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Returning members, yay or nay

I'm just making this as confirmation/evidence, I have little doubt about the answer.

I was talking to a former member of this forum over on GitP, and I mentioned that we're still kicking. The other person apparantly took a look at what we've done, and then asked if we would mind them coming back.

I'll leave it up to them to identify themselves if they wish, but I just wanted evidence to show that I'm not speaking out of turn if I tell people that we're more than glad to have them back.
The Bushranger

Cool Very Happy

don't forget that I set this up as a poll, so go ahead and vote so I can link this in for anyone who asks me the silly question. It saves time when they can just look and see the result over sifting through the thread.

... I'm actually weirdly conflicted about it.  Mostly because of some bad experiences I've had in the past.  Thought I'd put this here as there isn't really a button for pessimistically cautious.

Sounds like a "meh" response to me. This is more looking at if you have issues with them posting on the forums, not necessarily if you would personally involve yourself in their plots or vice-versa.


If there's one accusation we don't want, it's us being elitist. We got that a lot in the past and I don't know why it's been so hard to shed that myth.

Everyone is welcome, as long as they follow the rules and all of course.

The more the merrier!

Well we need more bodies in here and the majority of people that have left were very good players. And ditto to what Deadly said Smile


Not returning, I'm afraid (Town/Enupnion/AMEN times have passed for me, not sure I could get back into it all again). But nice to see that you guys are still going. Smile

Had completely forgotten the URL for this - was only a random googling of something unrelated that got me here again (If you google Laffquass you find two results, both are posts by me here. Very Happy).

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some nostalgia to go through...
The Bushranger


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