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Powers:Can use magic to control long chains that have knives on the end of each. Can channel electricity through the chains. Can also control ribbons.
Alignment: Neutral good

[Previously named Naucht. Renaming and probable genderswapping in process.]
Story:Dragonhunter leader
Powers:Highly skilled pyromancer
Equipment:Banishment tags

Appearence: Medium sized male, short blonde hair.
Equipment:Lab coat, medical spider robot (which is the size of a large spider), various other inventions
Powers: Nos is a rather intelligent inventor, but much of his ability to create only manifests itself through Lun.
Story:His entire village was killed by undead. He vowed that he would never use magic out of fear that he might hurt somebody.

Appearence:When Lun chooses to manefest himself, he appears as a blue outline of a man.
Story:As Nos grew smarter, he eventually started seeing Lun, whom is schitsophrenia-induced.
Powers:He can read minds and will later gain more psychic abilities. Nos however, has no such powers.

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