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Erel Sitsow
Race: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: He's pretty short, and has short, loose brown hair.  His eyes are a bit shifty, almost always looking around.  He wears an odd collection of clothes, in greys and white.
Equipment: A dagger, some rope, an uncharged wand, a potted fern, a jar of honey, a few coins, and what looks like some tiger fur.
Abilities: Being a giant wasp, sneaking.
Backstory: Erel grew up in a pretty average wasp colony, his immediate family favoring being human, but left when still pretty young.  they were worried about the influence of the fanatical Knightmare Order near the village.  Since then, he saw very few of their kind, living mostly with normal humans, and now spends almost all his time like that.  He feels a bit superior about what he is though.  He set out to live on his own a year and a half ago, but hasn't yet found a place to settle in.
Erel speaks in olive.
Power: Average Hero.

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