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Age: 23
Physical: She had bright red hair, which she usually wears up, and green eyes. She is thin but strong. She will almost always have her 2 Katanas strapped to her back.
Background: She was a trained killer. She has the power to control fire. When her mentor died she was left with nothing and got involved with some bad people because she needed the money. She has killed many people for money and has never been proud of that fact. When the mob-like people she was with started having her kill more and more people whom she did not feel deserved to die, she ran. She has been wandering from town to town trying to stay one step ahead of the mob people, who intend to kill her. She has not seen any sign of these people in a few months and hopes it stays that way.
Personality: She has done some horrible things in her past and is afraid she can never leave how she was. Because of who she was she is afraid she will never be able to love someone. She has it in her mind that no one would ever be able to love her. She is a loner and always has been. She believes that who she was will haunt her for the rest of her life and that no one will be able to look past that. She is also always looking over her shoulder waiting for someone from her past to catch her.



Age: 20
Physical: She has long brown curly hair and deep brown eyes. She usually wears a red tied shirt and tight black jeans. She always wears her engagement ring that glows whenever it is near Mike's.
Background: She and Mike have been dating for almost four years. She was at college getting a degree in Hospitality. She got through school surprisingly fast and worked hard for her degree. She has always wanted to open an inn and may try once she gets settled into town. She has a few minor abilities that include telekinesis and the ability to look through almost anything.
Personality: She tries to be outgoing, but doesn't always succeed. She is madly in love with Mike and hopes to settle down with him soon. She loves to have fun and explore new things. She hopes this town is right for the two of them to have a family.

What she looks like:

Currently: deceased


Age: 27
Physical: Shoulder length red/orange hair with yellow streaks. Aqua colored eyes. She isn't very tall but has an attitude to make up for it.
Background: About seven years about she was in love with a man by the name of Johan. They were soon to be engaged and were madly in love. One morning Mercedes woke up to a banging on her door and was told that Johan was dying. A high priest came out but could not save him. The priest said it was black magic and could not be broken. Mercedes found a man who delt with black magic and demons. She made a deal with a demon to save Johan's life. In this deal she could never love or be loved. If someone were to fall in love with her or she fell in love with the person they would die. The person could be brought back to life but would have no memory of meeting Mercedes. If they were to ever meet again they would have an unexplained hatred for her. She made the deal, faked her own death, and never saw Johan again. She has spent seven years using men. She fell in love a couple of times but has tried to keep her heart cold. She would make sure never to say the word "love."
Current story: Mercedes has known Kyr for a few years. She has slept with him plenty of times and always felt that there were no deep feelings there. He called her his "toy" and kept an eye out for her. She had a thing for dangerous men, and danger in general. Kyr offered to make her a priestess so she could protect herself when needed. She agreed and finally told him why she couldn't get close to anyone. Kyr confessed that he would like to get closer to her and would help in anyway. He trains her and they find the right spell to summon the demon. She kills the demon on another plane. She could now be Kyr's priestess and so much more. But...there was another. She met up with Seoral and spent some time getting to know him. He reminded her of Johan and she felt drawn to him. He made her feel like who she was seven years ago. Before the dangerous men and the cold heart. Once she killed the demon and was able to love she had to choose. The god that works with who she had become, or the boy that made her remember who she used to be. She chose Kyr and hurt Seoral. She came up with an idea and went back in time to bring herself from seven years ago to meet Seoral. She knew the girl she used to be would want to change her path. The younger one prefers to go by Cedie. Now there are two Mercedes' running around.
You will be able to tell the difference. Older Mercedes fights at Kyr's side in his army, she seems strong and has the desire for danger. Younger Mercedes/Cedie has more innocence about her. She hasn't experienced the world as the older one has.

Younger Mercedes/Cedie

Race: Red Dragon
Age: Appears to be in mid to late twenties in human form
Appearance: Long wavy red hair, bright red eyes, dark skinned, dragon tattoos all over her body...ah heck I'll just post the gaia-tar:

Of course the dragon behind her in the picture would be her, only red.
Alignment: Evil
Backstory: Pretty basic red dragon backstory. Killed all her siblings when she was a youngin. Fought with her mother while growing up. She destroyed quite a few villages with her mother. Norian was in one of those villages and now is trying to get his revenge on Krisnda. He already killed her mother. Krisnda was banished from her mother's life when she, like many red dragons, tried to kill her mother.

At one point, Norian found Krisnda and pretended that he was going to protect her. She felt someone was following her and attempting to kill her but did not know of the face. When he felt he had her trust, possibly even her love, he tried to kill her. She thought she had left him for dead but he reappeared not to long ago in Town.

Modern Town People

Jordan, full name Kristi Jordan Sherwood

Race: Human
Age: 17
Physical: Basic teenage girl look. About 5'6" and a little muscular, she has to be with working on cars.
Here's her look:

Alignment: Fairly good, just basic teenage rebellion.
Powers: Telekinesis. She was born with it and has no idea how powerful it can be because she's never really had to use it before. She really just uses it while she's working alone on her car.
Background: Not much spectacular, fairly basic teenage life. Her mom is pushing her to go to college and she really could care less about school. She lives with her mom and her older brother is off at college, not sure where dad is. None of her family knows about her powers and she never really planned to tell them.

Casey Angelov Her last name actually mean "Son of an Angel."

Race: Half Angel
Age: 27
Physical: About 5'8", fairly tall. Needs to be decently strong from lifting cases of alcohol.

With wings:

On her right shoulder is also a tattoo of a white rose. She chose it for it's meaning. "The white rose symbolizes; Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness, Heavenly."
Alignment: Good
Background: Her father is an angel and her mother was a simple human. She isn't as strong as a full angel but has found a few gifts that are helpful. Casey has always been a very honest person and felt the need to watch out for any who appear they might need it. She's never rebelled against her angelic tendencies, merely embraced them.

After college she decided she wanted to be a bartender. It seemed like a career that she could meet new people and easily get to know a town. She has been bartending for about five years and always tried to find more respectable bars and clubs. She never even thought about working at places where woman danced and removed their clothing.

Malarra Oussund Meaning: Secret queen House of the Heirs to the spider’s kiss.

Race: Drow
Age: Appearing about mid twenties
Appearance: About 5’4”but that’s typical for Drow. Just read my first post for her:
SeptAngel wrote:
Walking along the streets of Modern Town is a fairly young woman. Though, to say that she stands out would be an understatement. Her dark skin is almost unnaturally dark and looks even more strange with her white hair laying across her shoulders with its one red streak through it. Of course, in the modern days you never know who just colors their hair to stand out. By the looks of her face, she couldn’t be much more than mid-twenties. Also looking at her face, you might be able to tell that she’s wearing colored contacts. The contact appears to be a dark brown, she wears the colored contact to hide her red eyes from the world. Having white hair and dark skin makes you stand out enough, but you add red eyes on top of that and people start to really think something is weird about you.

You know those supermodels that know they look amazing and flaunt every curve of their perfect bodies? Well, that is what this woman does. She isn’t very tall but is built in every other way like a supermodel. Her slender well muscled body, long fingers, and almond eyes would make her a catch for any modeling agency. Clearly she knows what a catch she would be too, she walks with enough confidence for ten women. She also loves to wear clothing that accents her body. As she walks down these streets she is wearing a white tube top and black low rise jeans. She knows how to use jewelry to accent her body as well. Her bellybutton is pierced and has a chain attached that wraps around her and lays along her hips. She has a gold arm band on each upper arm and bracelets on her wrists. Gold hoop earrings stick out through her hair. Though, she never shows her full ear to hide the points.

Alignment: Drow…’nough said Razz
Background: Her player is still working on all of that.

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