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Soldiers of Destiny

If there is a certain place for threads like this, I am sorry. Please inform me and I will make sure I place it in the proper area, I just couldn't find anywhere.

Soldiers of Destiny

Set to precede a novel and video game currently in production, Soldiers of Destiny is a role-play site created to peak interest in our products and an open format for discussions. The forum has been reworked numerous times and is constantly updated to ensure the simplest, most user-friendly site possible. The storyline of the site is deemed as non-canon (not affect the true timeline of the novel/game series) but numerous ideas and elements can be influenced by many brilliant minds throughout the world.

Setting and Storyline: You are Serian, a proud culture living in harmony in the Alpha Centauri system and keeping beautiful worlds in peace and serenity. But all that you know is at an end. An unknown, monstrous alien force has come to your worlds with every intent on watching them burn. You must stand on the front lines - you must protect your people. You can join the noble warriors of the mind in the prestigious Sons of Cruxious, take the battle against the Invaders to the stars in the Navy, or protect your people on your own turf in the Armed Forces. You must stop the greatest threat against the Alliance...or is it?

Link provided here

We have no forum for such things because we do not exactly welcome such things on our board. Most of us who roleplay on this forum roleplay here alone. While sharing such a site is not strictly bad, joining solely to advertise your own forum isn't just frowned upon- it's considered spam and downright irritating.

In consideration of the fact that you have shown no ill will towards us, and may not have had any way of knowing of our own more private set of etiquette, the only response we will take is to lock this thread and ask that you please do not bother us with anymore links to your forum unless it comes up genuinely in conversation or by direct request to you.
(A link in your signature would also not be frowned upon).
Repeated active attempts to recruit, however, will merely be seen as a nuisance and will degrade your status to that of a spambot- which means immediately deletion of threads and account.

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