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Small Break Game

So this winter break my friends and I are going to do some role-playing.  I have been called into duty as DM.  Any good, or bad, campaing ideas?
The Chilli God

You got your own world or home-made adventures?
If not, you may want to stop over at your local gaming store and buy a new adventure book or something (They're making a lot of them, recently) or, if you're either stone broke or really stingy, download some of the free adventures from This Site. It'll save you hours upon hours of prep time.
Heck, I had the best DM'ing session of my life once, because of that "100 random adventures" table in the DMG.

Good way to think of your own campaign is to pick a random environment (Forest! City! Countryside Hamlet! Middle of Ocean!) and then pick a random monster (Goblin! Demon! Tarrasque!) and then find other monsters and traps and such that would make sense in your environment and chosen monster. There's half your campaign already.
From there (or from another starting point), build the game up as you do. Add in details that bring in dynamism to the game environment as you get more comfortable with doing so.

If you are new to DM'ing, start with as simple of a party as you can. Good alignment, core only if you can, low-level party (1st-3rd should do nicely). Down this way, options are somewhat predictable so you don't have to bend over backwards having to come up with results or counters to various party solutions (Mind you, grappling hooks and Dancing Lights spells can be deadly...)

Also: Read the DMG. Every last page of it. If you have the DMG2, read that also. Those two books, surprisingly, contain all the info a DM needs to DM.

Good luck, hope I helped.

hm, try to kill them all off?  see how long it takes ... vs how much they can power game?  That could be entertaining.

I have DM'd before.  All games made up on the fly.  I just need a basic premise.

Perhaps a cliched dungeon crawl through a tower to rescue someone?
Orange Zergling

Or, be the tower's band of evil wizards using your legions of low CR monsters to keep a pesky band of do-gooders away.

Make it something interesting.   A thief has stolen the teddy bear from the mayor's daughter and taken it to the thieves guild as a trophy.  Her father wants it back.  

If you really want to muck with them, the daughter doesn't want any of them hurt.  See if they can complete the task without killing anyone.

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