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Character Profiles:

Name: Siaraelle Ellen De’Alora  (Sia)

Status: ACTIVE
Race: Felinae
Class: Rogue 19 / Fighter 5
Alignment: Base chaotic good, shifts when provoked
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 126
Hair: Silver-grey, waist-length
Eyes: Bright green, with blue around the pupil

[Equipment of note]


Shortsword of Anarchy and Good, given to her by her 'brother' Aikidu.
Greatsword of Ghost Touch
x2 Punching Daggers (Katar) of Ghost Touch


Glamored Scale Armor of Ghost Touch

All of Sia’s personal belongings have been specially enchanted to shift with her as she changes forms. This is a felinae specific spell, it’s verbal component being in Felin.


• Ability to transform herself at will to either fully feline, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen as a human. This ability functions very similar to that of the Canii race, as they are distantly related to the Felinae.
• Has developed a partial immunity to the lethal effects of Shreshtar seeds.
• Has no caster levels, but can cast a small amount of spells since they are specific to her race. These include non-offensive spells only.

Name: Sammauel of the Talon  (Samm)


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