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Retcon Alert: Royal Navy Characters

This thread concerns a major retcon, ie. a retroactive change in continuity, concerning a bunch of my characters associated with an organization known as 'The Royal Navy'. The reason I am doing this is because I am bringing them back to the Town, but certain elements should be done without.

To make things clear; the Royal Navy in Nuppyland is in no way related to the Royal Navy in GitP-Town. Therefore, GitP-Town Royal Navy is unaffected by this in anyway.

Getting back to the changes; the Royal Navy does not have magic. I never was too comfortable with them having spellcasters in their ranks and have since changed their backstory from having come from a low-magic settings. This also goes for any magic items, such as the Gauntlets of Fate and Fire, that Admiral Kelly carried.

I feel as though I have changed Alex's fear of undead into a fetish since he had kept meeting and flirting with them. I would pin this as another case of drinking the Town's water; so to correct that he never met the following characters:

It should also be noted that since he never met Slythinia he never met Moxie either nor purchased a gun from her and never lost his weapons in a fight with Octavious.

The Royal Navy never interacted with KNAVES. I do not feel like my characters being hunted down by a super organization of fanatics or for them to have to start a war; especially since they were never suppose to anyway.

Anyway, those are the changes I am implementing, and if anyone has any questions or issues about it they can reply here.

Whatever, AK.
We all know Alex's "fetish" for undead was actually yours =P


No comment. Razz

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