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J. Muller

Signature image codes

As you can see, I am attempting to put Necro's drawing of Mereor into my sig. It doesn't appear to be working. This may be because it's in tinyurl format, but I can't post the full links because it would push my sig length over the limit.

Does anyone know any way I can get it to work? I suppose it's possible to put it into a banner with Chilli's Fowler drawing, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about that...

I put any character images in my Character Profile thread, personally. That way you have more space for things like a picture you just like and want it in your sig.

So, take out the badge and that other character (Fowler, right?), and you probably have enough space. Or, just get someone to do a banner. I don't know how either, though, so find someone else. Razz

Ask nicely for someone to combine all of your images together so that they keep an invisible bg.

Muller, if you want to send me your images, I'll do what Wu suggested (as I've done for mine) and squash em together for you.

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