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Race: Lantern Archon [Fallen, Gigantic]

Class:Psionic Artificer 14/Medium 20/Crystal Proselyte 10/Seidmadr 6 [ECL 50]

Alignment: True Neutral.

Personality: Confident, but not prideful; powerful, but not reckless; personable, empathetic, and by turns profound and humorous. Such is the impression Salusvarien takes care to cultivate, as assiduous in his pruning of inconvenient facts regarding his past exploits as any tender of roses.
While his urbanity and affection for humanoids of all stripes is unfeigned, he has lost any instinct for heroism he might once have had. He considers himself a good being, but would not fret unduly about eliminating a troublesome enemy, if no other course was obvious.
In the end, despite his celestial origins, Salusvarien is entirely too human- somewhat vain, subject to hubris, and enmeshed in lusts and appetites only his unique powers allow him, in his somewhat inconvenient form, to indulge.
That being said, his hubris tends to lead him into good deeds more often than bad, and his lusts, while profound, are seldom pressed if unwelcome- a consequence of that careful urbanity which has been alluded to.

Age: 679.

Diameter/Weight: Approximately 3ft. in diameter, weight unknown, but slight and gravitationally unsound.

Appearance: Salusvarien appears- usually- as a sphere of iridescent, glittering crystal. When he is not generating internal light specifically to change his own color, a trick he has thoroughly mastered, he scintillates in a soft, blue-white spectrum.
He has no facial features, and indeed no face or visible mouth. He usually chooses to have his voice emanate from near the hearer's ear. His voice is as musical as when he sang the praises of the saintly beings of Celestia, though the subject matter occasionally clashes.

Shiny occasionally decides to don clothing similar to that worn by mortals, although the sight of a glowing sphere with a jaunty tricorne cap takes some getting used to. He shows a marked fondness for cloaks, mantles, and capes, and has two small crystalline protuberances at his cardinal points to facilitate their wearing.

His actual clothing, unrelated to any nonmagical garments he chooses to don, consists of a number of diaphanous magical items, the most obvious being his Cloak of Hands- he nearly always wears the transparent cloak, but seldom allows it to become visible.

Salusvarien maintains a number of claw-shaped, crystalline servants, known as 'Dactyls'; these occasionally report to him and run mysterious errands, as well as, more mundanely, serving to retrieve his groceries and drinks. The creatures appear to be constructs, composed of a peculiar, milky-white quartz.

Backstory: Salusvarien began his long, eventful life as a librarian in Erathaol's service, cataloging his books and scrolls and occasionally, very quietly, lamenting that the esteemed overlord could not do so himself.
This relatively happy, but decidedly dull, existence was thrown into turmoil when the tiny, put-upon archon found himself the subject of a metamorphosis, brought about by a silver dragon female interested to learn how a being of light would cope with a body of flesh.

As it happened, Salusvarien coped rather too well, resulting in the expulsion of the dragon, or rather, dragoness, and himself- rumor has it the reptile in question now haunts some other repository of books, looking for a lover to match her long-frustrated light-sphere- or perhaps simply a bit peevish at her demise.

Exiled from Celestia for his betrayal of Law, Salusvarien nonetheless attempted to do good, with varied success; while traveling among Githzerai ascetics, he discovered a talent for the Psionic arts, which only grew as time went on- and on, for he has had a long life. Gradually, he swept into a downward spiral of morbidity and dissipation, growing obsessed with the dead and dying and shaping his powers accordingly.

A recent (less than a century old) fight with a squad of Shadow Flayer assassins, a romance with a deity, and a spate of other excitements, large and small, have resulted in his reinvigoration into something resembling his old, bombastic self; and of late, he has elected to stay in the Town, reasoning that its...lively character will help prevent his falling into a deeper rut, and betraying his admittedly flexible principles in favor of his personal desires.

Common Knowledge: Shiny is a friendly, no-holds-barred fixture at various drinking establishments, whose home is unknown, as is much of his history; he claims to have once been a librarian on the outer planes, but is mum on the subject of his subsequent adventures.

Despite his reticence, they must undoubtedly have been extensive, as he is a potent psionic creator and a superb psychic medium. He prefers to keep the precise extent of his powers under wraps, however, and though he relishes combat, he dislikes the messy cleanup.

Shiny loves the ladies. Not infrequently, they profess to love him- the sincerity of this once the poems have worn off is debatable. Recently, he has been absent without leave, and there is some suggestion a jilted lover is responsible for the protracted sabbatical.

Notes/Current Plotlines: None, but looking.

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