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Sneak's Incredibly Spiffy Characters

Name: Wyron Kelter

Race: Human
Class: Commoner.  Training to become rogue.  
Alignment/Personality: Neutral Good. WK is amiable and friendly with a neutral disposition and no knowledge whatsoever of most things. Curious and eager to learn.  
Age: 18
Height/Weight: Average height, average weight/build.  
Appearance: WK looks like a common farmhand. Indeed, that's what he is. Slightly shaggy brown hair, tanned skin, a few stubbly hairs on his chin. Wears plain garments such as a brown tunic and black boots. Often carries a pitchfork.  Also has three small black tattoos on his face.  
Backstory: WK grew up in a remote village nestled in a cozy mountain valley. Awww. He, like everyone else in his family (and pretty much everyone else in the village), became a farmer. He farmed until he was 21 years old. One particularly clichéd (and a bit overcast) day, a trader came to his small village of...uh, well, it's not really important enough to have a name. Anyway, that trader (surprise surprise) brought something that would forever change Wyron's life. That's right, he brought a brochure for The Esteemed Zafax Nightshadow's Rogue School for Boys (the name is somewhat misleading: the school was actually founded by Kurt Ellicott, and it caters to both sneaky boys and sneaky girls), located just outisde the town.  Intrigued, WK decided to try his hand at roguery.  He got Cousin Brad to tattoo some meaningless black marks on his face to make him look more roguelike, then kissed everyone in his family goodbye (except for Smelly Uncle Timmy) and ventured off towards the town, pitchfork and broken compass in hand.  A few plot interventions later, he finally made it to the town.  He now attends the Esteemed Zafax Nightshadow's Rogue School for Boys and is learning to be a rogue.  He still goes back to see his family on weekends.  Except for Contagious Aunt Margaret, who's still quarantined in her house.  
Common Knowledge: Nothing, so far.  WK still has yet to make his debut in The Town.  
Notes: I'll probably be using this character more, as I'm a bit tired of Sneak.  Of course, that doesn't mean you won't see him around every now and then.  It's just that he's too well developed already.
Ongoing Storyline: None.  Unless attending the E.Z.N.R.S.B. counts as a storyline.  I don't think so, though, because it's not actually a thread.

Name: Sneak

Race: Originally cat, now usually human
Class: No one specific.  
Alignment/Personality: Chaotic Sneak (close to Chaotic Neutral). more than slightly crazy.
Age: 4 (somewhere around 30 human years)  
Height/Weight: Average height, average weight/build.  
Appearance: When in human form, he has chocolate chip cookie colored hair with black bits/streaks in it, brown eyes, and two small scars on his cheek.  He wears a brown shirt, a tan trenchcoat, black pants, and brown shoes.  
Backstory: He was experimented on by an evil wizard as a kitten, and became able to speak Common.  He managed to escape and ran off to the town, building up a doll empire through his infamous House of Sneak.  Lord Fullbladder granted him deity status, and he became the god of cheerleading, Whatever It Is Sneak Represents, manliness, and metrosexuality.  His doll empire soon collapsed, and he began to spend most of his time drinking in Trog's Tavern after a brief stint as Don Sneak, the leader of the mysterious Nonexistent Town Mafia.
Common Knowledge: He's crazy.  He's a god, although he pretty much never fights and doesn't ever really use his powers except for meaningless little things.  He used to be a cat.  He used to run the Mafia.  He used to run a doll workshop/temple.
Notes: My old main character.  
Ongoing Storyline: None.

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