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Seft Sirag

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Last updated: 25 August 2008

Valthreborn "Val" Valthera

Race: Kroizian
Alignment and Temprament: Some Variant of Good. Determined and disciplined. Extremely loyal and friendly. Though he appearsjovial and friendly out of battle, he has a serious side usually only seen in combat. He has the ability to make his face entirely unreadble at will.

Age: 32
Height: 6ft 2ins
Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, shoulder-length. worn loose.
Eye colour: Deep Green.
Weapons: Kroizian Energy attacks, ornate curved sword
Clothing: simple green tunic, khaki-green cargo trousers, military boots.

descrption-y bit to come. it turned into an essay!

Anna Jiboveraque

Race: Kroizian
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good, caring, determined, rather stubborn, and occasionally slightly obsessional
Age: Technically 32, physically 30 (dead for 2 years)
Height: 5ft 6ins
Hair colour and length: thick, black, runs down to her hips.
Eye colour: Dark Blue
Weapons: single machete, several Kroizian energy attacks, ornate curved sword
Clothing: blue smock with Inari's symbol embroidered on it, khaki-green cargo trousers, military boots

Anna is the Secretary at the Temple of Inari, and has had military and non-magical medical training. She is also what the Kroizian people have dubbed a "spirit-morph", having undergone a process that allows her to merge more thoroughly with her spirit, giving her existing powers and abilities an ethereal energy boost. (more details coming soon.)

Despite not first knowing it, Anna is a 'self-healer', to use the Kroizian term. Even when severely injured, she will be able to heal herself innately, though with conscious effort, she can increase the healing time, and even heal others' wounds, though this requires her to be touching the wounded person. Anything other than the automatic, natural effect does burn through her energy reserves fairly fast. When she gets a (very rare) free moment, she attempts to decrease the amount of energy healing uses up through controlled meditation.

Domren Farlorg

Race: Kroizian (Mirror)
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral. currently depressed, withdrawn and confused. a little unbalanced.
Age: 28
Height: 5ft 8ins
Hair colour and length: Black, relatively short, rather messy
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Weapons: solid-energy blade, Kroizian energy attacks
Clothing: Simple black smock, brown trousers

Domren was originally a senior officer in the army of a rather psychotic, self-proclaimed dictator who was attempting to conquer mirror-Kroizia, and thought nothing of slaughtering innocent people as the dictator's army swept across the land, decimating any small settlement that may be a possible threat.
Later, he arrived in town with Xer Dzu as part of the force sent to capture Val & obtain the Cousins' Gauntlets, but lost his memory after mistaking a bottle of an amnesia-inducing potion. He regained his memories later thanks to a potion supplied by the Omnishop, but found himself horrified by what he had seen, and turned himself over to the Town Police.
After sitting in a cell for ages, he decided to try to redeem himself by joining the Police Force. However, after failing to arrest Aesa, getting killed twice, and failing to stop the station from being taken over by the 4th Empire, he was struck by the 'realisation' that he was a failure as an Officer, and began a descent into depression.
This was not helped when, during the attempt to rescue Val from Xer Dzu, he was unable to save Quollar from Sebastian Barlow, having hesitated to deal Barlow a killing blow due to his newfound aversion to killing.
After a short time of skulking about brooding over his ineffectiveness in the Temple of Inari, he set out to try to do some more good, but managed to get himself killed whilst fighting a thief in the forest. Rather than attempting to get himself resurrected, he remained on the Ethereal Plane, once again sulking and brooding over his ineffectiveness. At least until he had some sense knocked into him by an old friend.
He spent some time haunting the Slums as a ghost, hunting criminals there, before travelling to Ravenloft as part of a rescue party, where he was last seen partially disintegrating. Whether or not he has survived is currently unknown.

Quollar deWarbmiz
Race: Nossomidian ("portaller") (Mirror)
Alignment and Temprament: lawful good, appears friendly.
Age: roughly 120, exact age unknown
Height: 7ft 9ins
Hair colour and length: silvery-white, reaches half-way down his back
Eye colour: light grey
Weapons: unarmed.
Clothing: simple sand-coloured tunic and trousers

Originally the Mirror-world equivalent of an interdimensional trader of questionable morals named Zimbraw par Rallouq, Quollar determined to forge himself a new identity, and dedicated his life to stopping his mirror from doing harm.

However, soon after the two finally made contact, they formed a partnership, after Zimbraw confirmed that he was not, in fact, as morally ambiguous as he had been made out to be. At this point, Quollar joined his Mirror's business venture.

Their initial partnership was short-lived, however, as an invasion of their main base of operations, a cave in the mountains just outside of Town, was invaded by an army of mirror-world Kroizians who were after Val and the Valthera Gauntlets.

After a period of confusion, in which Quollar, Zimbraw, and Val ended up as prisoners, Quollar managed to escape, and eventually, with the help of Anna, led an army of volunteers made mostly of Zimbraw's business asscociates against the mirror-worlders.

The resulting battle was eventually 'won' by the rescuers at a fairly great cost; most of the rescuing army was wiped out in a way which made resurrection imposible. Val and Zimbraw were both retrieved, though the Gauntlets were lost, thanks to Val's Mirror, who used them without realising the extent of their power, and destroyed himself and the cave, sending the gauntlets themselves hurtling through a crack in 'The Barrier Between Worlds' into the Kroizian version of Hell.

After they recovered, Quollar and Zimbraw headed off to Zimbraw's home world, to try to resurrect their business, returning to town a while later with a team of Nossomidian "Portaller"s, to try to establish a Town branch of the organisation.

Their entire organisation was later forced to close when a team of Nossomidian Interdiemsional Police arrived, claiming their business had been declared illegal. this was later proved to be false, as someone with a vendetta against Zimbraw had been the one to make their claims.

Zimbraw, preferring to run things from Nossomidia, decided to abandon the Town branch after this, and the organisation operated from their central HQ from that point.

Quollar has now reappeared in Town, after his portal-creating ability backfired on him, and he is now trapped, as it continues to malfunction. He is currently staying in the temple of Inari, helping out where he can, until such time as he is rescued by his colleagues. He is, naturally, unaware that they believe him to be dead.
Seft Sirag

Gallery of Antagonists

Last Updated: April 2010

Xerrel Dzuleir - a.k.a. "Xer Dzu"
Race: Kroizian
Age: 34
Alignment and Temprament: Self-serving, arrogant, selfish, cunning.
Height: 5 ft 9ins
Hair colour and length: light blond, shoulder-length
Eye colour: left almost black, right sewn closed
Weapons: Kroizian energy attacks, long dagger
Clothing: simple grey tunic, trousers and leather boots

Updated info coming soon.
Seft Sirag

The Retirement Home
Characters I've retired from play.

High-Priest Neig
Race: Kroizian
Age: 31
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Evil. Completely dedicated to his "goddess"
Height: 5 ft 4ins
Hair colour and length: short, black, slicked back.
Eye colour: unnatural purple
Weapons: Kroizian energy attacks, essence of Odugona
Clothing: purple robes, scarlet cape with gold trim

Newly appointed Head-Priest of the Temple of Odugona (The Palace of the Slums), Neig is basically a mindless servant of the "goddess", with only two priorities; increase the number of Odugona's followers, and eventually use them to destroy all sentient life, other than the Odugonates, of course.

Master Eddon
Race: Human
Age: 23
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Evil. A mindless servant of Odugona. Originally Lawful Neutral
Height: 5 ft 1ins
Hair colour and length: fair, rather shaggy
Eye colour: pale blue
Weapons: Array of knives, limited Kroizian energy attacks, Essence of Odugona
Clothing: purple robes, black hooded cloak.

Ireg Eddon was once a friendly bartender from another world, who had the utter misfortune of running into a small group of men, led by Xer Dzu, whilst they were desperate for new men. One sniff of Essence of Odugona later, Ireg was gone, replaced by Master Eddon, mindless servant of the Goddess of Corruption. He has taken on the role of master recruiter; having retained his good loooks, and freindly demeanor, he is often able to catch people off guard, and recruit them willingly, rather than forcing a conversion (though he is obliged to use the Essence, as this is the only way the new converts will be granted the extra abilities they are percieved to need.)

Race: Chonian
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good. Gentle, calm, friendly, curious.
Age: 376
Height: 4ft 2ins, was about 5ft 10ins when younger.
Hair colour and length: balding, what little left is very light grey
Eye colour: Rich Purple
Weapons: walking stick, wind manipulation powers
Clothing: simple brown monk's robes, slightly worn and patched, but well cared for. sandals.

Zilbipaetrum comes from a world called Chonias, a simple place mainly made up of forest islands and seas, filled with a lot of wildlife. Zilbipaetrum's people were traders and fishermen, and as such relied on wind, worshipping a god of winds and weather, who they believed it would be an insult to name. Zilb's family had long been priests of The Unnamed One, as they called him, and Zilb and his brother Dalwasephad had followed this path throughout their very long lives.
Zilb has always had a love of nature, and is able to develop a close relationship with most animals he meets, and can speak an abundance of animal languages.
He met Zimbraw when he and Dalwasephad were acting as ambassadors for their island's temple to The Nameless One, and had encountered some piratical Chonians who had taken them as prisoners. Zimbraw had stumbled across the pit where they had been imprisonned whilst looking for a rare type of fruit that grew only in their world, and having had his own unpleasent experience with the pirates, had promptly rescued the brothers, beginning a freindship that would last for many, many years.
Very greatful to Zimbraw for this rescue, the two brothers had needed no persuading when Quollar arrived in their world asking for their help to rescue Zimbraw.
Today, Zilb remains at Inari's, finding this new world too fascinating to let go. He appears to be coping very well with the death of Dalwasephad at the hands of Xer Dzu.

Zimbraw par Rallouq

Race: Nossomidian ("portaller")
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral, bordering Chaotic Good. Kind and generous with a slightly gruff exterior, often focussed on trade.
Age: roughly 120, exact age unknown
Height: 7ft 9ins
Hair colour and length: unknown, hidden beneath balaclava
Eye colour: white with pin-prick black pupils
Weapons: doesn't tend to use physical weapons.
Clothing: Simple sand-coloured tunic and trousers, well-worn hooded green lizardskin cloak, sand-coloured balaclava

Zimbraw has the ability to create a portal into almost any place, world or dimension. These portals can also be used in combat, both offensively and defensively, and for a variety of other useful purposes.
He has a very hoarse voice, apparently caused by some kind of accident, and an incurable shin injury, which requires him to use his thick, heavy wooden staff as a walking stick.
speech colour

Dayert par Nargien

Race: Nossomidian ("portaller")
Alignment and Temperament: true neutral. Rather shy and awkward around people, a follower.
Age: 19
Height: 7ft 3ins
Hair colour and length: blonde, with faint blue highlights, short and untidy.
Eye colour: left, blue-grey, right dark green
Weapons: none, yet
Clothing: slightly scruffy grey shirt and undershorts, one grey sock, worn on the right foot.

Though his parents were outgoing, adventurous types, Dayert was always chronically shy, and dedicated to studying and academia, despite the fact that his parents would constantly move between worlds, exploring, visiting various friends and relations. He has been dreading the day he comes into his powers, around his 19th birthday.

Incidentally, at one minute past midnight on his nineteenth birthday, he manages to accidentally open up a portal in his sleep, which leads him into the Hamlet.

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