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Rettu Skcollob

Rettu's Characters.

Oh Christ I have no idea what I'm doing. This would be my first evar FF RP Character, and my first Town character.

Rettu's Character(s): Modern

Ing Justus

Gender: Male
Species: Presumed Human.
Age: Assumed Late 20's.
Probable Classes: Moderate-High Smart Hero/Low Fast Hero/Low Charismatic Hero
Appearance: Ing would contrive to look scruffy even if you gave him a long mildly acidic bath and dressed him up in an Armani suit. It just comes naturally to him. He's of an average build, and height, and most always has at least a small layer of beard stubble on his chin. He maintains a slightly rugged scruffy sort of handsomeness, but doesn't look distractingly good looking and takes little or no pains to improve his appearance. His eyes are a dark brown, as are the eyes pretty much everyone in his family.

Ing usually wears clothes bought from Op-Shops and the like, cheap and practical, though rarely paying much attention to current fashion trends. Ing wears his brown hear fairly short, but still long enough for it to look a tangled mess that would make any hair-dresser worth their salt weep bitter tears of anger.

Personality: Ing maintains a kind of disinterested, cynical confidence with almost depressing regularity. He simply is not a motivated person. He's had enough of causes and Freedom Fighters/Terrorists and is currently meandering along in life without any real purpose or drive. Despite having quite a fervent desire to do good and improve the lives of those around him, he's grown disillusioned with the ability of the current government to actually get anything done, and on the other side, he's become even more disillusioned with the other method of achieving reform; that is with your grievances punctuated by violence.

Ing retains a very close relationship with the rest of his family, (Which can accurately be described as a close-knit gang.) and is often in contact with at least one of them. He's become tired of even them, these days, though. He's grown tired of violence, for whatever cause. Despite being very good at spreading havoc. Because Ing is a natural agent of chaos. He's the man in the riot that knows the secret ingredient in a good Molotov is motor oil - keeps it sticky. He knows how to make explosives from bleach, and a whole host of other easily obtained material, and could probably cause damage in the tens of thousands of dollars with the contents of the average kitchen.

Background: To Be Revealed during play, but a few brief points:

-Has been involved with at least one group classified as a 'Terrorist Organisation', abroad. Consequently, he's hailed as either a hero or villain, depending on who you ask in several war-torn countries. He acted under different aliases during these periods, though. While some pictures of him may exist, it would take a dedicated researcher to dig through newspaper archives and make a connection between the numerous, identical shadowy personas of various small time wars and revolutions.
-Has a few minor crimes on his criminal record; mainly small arson charges from his days as a teenager, but has been smart enough since to not get caught.
-Served in the army for a brief period as a Demolition Specialist, and made quite a name for himself in that field. He's frequently asked to come back and serve, but politely refuses every time.
Rettu Skcollob

Arkady Kostya

Gender: Female
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 9
Probable Classes: Medium-High Psychokineticist, Low Telepath
Appearance: Arkady is a small, blond haired girl. She has a bright, innocent face, and is slender and frail-looking. She often looks animated and bursting with youthful enthusiasm coupled with childish naivete. She maintains the long, blond hair of her mother, and the dark brown eyes of her father. She's of about average height for her age, and often wears trousers and jeans and the like instead of dresses and skirts.
Personality Arkady is young, and still maintains the innocence and naivete of childhood, but as mentioned before, also maintains enthusiasm and zeal as to the world around her. Her Psionic talent is nothing short of extraordinary: She's already an accomplished psychokineticist and has some small skill at telepathy, although hasn't quite grasped the need to keep her powers secret. Arkady loves to learn new things and meet new people, and is already an avid reader. She was raised in Greece with her mother, and thus only has a rudimentary grasp of English.

Background: TBR during Play. However;

-Her mother has recently left Greece for reasons she hasn't disclosed - she left instructions to her friends to deliver her to Ing's family in Russia, he being the father. He's unaware of this  right now, but you can bet that he's going to get one hell of a shock when he finds out.

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