that there might be some residual effects to having used a laptop as an iced tea receptacle, and that he should copy all of his files to a jump drive and then, after having turned it off, clean the remaining sticky from the surface.

Sophistemon inquired as to whether or not he should take the risk of telling his friends what had happened. His father said "Don't take long".

His father will be pissed.

So, will the laptop continue to work, or has iced tea poisoned its inner workings forever?

That, my friends, is another story for another time.

Well at least it's working now. And don't tempt fate like that again. It likes to bite everyone in the ass.

If DeBunny had gotten trapped in such a position, there would be much twitching and he would probably have knocked himself out at some point with his rather flamboyant way of dealing with such things.

Computer Geek Time:

The main danger of liquids going into a live system is a short, which can cause issues ranging from a Blue Screen of Death (had a system where touching the top of the case with a static shock would do that, turns out there was a crimped wire at the top that transmitting the surge to the mobo, after I replaced about 1/2 of the internal parts) to "Hello Expensive Paperweight."

It sounds like that you did the right thing, unplugging it right AWAY and letting it drain and dry out. Depending on how sticky the iced tea was, how far in it got into the system, etc you may be fine. If it only got into the fan, it might have tripped something to crash the system, but once it has dried out a bit, it depends on what was in the iced tea that might have stuck around to play.

I could be wrong, but most motherboard fans on laptops are not "near" to anything vital, so if you were quick enough, all that happened was that current went into bad places for a little bit of time without permanent damage.

Now - If you have it under warranty, and it starts dying again, call them up and see what can be done. For all you know it was NOT your fault, it was a defective system Wink

But your father has the right idea - Back up everything, clean it off, making sure to remove the battery and having it unplugged, and make sure to GROUND YOURSELF! Wink

Finally I would suggest once everything is backed up, running a stress test for a little bit, for those can sometimes help see if there are issues.

Hope some of this helps.

And yes - Working with computers gives you a new grasp for swearing, both real and imaginative words. That and blood sacrifices to the computer gods.

Sad to hear about the laptop problems...

Right before I went to the desert my hard drive crashed. Had to get a new one, lost all the other information that wasn't on my external.

Hope your laptop will continue working properly.

I think it's kinda sad that the first thing I thought was "Hey, I have the same computer!"

... Onto the more important thing, of your situation... Being that I'm essentially the bane of all electronics, I know for a fact the effect of liquid on various electrical gadgets. Your precious should be fine, if not wonky for the first few sessions.

Good luck, either way... I hope it still works fine.
Ms Elaneous

... I would have cried.

But! I'm glad to see that yours is still working! May it's life be long and it's breakdowns be short.

Well, precious is technically working, but...

A vast majority of the keys are sticking, as in, they resist moving either up or down, which makes typing difficult. How would one go about fixing this? I was thinking, unplug everything and use an eyedropper full of rubbing alcohol and some compressed air, but... I do not know if this will help or not.


Take it and get it cleaned. That way you don't end up getting it ruined without a chance of recovery.

And where would one go to get it cleaned?

Because... this is a very bad thing that my keyboard is doing.

There are specialists for that kind of thing, but unfortunately I don't think they're very common...

Go to compusa or any place that sells computers.

Most of them have techs.

The worst has happened. My Inspiron, my precious, has died.

She will still turn on, but her screen is black and lifeless, and the sound of clogged machinery emerges from her whirring fan.

She was five months old, $716.00.

I had hoped, obviously, that simply getting the keys unstuck would end my problems, but it would appear that iced tea is a far more insidious poison than I had anticipated. Not content with simply making things sticky, it seems to have solidified like some Satanic sugary cement within my precious' inner workings, making it quite impossible for her to function correctly.

As you can guess, you will not be seeing much of me until I am able to procure another laptop. At the moment I am using my mother's desktop and, as she is giving me a rather irritated look, I fear that I must depart, though for how long I cannot say.

Wish me luck and, for God's sake, wish me a sale on Inspirons.

Ugh. I feel for you, man. Best of luck to you!

Yes, best of luck

Come back soon, friend.

That really sucks. I hope you can find a cheap new one... My friend once spilled iced tea all over the table his laptop was on, actually. He started freaking out, but I pulled his laptop off the table seconds before the iced tea spread to it. Lucky him.

Guess who's back and better than ever!

What? No, not Elvis you silly persons. Me!

Yes, it appears that that whole "my computer is dead forever" thing that I mentioned earlier was... wrong. The reason my screen went blank was not because my laptop was moving on to greener pastures but instead because its battery had died.

Yes, I panicked and overreacted. Sue me.

Anyhow, despite that discovery my keyboard remained cemented by iced tea.

Oh, it was a cunning surgery, my friends. With distilled water for medicine and a small, hard-bristled brush for a scalpel I was able to completely 'unstickify' my keyboard. And, with the 'unstickification' complete, I'm back and ready/rearing to go.

Also, I'm in college now. Yay for me.
The Chilli God

What? No! Unfair!
I thought that you and Elvis were the same person! I was lied to!

Anyway, good to see that everybody's favorite rock star is back. I'd supplement my relief with amusing anecdotes about dousing my own keyboard with milk and stuff, but this is all that needs to be said, really.
Shadow of the Sun

Ah, the joys of sticky stuff and keyboards making friends...

Coca-cola and keyboards are like the matter and antimatter of Dave's rage...mix them, and an angry explosion of magnificent magnitude manifests.

So many people need new keyboards because of coke...

The reason I need new keyboards? Chinchillas...

I remember a while back asking my roommate why the keys of his laptop were eternally sticky. I expected him to say 'cola' or something, but when he avoided the question I decided to stop asking.

NecroPaladin wrote:
I remember a while back asking my roommate why the keys of his laptop were eternally sticky. I expected him to say 'cola' or something, but when he avoided the question I decided to stop asking.


Ew...let's not use that anymore...

Wukei wrote:
Ew...let's not use that anymore...

I have another, non-animated one that just shows Psyduck looking confused.

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