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Round Robin DMing game

The concept here is pretty simple.  This will be a round robin game.  In other words, each person who joins will take a turn making a single quest for the party to overcome.  This will take pressure off a single person who would normally have to DM the whole thing.

So instead of a one massive adventure we've got quite a few.  And since we won't have the problem of the DM getting burned out we'll probably be able to keep the game up a bit longer.

Also of importance, subscribe to the game thread once it's up.  That way you'll get PMs to tell you when it gets updated.  This will solve the problem of the game drifting off into oblivion since people don't notice that it's their turn.

I also intend to use the class builder system of mine.  I've got a few minor modifications to make to it.  Characters will be starting at level four 'n I'll be putting the first adventure together.  That will give everyone time to come up with ideas.

And where does all this take place?  Why, Dead Space of course!  I'm sure most of you have heard of it.  It's the odd place Maph'tey came from.  At least, that's my present plan.  Dead Space is rather like Town in that you can find just about anything there.  Though if people would prefer we could set the game in the more familiar Nexus as well.

For the time being this thread will be used to discuss ideas for adventures as well as where we should be holding the game.

I'm looking for five other people.  Aaaaaaaaand, GO!

I'm in favor of Dead Space, personally, for the sake of newness.

Though...maybe it could start in our little ol' Nexus and ultimately lead into Dead Space?

I wish to continue the adventures of the spectacular Ifriver Calsk and the pompus Psudodragon of his.. Sign us up!

I suppose that I would like to give this a try. It will get me some practice in the field of "Game-Mastering", which is something that I'm going to need if I'm going to be DM'ing a group next semester. Sign me up, but please don't expect anything super-duper amazing out of me, as I'm afraid that I'll disappoint.

Then again, I could just bug Vael for advice like I always do, so maybe it won't be so bad.

I suppose that it goes without saying that I'll need to learn how to use your character generating system, so if you'd be willing to send that to me when you're done working with it, I'd be very thankful.

Since people wanted to know about the class builder stuff (and other things) here it is!

The PCs will be starting at level four with 5,400 GP to spend.

Point-buy Class System

Props to Vael for the inspiration on this one, though suffice to say I've done quite a bit of tweaking.  There are two important areas where the systems differ.  The first is the number of points that a PC gains per level.  This value was determined by averaging the points per level of the four martial classes, the skill monkey, and the monk.  The second change is the addition of Caster Levels.  So on with the show.

Oh, one more thing.  A PC isn't limited to a max on class features per level.  So if you wanted to grab 15 HP or two points of BAB there's nothing stopping you.  Though keep in mind that every point you spend on your strengths will leave your weaknesses that much more glaring.

And yes, I will exploit them if you min/max quite a bit.

The Mechanics (no wrenches involved)


At first level a Player Character (PC) gains 28 class points (CP).  All of these points must be used.  No stockpiling.  At every level after one the PC gains 21 CPs.  Prices for class features are as follows.

+1 Full Caster Level:  12 CPs
+1 2/3 Caster Level:  8 CPs
+1 Half Caster Level:  4 CPs
+1 Base Attack Bonus:  6 CPs
Bonus Feat:  4 CPs
+1 Base Save:  2 CPs
+1 Hit Point:  1 CP
Equipment Proficiency:  1 CP
+2 Skill Points:  1 CP
+4 Class Skills:  1 CP

At first level a PC gains a free +1 to one Save, four free Hit Points, sixteen free Skill Points, and ten free Class Skills.

A few important things to take note of.  When choosing a CL you can pick from prepared arcane, prepared divine, spontaneous arcane, spontaneous divine, or psionic.  The spell progression from the class in question will be followed to determine spells known and spells per day.

Bonus Feats can be pretty much anything, including what were once class features.  Rage, sneak attack, spell-like abilities and so forth.  If a class feature increases in uses per day based on level these accumulate for 'free'.  However, increasing the power of a class feature (Greater Rage, 2d6 Sneak Attack) requires the expenditure of another feat.

As a general rule of thumb a spell-like ability has a prerequisite of a number of class-levels equal to twice the spell level of the spell in question.  Spell-like abilities can be used once per day, plus and additional time per day for every four levels the PC has.  That's six times per day by level 20 if you hates the maths.

Statistic Generation


I don't like the point-buy system for stats.  It favors classes that really only need on stellar ability (primary casters) and leaves the more martial classes hurting.  Considering the disparity between these two broad categories of characters to begin with this really isn't necessary.

All abilities start at eight.  Twenty four ability points can be spread between the six stats, up to eighteen on any given ability.  The PC can also be given up to three optional Flaws.  These Flaws can be redeemed as bonus feats or as two additional ability points.

Changes to Races

Since there are no hard and fast classes there are no favored classes, however this doesn't mean this flavoring is removed.  As follows are the changes to these race features.


>Humans gain an additional six CPs at first level and an additional two at other levels in place of their current racial bonuses.

>Half-Elves gain an additional one CP per level in place of favored class any.  A half-elf also gains a +2 on Search, Spot, and Listen instead of a +1.

>Races with Fighter as favored class pay only five CPs for BAB increases.  This discount is only applied to the first point of BAB purchased per level.

>Races with Wizard as favored class pay only eleven CPs for Arcane prepared CL increases.  This discount is only applied to the first point of CL purchased per level.

> Races with Sorcerer as favored class pay only eleven CPs for Arcane spontaneous CL increases.  This discount is only applied to the first point of CL purchased per level.

>Races with Bard as favored class inspire greatness bardic ability grants half again as much of a moral bonus.

>Races with Barbarian as favored class gain half again as much of a moral bonus to constitution and strength when raging.

>Races with Rogue as favored class deal an additional one damage per sneak attack die.

>Races with Psion as favored class pay only eleven CPs for Psionic CL increases.  This discount is only applied to the first point of CL purchased per level.

>Races with Paladin as favored class deal and additional point of damage per two character levels when using Smite Evil.

>Races with Ranger as favored class gain a +3 bonus on select skill checks and damage rolls against favored enemies rather than +2.

>Hobgoblins have the following racial characteristics
+2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity
Medium size
A hobgoblin's base land speed is 30
Darkvision out to 60 feet
A hobgoblin gains a +4 racial bonus on Move Silently
Never Yield (Ex):  A hobgoblin takes a -6 penalty to AC against attacks of opportunity.  Additionally, a hobgoblin may not use the withdraw action in combat and may not use Tumble to avoid attacks of opportunity.
Defensive Line (Ex):  A hobgoblin gains an additional dodge bonus to AC equal to his Intelligence modifier (to a minimum of one) on any feat or ability that normally grants a dodge bonus to AC.  However, he does not gain any benefit from this ability if he has moved more than 30 feet since his last turn.
Favored Class:  Fighter
Level Adjustment: +0

>Half-Orcs have the following racial characteristics
+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
Medium size
A half-orc's base land speed is 30
Darkvision out to 60 feet
A half-orc gains a +4 racial bonus on Intimidate and Survival
+2 racial bonus on Will saves
+2 racial bonus on saves against mind affecting effects
+2 racial bonus on saves against disease
Orc Blood:  For all effects related to race half-orcs are considered orcs
Favored Class: Barbarian

>Orcs have the following racial characteristics
+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma, -2 wisdom
Medium size
An orc's base land speed is 30
Darkvision out to 60 feet
An orc gains a +4 racial bonus on Intimidate and Survival
An orc gains a +2 racial bonus on Spot and Listen
+2 racial bonus on Will saves
+2 racial bonus on saves against mind affecting effects
+2 racial bonus on saves against disease
Weapon Familiarity: An orc treats orc double axes as a martial rather than an exotic weapon.
Light Sensitivity (Ex):  An orc is dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a Daylight spell.
Favored Class: Barbarian

>Goblins have the following racial characteristics.
-2 Strength, -2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity
Small size
A goblin's base land speed is 30 feet
Darkvision out to 60 feet
+4 Racial bonus on Ride and Move Silently
+1 racial bonus on attack rolls made while mounted
+2 racial bonus on damage rolls made while mounted
Mounted Combat as a bonus feat
Favored Class: Rogue

>Kobolds have the following racial characteristics.
-4 Strength, -2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity
Small size
A kobold's base land speed is 30 feet
Dark vision out to 120 feet
+2 racial bonus on Craft (trap), Profession (miner), and Search
+1 natural armor bonus
Light Sensitivity (Ex):  A kobold is dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a Daylight spell.
Slight Build (Ex):  A kobold is considered one size category smaller than he actually is when beneficial.
Kobolds are proficient with light, medium, and heavy picks.
Favored Class: Sorcerer

>Half-giants have the following racial characteristics.
Humanoid type rather than Giant
-2 Dexterity, +2 Strength
Medium size
Base speed 30 feet
Low-light vision
Powerful Build (Ex): A half-giant is considered large size when it would be beneficial.
Giant Blood:  For all effects related to race half-giants are considered giants
Favored Class:  Fighter

Strength +2, Constitution +2, Intelligence -2, Charisma -2.
Size Medium.
A gnoll’s base land speed is 40 feet.
Low light vision.
Scent (Ex): A gnoll can recognize familiar scents like a human might recognize familiar voices.
A gnoll has a +4 racial bonus on Survival
Favored Class: Ranger.

>Dragonborn have the following racial characteristics
+2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity (Heart) OR +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity (Eye) OR +2 Strength, -2 Constitution (Wings)
Medium size
A dragonborn's base land speed is 30
+1 Natural Armor
Two claw attacks (1d6) and a bite attack (1d8)
Variable Gait:  A dragonborn may function either as a biped or a quadruped.  When on all fours a dragonborn has a land speed of 40 but can not use his hands to manipulate items.  Rising from prone to all fours is a free action.  Rising from all fours to hind legs is a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity.
Aspect of the Dragon:  A dragonborn may pick one of three aspects, heart, eye, and wings.  Once this choice is made it can not be changed.  Each aspect provides different benefits.
Dragon's Heart:  You gain a breath weapon usable once every 1d4 rounds.  This breath weapon takes the form of a line five feet long per HD you have (maximum 60 feet at level 12).  This breath-weapon appears as a shimmering line that flashes with elemental energies.  At first level it deals 1d8 damage, plus an additional 1d8 damage every odd level (to a maximum of 6d8 at level 11).  Whenever you use this breath weapon you may choose which of the four cardinal energy types (Fire, Electricity, Acid, Cold) it deals.  An opponent may attempt a reflex saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Constitution modifier) for half damage.
-In addition you may choose to gain an energy resistance 5 against one energy type every odd level up to level eleven.  You may choose the same energy type more than once.  The benefit of this ability stacks with itself.  If you gain energy resistance 30 to one energy type you gain immunity instead.
Dragon's Eye:  At first level you gain a +2 racial bonus to spot, low-light vision, and dark-vision out to 30 feet.  In addition you gain a +2 racial bonus on saves against sleep and paralysis.  
-At level six your racial bonus to spot increases to +4, your dark vision increases to 60 feet, and you gain blindsense out to 60 feet.  In addition your racial saves against sleep and paralysis improve to +4.  
-At level twelve your dark vision increases to 120 feet, you low-light vision doubles in its effectiveness (you can see four times as well as a human in shadowy illumination), your racial bonus to spot increases to +8, and your blind sense increases to 60 feet.
Dragon's Wings:  At level 1 you gain a +10 racial bonus to jump.  Additionally you may use your wings to glide (You travel 20 feet forward for every ten feet you go down).  
-At level six you may use your wings to fly at twice your base land speed with average maneuverability for a number of consecutive rounds equal to your twice your constitution modifier.  You may not fly with a medium or heavy load.  If you attempt to fly longer you become fatigued and can not fly again without an hour's rest.
-At level 12 you may fly with equal ease as walking and can remain aloft with up to a medium load.
Favored class: Fighter

Changes to Classes


'Wait, what classes?' you must be asking.  Well, this is a change to the sorcerer spell progression.  Or more specifically spontaneous casting in general.  A spontaneous caster gains an additional number of spells known for each spell level equal to one half their charisma modifier.

Also of note, a prepared divine caster can spontaneously cast only spells from their domain list.  Up to two domains, of course, can be purchased with feats.  Divine prepared casters must also keep a prayer book, much like a wizard's spell book.  Yes, this means no drawing from the entire spell list.

Life is rough sometimes.

All Important Change to Charisma!


Normally Cha is a dump stat since it's only used for a few skills if you don't have a class ability that centers on it.  But no more!  Cha can influence your luck.  Basically, you're so awesome that the universe doesn't want you to fail!  A number of times per day equal to your Cha modifier I'll tweak your rolls with an extra d6 bonus if you just barely failed at something important.  Or, alternately, if a monster just barely managed to hit you.

You won't know if your good luck saved you, but that's really the way it should be, isn't it?  Keep in mind that having a negative Cha modifier means I can do just the opposite, penalize you with a d6 roll if you almost fail at something.  Expect such things to happen at the worst possible times.

Changes to Armor

Let's face it.  Aside from a few specific suits of armor most of it sucks.  End of discussion.  I have, quite happily, fixed that little problem.


Light Armor |Price |Bonus |Max Dex |Check |Spell Fail |Mass |
Padded |5 |+1 |7 |0 |5% |10 |
Leather |10 |+2 |6 |0 |10% |15 |
Stud Leather |25 |+3 |5 |-1 |15% |20 |
Chain Shirt |50 |+4 |4 |-2 |20% |25 |
Medium Armor |
Hide |25 |+3 |6 |-3 |20% |20 |
Scale Mail |50 |+4 |5 |-4 |25% |30 |
Breastplate |150 |+5 |4 |-4 |25% |30 |
Chain Mail |200 |+6 |3 |-5 |30% |40 |
Heavy Armor |
Splint Mail |250 |+7 |3 |-4 |25% |35 |
Banded Mail |500 |+8 |2 |-5 |30% |45 |
Half-Plate |750 |+9 |1 |-6 |35% |50 |
Full-Plate |1000 |+10 |0 |-7 |40% |50 |
Shields |
Lit Wood |3 |+1 |-- |-1 |5% |2 |
Lit Steel |9 |+1 |-- |-1 |5% |3 |
Hvy Wood |7 |+2 |-- |-2 |15% |5 |
Hvy Steel |20 |+2 |-- |-2 |15% |7 |
Tower |30 |+4 |4 |-4 |30% |12 |
Archer's* |40 |+8 |2 |-8 |50% |25 |
*May be wielded two-handed for shield bonus or 'planted' as a full round action to use as total cover.

Giant Feat List of DOOM!

There are a number of new feats rolling around.  It's rather important that they be discussed.  Some of them are utterly new, others are adapted from existing class features.


Augmented Healing
Prerequisite: Endurance
Effect:  You heal HP every hour as though you rested for a night.

Fast Healing
Prerequisite:  Endurance, Augmented Healing, 5 HD
Effect:  You gain fast healing 1
Special:  This feat can be taken up to four times.  Its effect stacks.  Taking this feat multiple times has an increasing HD requirement per iteration.  Specifically 10 HD, 15 HD, and 20 HD.

Combat Expertise, Improved
Prerequisites:  Intelligence of 13 or more, Combat Expertise, BAB of 6 or higher.
Effect:  When you attack an opponent you gain a dodge bonus to AC until your next turn for each point you beat the opponent's AC by, up to your BAB.  This feat is not limited to 5 points.
Special: You gain two points of extra AC per point you beat the opponent's AC by if wielding a shield.
Normal:  The amount of BAB sacrificed must be declared before making an attack.  Only up to five BAB may be sacrificed.

Damage Reduction -
Prerequisite: None, really.
Effect: You gain DR 1/-
Special:  This feat can be taken up to five times.  Its effect stacks.  Taking this feat multiple times has an increasing HD requirement per iteration.  Specifically 5 HD, 10 HD, 15 HD, and 20 HD.

Damage Reduction Material
Prerequisite: None, really.
Effect: You gain DR 2 that is broken by some special material (cold iron, silver, or adamantine).
Special:  This feat can be taken up to five times.  Its effect stacks.   Taking this feat multiple times has an increasing HD requirement per iteration.  Specifically 5 HD, 10 HD, 15 HD, and 20 HD.

Damage Reduction Damage Type
Prerequisite: None, really.
Effect: You gain DR 3 that is broken by some damage type (Slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, or magic).
Special:  This feat can be taken up to five times.  Its effect stacks.   Taking this feat multiple times has an increasing HD requirement per iteration.  Specifically 5 HD, 10 HD, 15 HD, and 20 HD.

Power Attack, Improved
Prerequisites: Strength 13 or higher, Power Attack, BAB of six or higher
Effect: When you attack an opponent you deal an additional point of damage for each point you beat the opponent's AC by, up to your BAB.  This feat is not limited to 5 points.
Special:  You deal two points of extra damage if wielding a two handed weapon.  This feat does not apply to light weapons.
Normal:  The amount of BAB sacrificed must be declared before making an attack.  Only up to five BAB may be sacrificed.

Some feats approximate class features.  Below a few examples are provided.


Bardic Music
Perquisite: One or more ranks in Perform
Effect:  You may use a Bardic Music effect you know a number of times per day equal to your class level plus your Charisma modifier.

Effect:  You gain the ability to Rage a number of times per day equal to one plus one fourth your class level, round down.

Greater Rage
Prerequisites: Rage, Character level 11 or higher.
Effect:  You gain the ability to Rage Greatly a number of times per day equal to one plus one fourth your class level, round down.

Sneak Attack!
Effect:  You gain 1d6 Sneak Attack! damage.
Special:  This feat may be taken multiple times.  Its effect stacks.  This feat may only be taken a number of times equal to half your class level, rounded up.

Some feats can take the form of spell-like abilities.  Some will end up as (Ex) or (Su) class features, but that's determined on an individual basis.  Normally a spell-like ability can be used a number of times per day equal to one plus one fourth the PC's class level, rounded down plus one half your casting stat.  In this case your casting stat is linked to whatever spell list your draw the ability from.  Int for wizard and psion. Cha for favored soul, wilder, and sorcerer.  Wis for Cleric and druid.  And so forth.

Generally speaking, a PC must have a level equal to twice the spell level in order to take it as a spell-like ability.  Caster level is equal to character level.  Saves are equal to ten plus one half your character level plus your charisma modifier.  Below are a few examples.


Feather Fall
Prerequisite: Character level 2 or higher, Charisma OR Intelligence of 11 or higher
Effect:  As an immediate action you may use Feather Fall on yourself as a (Su) ability.  This feat is usable at will.

Prerequisite:  Character level 6 or higher, Charisma OR Intelligence of 13 or higher
Effect:  You may use Fireball as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to one plus one fourth your character level rounded down.

Extra SLA(w)
Prerequisite: One or more spell-like abilities with limited uses per day
Effect:  When you take this feat choose one of your spell-like abilities.  You may now use that ability twice as many times per day as you would otherwise.  Do NOT include extra uses from high ability score in this calculation.
Special:  This feat can be taken multiple times.  Its effect stacks.  Remember that two doublings equals a tripling, not a quadrupling.  It may also be taken with a different spell-like ability.

Other feats can be used as spell-like techniques rather than spell-like abilities.  SLTs are usually activated as either swift actions or standard actions depending on what they do.  Like SLAs SLTs require the proper accompanying mental stat (10 plus 1 per spell level).  SLTs must be prepared at the beginning of the day and the number that can be prepared is limited.  The number of maneuvers that can be prepared is equal to one plus one tenth your character level (round down) plus the relevant casting ability modifier.

Once your readied SLTs have been used you may spend one minute praying/meditating/concentrating to recover them.

Access to higher level SLTs is gained more slowly that SLAs.  You can use first level spells as SLTs at character level two.  Second at character level four.  You gain access to a new spell level every three character to a maximum of level 6 at character level 16.


Prerequisites: Character level 7+, Int OR Cha of 13 or higher.
Effect: You may ready Fireball as a spell-like technique.  Using Fireball is a standard action.

Bull's Strength
Prerequisites:  Character level 4+, Int OR Cha OR Wis of 13 or higher.
Effect:  You may ready Bull's Strength as a spell-like technique.  Using Bull's Strength is a swift action.

Tactical Recovery
Prerequisites:  One or more spell-like technique.
Effect:  You may recover your readied spell-like techniques as a standard action rather than requiring one minutes of preparation.

Changing Tactics
Prerequisites:  Three or more spell-like techniques.
Effect:  You may swap out your readied spell-like techniques with one minutes of preparation rather than an hour of preparation.


Sign me up, got an idea for a Dead Space story too.

Quary: How will we determine the order that the meatbags will GM? Simply as the feel like it, or will there be a queue?

We'll have a sign-up sheet of DOOM!

Once we have a good number of people and character sheets are made up people who are still in the game will fill their name in on my sign up sheet.  I'll be doing the first chapter to set the tempo.


In and all that, I think I've gotten through this creation stuff alright.
Draken Frosthand

Hmm... That sounds nice, I will give it a try.

One question, Meldshaping and Martial Adepts, same as caster level?

I know nothing of meld-shaping.

As it stands right now martial adepts get their equivalent to caster levels like a normal feat.  This system may not end up being able to support martial adepts since it was designed around the Core classes.

I'll check your PC tomorrow Art.  For now I need sleepsing.

I give you, a completely non-magical healer! Tonny Sensu. Still trying to think about his equipment...Rebo if you could give us a bare basic setting (ship, village, ect) that would help me there.

And for those you that pay attention...yes, those are really the Languages that he knows. Remember, this is Dead Space, where you can find anyone from any world.

I made an edit in that long rules post regarding spell-like abilities and spell-like techniques.  If you want to be able to hurl around fireballs and you don't feel like picking up caster levels then that's the way to go.

I've also got a nice overview of dead space for you all.  The party will be arriving first at a rather large city called, amusingly enough, Hub City.  It's a popular trading post and generally a nice place to find adventures at.  Your PC can arrive at the city however you wish, whether by caravan or void-ship.  Walking alone in dead space is highly discouraged, though.

The universe is a sphere within a sphere within a sphere.  There is the material plane, the realm most beings call home, a place of balanced elements, a place of balanced virtue and vice.  Within are the Inner Planes, wreathed in fire or bathed in the sea.  Bursting with life or lifeless emptiness.  Vast open spaces and claustrophobic fastness.  Without are the Outer Planes, realms of pure good and unspeakable evil.  Realms of iron shod order and ever-shifting chaos.  But what is beyond the celestial spheres?  What lies on the other side of that final gate past all that is holy and profane?  

Some suggest other worlds, as prolific as the sands of the sea.  Others say elder horrors slumber in the forgotten twilight.  Many assure themselves that beyond is the realm of the unknowable maker of all.  They’re all wrong.

Some poor souls know all too well the endless purgatory that lies beyond the veil.  The limitless stretches known as

Dead Space

Objective directional gravity (creatures and attended objects only)
Dead time
Alterable morphic
No elemental or energy traits
Mildly-neutral aligned

Dead Time and ‘Timing Out’
The most striking trait of dead space is dead time.  The plane itself has no inherent time of its own, at least not in any familiar fashion.  Time, to most observers, seems to pass as it does on the material plane.  One still requires sleep.  One still requires food.  One still ages.  Cause still proceeds effect.

But in dead space, every living intelligent creature carries its own little piece of time with it.  Everything that has been dumped into this inherently timeless expanse from other planes still retains a little momentum in time, the ability to keep moving forward.  But unlike other planes this momentum will not last indifferently.

As soon as a creature enters Dead space, either by birth or through planer travel, it begins to lose momentum as the vastness itself steals the time away.  If that creature’s momentum ever dwindles to nothing it will ‘time out’.  The being will cease to experience time, its motions and thoughts ceasing as its bathed in an opalescent aura akin to the dead lights cast off by the sands of time.  Creatures that time out are not dead, but in temporal stasis.  All that is required to ‘time in’ a creature that has ‘timed out’ is a simple touch from a being still moving in time.  This act is not without its danger, as the Time Momentum (TM) of the still moving creature is split with the one rescued.

Despite this, remaining in close quarters with another intelligent being will decrease the rate at which momentum is lost.  Though if the newly formed pair part ways, they will lose this benefit immediately.  The following table outlines the maximum Time Momentum a creature or group of creatures can possess.

# of Creatures Time Momentum(max) Maximum Distance Apart
1 1 minute personal
2 4 minutes adjacent
3 16 minutes 5 feet
4 1 hour 10 feet
5 4 hours 20 feet
6 1 day* 40 feet
7 4 days 80 feet
8 7 days 120 feet
9 9 days 160 feet
10 10 days 200 feet

*One day is assumed to be 24 hours

As can be seen, the more people are in proximity, the longer they have before ‘Timing Out’ sets in.

Timed Out:  A creature that has timed out is unable to move or experience its environment and thoughts.  Creatures that have timed out are considered helpless.  Despite this, a creature that has timed out can not be altered by any means except if it is first timed in; this includes damaging them and/or altering their relative posture.

Magic in Dead Space
Magic, regardless of its type, draws on sources that are outside the caster.  Whether through learning or natural talent or divine intervention, magic always relies on forces inherent to the material or other planes.

In dead space, this often overlooked fact becomes an insurmountable obstacle.

Because dead space lies outside the bounds of the universe, magical energies must be forced across vast stretches of nothingness.  It takes a great degree of concentration to achieve such a feat and even then some of the power is lost in transit.  Further, some spells have difficulty functioning properly due to the inherent nature of dead space itself.

However, it is possible to find pockets of magic that have been drawn into dead-space along with large chunks of land from other planes.  Using magic here is no more difficult than using magic on the material plane.  Divine magic, however, is always at a disadvantage.  Because the source of power is one's deity this power must always be drawn across the planes.

Arcane and psionic magic users must succeed on a concentration check (DC = 13 + spell level) when casting spells in dampened magic zones to successfully cast spells.  Divine magic users are always hindered by this effect.  A psion or arcanist can innately 'feel' a zone of dampened magic.

Conjuration (Summoning) and Conjuration (Calling) spells automatically fail.

Dead space bares a superficial resemblance to the elemental plane of air with great masses of unsuspended stone and opalescent seas of sand; though unlike the plane of air dead space tends to be slightly more cluttered.  The limitless stretches of the aether serve as ‘sky’ in this dreary realm, throwing off a perpetual twilight which permeates the surface of every island.

Some of these floating masses are little more than bodies of course stone.  Others are incrusted with plant life that has long ago timed out.  Still others support thriving ecosystems and even communities of intelligent beings whose ancestors became trapped in this endless purgatory.  Islands range in size from fist-sized stones to mountainous objects the size of continents and everything between.

Gravity in dead space is objective, but only applies to living creatures.  The gravity also affects any object worn or carried by said creatures.  ‘Down’ in dead space is independent of most solid material found drifting through the emptiness; rather it is always centered on the largest, closest body of sands of time.  Whether on stone suspended on nothing or the deck of a void trekker there will always be sands of time some unnerving distance below one’s feet.  It is important to note that any object with greater mass than the creature riding it will support the creature.

Special Materials

Sands of Time:  The dancing color of this sand hides its insidious nature.  Sands of time is one of the few common materials native to dead space, and like the realm that houses these grains they are naturally unlinked to time.  But because the sand is material the briefest touch with it will still draw time from those in contact, as will any timed out object.  Normal objects time in after being touched, leeching little or no time momentum from those that touch them.  Sands of time, on the other hand, never times in, thus serving as a time sink.  Anything in physical contact with large bodies of sands of time loses time momentum sixty times faster than normal.  If all the time from an object or creature is lost they are instantly ground to powder and added to the drifting sea of particles.

Quintessence:  Quintessence in dead space, unlike the quintessence manifested on the material plane, is a solid.  From some angles it appears to be glassy clear, from others it displays a mirrored sheen.  Quintessence is the natural manifestation of time in dead space, growing into fissures and veins in stone introduced from other planes.  Left to itself, a vein of quintessence will regenerate over time.  This material, despite the fact that it is utterly unsuitable for making tools of any kind, is the single most valuable commodity in dead space.  When ever a creature or group of creatures times out within 300 feet of quintessence one fiftieth of a pound of the material will evaporate out of existence and, in doing so, completely restore the time momentum of everything within its area of effect.

Quintessence has roughly the same mass as gold.  It has 15 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 8.
Price: 500 gp per pound  

Bearing Stones:  Bearing stones are long, hexagonal crystals similar in appearance to quartz.  These odd minerals are often found growing deep within bodies of rock inside hollowed out pockets.  When broken, the pointed half of the crystal will always point to the precise location of its sister half, thus serving as a sort of situational compass.  These navigational tools are vital due to the ever shifting nature of the topography in Dead Space.

Price:  100 gp each

Repulser Cloth:  Repulser cloth is an odd material spun from the fibers of the repulser weed, a plant-like creature that hovers above the sands of time and fastens itself to passing ships.  The repulser sails of void runners are fashioned from this cloth, allowing the vessel to 'push' against the sands of time as a source of thrust.

Price:  4 gp per square yard.

I'm in.

Sounds good to me.

I'll have a character sheet up as soon as I can transcribe Jerai "The Fence" Seeker onto thetangledweb.

At this point I'm just waiting on character sheets from people >.>

Well something seems to be up with where I first posted my sheet so here it is on another site. Made a couple little changes to it too, mostly added armor to him and changed his bag of holding to a handy haversack. Tony Sensu.

Tomaas the elan.
If there's something wrong or missing, please tell me.
It's quite possible that I'm tired right now and missed something. Or many somethings. >.>
Mistakes are possible.

But otherwise, done 'cept the psicrystal, which can be patched together later.

looks fine to me DeBunny, but you're missing a couple things. Like 16 skill points (16 for level 1, 2 at each lvl for int, and the 8 you bought equals 32, you have only 16 used). And you're also missing 3 stats (1 for lvl 4 and the 2 you bought).

otherwise it's fine.
DeBunny get one at level four still? Not sure with Rebo's system.
And two of those are missing because Elans take a -2 penalty to Charisma, I believe.
And I'll hop to that skill point thing.

Yes, you still get the point at lvl 4, you also get a free feat at lvl 3 if you missed that.

My my my, I'm just falling behind in my D&D savvyness.
*grumbles about poor memory*
Alright, a feat shouldn't be too difficult to add....well, it better not be too hard to add.
That really wouldn't make sense if it did.

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