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[Stats and Description]
Name- Rayn (Name changed from OotS)
Race- Human/Cat, unknown which is dominant
Alignment- Ranges from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good, sometimes just neutral and some lawful tendencies.. actually.. all over the place.
Class- Sorcereress
Age- Appears young, around 20
Height- 5' 9"
Weight- 131 lbs
Eyes- A shade of a green, will hide eyes if brought up.
Hair Color- Blue
Supernatural Abilities/Extroadinary Abilities/Etc.-
Can turn into a cat, then a human at will- and even mix the two however she wishes.
'Two minds'- Anything mental effecting has to deal with twice the effort to get it away. These minds almost always agree in a rather interesting affinity for each other.
Can spawn knives rapidly, even when magically suppressed. This is a very odd talent that even she doesn't know how it happened.

Displayed description:

(pm if you are willing to assist me with something better, please ^^)

Knives, always.
Small random trinkets, all precious to her, and mostly blue.

Varied into two:
Was just a cat, always was, but very interesting case indeed for self-conscious was always completely there, being the end of a wizard's experiments as she would later discover and is something along the lines of an "awakened cat". Of course, if there was a time before this awakening, she doesn't recall. This Wizard she never knew, she just remembers playing and prancing about with her mother and siblings, a very easy going history mostly. This all changed when curiosity got to her, and she just had to check upon a glowing object radiating from the nearby wizard's sanctum, the Wizard she discovered later to be the one who awakened her and her family.
Upon working herself into the room with the bright blue glowing gem...
A very solitary human girl with a very awkward affinity for cats. Raised as sort of the black sheep of her family. This eventually became even more apparent when she started developing magical tendencies, she was quickly thrown out in fear by her parents. She searched and traveled and lived somewhat loosely after this, searching for some way to be able to live a normal life where her magic could be embraced. Eventually, she was given a break, an offer into an organization of the magically inclined at the cost of a quick mission. If she managed to get back the sapphire that was stolen from the organization, she would be forever welcomed. They needed her due to her still developing talents, hoping 'she wouldn't be obvious' (this being a lie, of course, her being a thrown away at it). She managed to sneak into the wizard's area while he wasn't there, and find the sapphire, quickly she went to retrieve it from the pedestal it was on, however, upon touching it, it started to glow violently. The next things she remembers are in flashes, as everything hurried around her. For a brief moment, she recalled a cat entering into the room, the next, she was the cat.
The sapphire, gone. This may relate to her sudden adoration of blue, everything that has come from this is now for the better after all.
together, the cat and the girl, both for some reason named Rayn in the native tongues, have bonded quite well. They also provide different ways of looking at things to each other rapidly.

[Common Knowledge]
- She adores cats
- She is easily fascinated by blue
- She never seams to be without a knife of some sort

[Ongoing Storyline]
none at this time

[Spells Publically Known/Spellcaster Specific Stuff]
Has either rapid metamagic or sorcerer variant or something, for she does use quickened spell.
Dimension Door

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