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Several years ago I vanished...

Making a new topic for this seems presumptuous, but I wanted to be sure the people who needed to see it will see it.

Several years ago I vanished…

I did the right thing by leaving immediately. I needed to face some very traumatic problems in my life head on and once I’d made up my mind, I had to act on it or I’d loose my nerve. I changed many things; online posting was the least of them.

I owe an apology and this explanation to the many of you who waited and waited for posts in the plots I was leading and the posts never came. I also owe an apology to anyone who cared enough to worry when I vanished.

I do not apologize for leaving, but I do apologize for any worry or annoyance I caused.

It is good to be back to play with you all, though my posting will be sparse.

- formerly wingrae, now LadyofWar

[edited for grammar]

no problem, RL is like that sometimes. We're just glad to have an old hand like you back.
The Bushranger

Indeed. We were worried about you, but it's good to see that our prayers were answered and that everything came out alright in the end. Smile

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