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Recomended Games

What games have you played that you recomend? Include a price if you want.

For me, I have a bit of a list:
Dungeons of Dredmor: very fun rouge-like (permadeath, blatantly unfair) game with an awesome sense of humor. Easily good for hours of fun. Can also be played while waiting for Town posts (Just Alt-Tab out to check the Town); Steam Price: $4.99, with an optional (and recomended) DLC for $2.99

Terraria: Good game with a long run time. Can be tricky in spots, but you can bring in friends with multiplayer. No, it isn't a bad 2-D rip off of Minecraft. Steam Price: $9.99

Bastion: Buy it. Amazing story, great gameplay (prob. min 7-8 hours on a speedrun), beautiful game, and one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Steam Price: $14.99, with the optional (and HIGHLY recomended) $9.99 for the soundtrack.

Baldur's Gat: 2 games, with an expansion each. Classic Bioware epicness, using 2nd edition DnD rules set. Also includes a miniature giant space hamster. Price: I got the complete set new off of Amazon for $20. And I mean new. As in from the distributor of the game, not someone who never opened their copy.

Just for starters, Mass Effect 1 and 2. RPG/FPS, awesome storyline (typical for most Bioware games truth be told). Price should be quite low with the third one coming out in March (which I will be getting). Not without it's faults but the plot more than makes up for that.

((Probably be adding Diablo 3 when it finally comes out and if Blizzard doesn't mess it up too much.))

Hooray, my strong point, video games. =p

Been Playing Fire emblem: Sacred Stones since I got it on the 3DS ambassador thing, just finished it today, would have done it earlier if I wasn't such a perfectionist about all units surviving on it.

Other than that, Some Mass Effect 1 and 2 in prep for 3, Some Disgaea 4, Saints row 3 and Skyrim.

Also The X-com series and Painkiller series (When I actually finish downloading painkiller games). Picked them both up on steam when they were on offer for less than 5 each. Not sure what that converts to in $

Oh yes, and Terraria too (God I have too many games) Love it, I think the 2-D lends itself better to the block-dig-build thing than minecraft's 3D does.

And totally looking forward to Soul Calibur 5's release.

Just finished Kingdom Hearts 2 again for the first time in a long time. Highly recomend the PS2 games, can't say on the DS ones. And I'm pretty sure the cost of both games, a PS2, a memory card, and a wireless control is less than $150 (about 25 of which is the controller, I just hate wired, and most of which is the console itself, which is still a good buy)

Aquaria.   Awful graphics, but a nifty story and engrossing gameplay.  was $4.99

Roads of Rome.  The usual "mine gold, quarry stone, chop trees".  Your enemy is time, and it can be pretty challenging.  was $3.99

I've been playing the ancient "Age of Mythology" again.  It was $29.95 when I bought it.  no idea if you can even find it anymore.
The Bushranger

I strongly reccomend Dredmor, Terraria, and Kerbal Space Program. All very addictive. Very Happy

The DLC for Borderlands is delightful.  The main game is okay but the DLC seems to be where the developers realized they had accidentally made a comedy shooter and embraced that aspect.  The Zombie Island of Dr Ned is hilarious.

20 something dollars through steam but they put it on sale every few weeks for 8 bucks for the game and all the DLC.

Started playing Diablo 3 after I downloaded it pretty much right after it went live. Seems good so far, though building your character is a lot more restrictive than it was in 2. Going to be interesting to see how the real money AH plays out when that's running in about a week.

I'd love to be playing diablo 3, but the login servers are apparently clogged -.-.

Yeah, they were pretty non-functional last late afternoon/evening. Seems fine today, laggy, but other than that ok.

Hope they've got the achievement bug fixed, replaying Act 1 to get them again.

Anyone looking for fun, cheap games, check out They have so many awesome classics for $5 or $10. The complete Baldur's Gate (1, 2, and expansions) is $20, and Planescape: Torment was $10.

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