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Rebonack's Internet Personas

This is the first post in my little character list.

What's the point of wasting this first post by blathering about nothing of no real importance?  Well, nothing really.

This might be an index once I stop being lazy and writing important stuffs about my characters.  And important concepts that apply to them.

Dead space.  The Time Stream.  Stuff like that.

Hmmm... Ruin is done for now...  What next...?

For now, here's a picture of a kitten.



Maph'tey is not a gnome!  This information is out of date and I'm in the process of cleaning things up here.

Maph'tey:  While the more precise name is Restitution, Maph'tey is accustomed to people calling him by the former rather than the latter.  He's also known as The Traveler and, more recently, the Roaming Gnomeling.
Race:  Gavakhole, sand specter, dead space dragon, or whatever common name you want to toss his way.  His species isn't naturally sapient, so they don't have a name for themselves.
Gender:  Biologically, Maph'tey's species is monoecious, both male and female.  Despite this Maph'tey has a 'male' personality due to the fact he was bonded to a male human for most of his life.
Age:  Fifty four years old.  A character who isn't thousands of years old?  Madness!
Alignment: Neutral Good.  Maph'tey puts quite a bit of emphasis on the good part.  Living up to an ideal of goodness is one of the things that Maph'tey strives for.  He's a friendly, outgoing sort of person, more than glad to give aid to someone he doesn't know.  Oh, and don't try to hurt his friends.  Otherwise you might find your existence being eaten.
Class: Hit dice from his race mostly, though he does have a good number of levels in psion as well as built in psion levels from the aforementioned hit dice.  He's most adept at manipulating the fabric of space/time, though he can manage a number of other disciplines.  He's also notoriously awful with telepathy.

It is important to note that Maph'tey will assume one of two shapes, the first being his natural gavakhole form and the second being that of a dashing young gnomeling.  Both are described below.

As seen from this side of the veil:  Maph'tey is rather sizable, roughly twelve feet long front the end of his snout to the base of his tail.  Hard to tell exactly due to the fact that it looks like someone decided to cast Greater Blur on him.  He looks misty and hazy, his outline rather hard to make out.  In all he is both maddeningly indistinct and yet terrifyingly concrete, however that works.

That's to be expected when dealing with things from beyond the veil.  Just be glad that looking at him doesn't require a San check.

As seen from the other side of the veil:  In all he's about twelve feet long, not including the tail. His entire body is covered in shimmering, glassy scales swirled with vibrant green. Both his back and underbelly all the way down the tail are keeled, probably to add stabilization in the fluid environment he exists in. The wings, all four of them, look about as Tabitha had felt them. The leading edge is lined with viridian feathers. Or at least things that look like feathers. About two thirds down the limbs they become membranous and ribbed, more like what one would expect on a dragonish sort of critter.  That's how they look anyway.  It is important to note that the wings are actually quite thick, almost flipper-like.  To be expected from something that lives in a fluid environment.

His 'ears' oddly enough look like miniature versions of his wings, right down to the way they twitch around. His face, meanwhile, is long and narrow, decidedly dragony in appearance sans the rather obvious hooked, tooth filled beak. The eyes, all six of them, are vertically slit and shimmering silver.

In all he's long, lithe, and trim. Obviously shaped to move really fast as Shea could attest.

He plops down on his haunches, tail wrapped around his feet like an over-sized cat.

As a gnomeling:  In this shape Maph'tey appears as a gnomeling, obviously enough.  His hair is silvery in color and eyes a dull gray-green.  The short... sort of... little fellow is about three feet six inches tall, a little bit on the big side for a gnome and weighs about forty seven pounds.  There's a pretty obvious family resemblance to Tabitha Evercraft, which isn't that odd considering the fact that it was his intention to appear as her sibling.  As in his old humanoid form he's clad in a charcoal gray long sleeved shirt, dark leather shoes, and light tan breeches most of the time.  And as before there's almost always a leather satchel slung over one shoulder that seems to hold far more than it should despite the fact that it isn't magical.

A bit of other important information:  Maph'tey was previously bound to a human sorcerer known as 'Ruin' along with another of his species.  After Ruin took over control of the triad he went on one of those 'I'm going to annihilate everything and make it better' stints until he was stopped by the good people of the Town.  As well as the neutral and evils ones.

Nothing like universal doom to pull a community together, eh?

Anyway, Maph'tey was separated and now Ruin is a koi in Inari's fish pond.  Maph'tey is now bonded to Tabitha Evercraft, a gnomeling who fled her home country who happens to be quite adept in mechanomancy.  This means they share thoughts, pass emotions to one another, share the same body, and generally get to enjoy each other's company.

Maph'tey's old humanoid shape was patterned off Ruin.  And since he has decided to put that painful part of his life behind him he has taken on a new humanoid form to match that of his new host.

Random Stuff:  Maph'tey enjoys most mundane crafts, though he has recently picked up an interest in True Enchantment due to his bond with Tabitha.  He may not be able to tumble to save his life, but he can weave an awesome basket.

He tends to get a little nervous around the large swarms of flying trout Destro has a passion summoning.  Has to do with something rather nasty and rather similar where he comes from.

Maph'tey's body isn't made out of mass.  You know, matter and energy.  Rather, it's made of aether, the stuff of space.  So some spells may react to him oddly.  Maph'tey's soul, as with outsiders, is one and the same as his body.  As such, he's immune to stuffs that pull the soul out of a target.

Finally, when he's in his gavakhole form he can be rather annoying to harm due to the fact that he exists partially in the time stream and, further, that his body can selectively behave like a wave, passing through matter like light through glass.  Between that and the blurring effect he has a 75% miss chance.

Mundane weapons can't hurt him at all.

More Old Stuff.  Will probably leave it up just because it's spiffy.  At present the Triad is reunited.

Ruin:  He was Limos when he had the two gavakhole bound to him, but they're free and he's back to his old self.  Sort of.  He isn't quite as obnoxious as before.
Race:  Previously human.  Now a giant speckled carp.  Also known as a koi.  This is what happens to you when you upset Inari.  Don't do it people.
Gender:  Ruin is male.  Nothing else to say, really.
Age: Fifty four, as is the rest of the triad.  When he was still  human he looked younger due to his link with the gavakhole.  That might change in the future.  Or maybe some of their dragonyness rubbed off on him.  Who knows?
Alignment:  Neutral evil.  But not the 'Bwah ha ha!  I will slay you all because it is a means to more power for me!' sort of evil.  Ruin is more of 'I have to kill you first so I can make you better.  Nothing personal, really sorry about it.' sort of evil.  It's a rather insidious sort of evil since he thinks what he is doing is good and right.
Class: Sorcerer.  That's pretty much it.  I play him with some prestige classes thrown in, but there's no real reason to list them all.

Something Fishy...:  Ruin is currently an average sized sky blue koi with white swirls.  Rather pretty to look at, though he'll give you an earful about ridding the world of suffering if you give him the chance.  His detainment is due to the fact he was thwarted in his plan to destroy the multi-verse and rebuild it with less suffering.  Make people nicer and stuff.

Mecha-Ruin:  On a rather secluded portion of the beach a lump of sand begins to rise. Odd, rather like someone had been buried there and has just now decided that it would be a good idea to avoid suffocating.

The sand continues to rise, as it does it becomes increasingly obvious that the material is moving of its own accord. Two feet now. Three. Five. Seven. Eight.

A pillar of grains now towers above the rolling waves. And begins to take shape.

Only vaguely humanoid at first, though the legs don't look right. Bent all wrong and balanced on the toes like one would expect from a bird. It continues to resolve, bits of sand sloughing off here and bits of sand compacting here, the being finally comes into focus.

It doesn't move, one of its five fingered, two thumbed hands resting on the beach. In all it has a distinctly skeletal look to it between the sandy tan colored plates of armor dotting its frame and the stark white, bone-like system of structural components the armor is adhered to. It's readily obvious that the being isn't simply a man in armor. Rather, the thing has the look of some kind of fiendish construct.

And it sits there on the beach lifelessly.

Until an odd spatial distortion overlaps it for a moment.

Now it stands, pushing itself to its feet and into a hunched stance as it surveys its surroundings with its featureless face.

The decidedly skeletal looking construct plunges its hand into the sand and proceeds to extract... a cape? The garment is the same off-white tan at its armor and marked with a series of parallel black lines.

Said garment it drapes over its pauldrons before stalking across the beach in its strange loping gait.

Maph'tey: Attributes and Special Attacks

Maph'tey uses a number of abilities that are homebrewed, so this has lead to some confusion at times. This section of my little character page will server to diminish that confusion. Below is a list of all the nifty abilities that make Maph'tey special.

Please note that this section will also include weaknesses and methods for working around Maph'tey's defenses. As such, I will kindly ask that people refrain from meta-gaming ^^

Aether Dragon (Gavakhole):
Maph'tey's species is the 'planer' dragon of Dead Space. 'Planer' in parenthesis due to the fact that Nowhere isn't actually a plane. It is, rather, a lack of a plane. Because Maph'tey is a true dragon, whether he's certain of this fact or not, he possesses all the abilities one would expect from such a creature. Immunity to sleep and paralysis, blind sense, Alternate Form, things of that nature.

Wave/Particle Dualism (Ex):
As Incorporeal except as follows. Force based attacks are subject to the same miss chance from Incoporealness as normal magical attacks. Further more, a force barrier will serve only as an impediment rather than an obstacle. When Maph'tey is passing through a force barrier he is treated as squeezing. Because this ability is extraordinary rather that supernatural, Maph'tey will not temporarily cease to exist if he finds himself in an anti-magic field or a dead magic zone. Maph'tey is able to increase or decrease the wave nature of any part of his form at will, granting him a Ghost Touch type effect on both his body and the powers he manifests. Because of this non-supernatural nature Maph'tey is still incorporeal with regards to other incorporeal creatures.

Warped Space (Ex): The space around Maph'tey on the material plane is heavily warped, granting him complete concealment as per Greater Concealing Amphora. Due to the interaction of this ability and Wave/Particle Dualism Maph'tey has a seventy five percent miss chance against any attack that requires an attack roll and a fifty percent miss chance against area of effect spells.

Immunity to Time Effects (Ex): Maph'tey is not affected by spells such as Time Stop and Temporal Stasis. Even if a time stop spell is active Maph'tey will still operate normally. Even if a powerful caster were to roll back time on an entire plane Maph'tey would not experience any change. This is due to the fact that Maph'tey is composed of aether, the substance of space, rather than mass. This allows him to move freely in the time dimension, which leads to the next entry.

Beyond the Veil (Ex): Maph'tey is able to slip freely from the material world to the time stream. The time stream is not a contemporaneous plane, but is rather a higher dimensional space that exists as part of pretty much every other plane. It is important to note that mass can not exist in the time stream. This in turn means that the things that exist there are inaudible because sound can not traverse the boundary, invisible because light can not propagate there, and immaterial because aether acts as a medium to mass as opposed to a substance. Maph'tey is an odd expectation due to his ability to incorporate fragments of time-line from creatures of mass into himself. However, he is able to move out of the material world completely, though at that point he would not be able to interact with it.

Time Sense (Ex): Maph'tey is able to sense the time-line of any creature of mass within a distance of sixty feet. This is little more than a flavorful expansion of a dragon's standard Blind Sense.

Breath Weapon (Ex): Maph'tey has two breath weapons, a cone of spatial sheer and a cone of time freezing particles. Neither are much fun to get caught in.

Harness Space (Ex):
Maph'tey draws power from space as his main source of energy to fuel his powers and super-natural abilities. If he finds himself in an anti-magic field his abilities will be dampened, though not suppressed. Generally, he can use weaker powers with little difficulty, though higher level powers may prove impossible to use depending on the strength of the field.

Regeneration (Ex): Maph'tey takes lethal damage from ghost touch weapons and spells enhanced with the trans-dimensional metamagic feat. He takes non-lethal damage from all other forms of damage. Increasing the non-lethal damage of one of his 'instances' equal to its max hit points will destroy the instance, though it will not actually harm Maph'tey.

However, damage taken from a ghost touch weapon or a trans-dimensional spell will be dealt equally to all instances of Maph'tey, as well as the 'original'. It needs to be clarified here that a ghost touch weapon is both corporeal and incorporeal at the same time, in much the same way that Maph'tey is both corporeal and incorporeal at the same time. Both act in whichever way is better for the given situation. Simply being incorporeal and being able to manifest as corporeal, such as some ghosts, doesn't cut it.

Body and Soul as One (Ex):
Like an outsider, Maph'tey has no division between body and soul. Unlike an outsider, Maph'tey tends to be incredibly resistant to anything that affects the soul. Soul binding spells tend to have little effect on him.

Extrinsic Life Force (Ex):
Life force is not an intrinsic property of living aether creatures; they simply have enough to live if their body is organized such that it should be alive. If Maph'ty's life force is tapped, whether by XP burn for a power or the negative affect of a hostile spell, it will regenerate itself in short order.

Continuum Contortion (Ex): Maph'tey is capable of bending space to an almost unlimited degree. This can be manifested as a wide number of effects ranging from creating temporary artificial worm-holes to collapsing singularities on top of people. It is important to note that when this ability is used to 'teleport' no contemporaneous planes are being crossed. As such, Maph'tey's form of 'teleportation' is not hindered by Dimension Lock or Dimension Anchor. However, an effect that holds space in a specific configuration will stop him from using this ability.

Extract Time-Line (Ex): If Maph'tey hits with a bite attack he may immediately make a grapple check to begin a grapple without provoking an attack of opportunity. Should Maph'tey pin an opponent he may, as a standard action, rend out the opponent's time-line, thus destroying them instantly. A creature destroyed by this ability is utterly erased from existence within one minute of its death as all traces that it ever lived are removed. The Gift of Life salient divine ability can restore a creature before it has been erased, though after all traces of it are gone there is no possibility of reviving it.

Except via a long, drawn out Plot.

Custom Powers


Maph'tey does use a number of standard SRD psionic powers, though he has quite a few that are custom.  In this section I'll outline the most commonly used abilities.

Life-Force Immolation:  This one is fun.  If it were arcane or divine it would be Conjuration [Healing].  But it's a power, so the school doesn't matter all that much.  Keep in mind that this is one of those, 'no save, just die' powers.  Despite the name, spell resistance still applies, so feel free to shrug it off if you don't feel like having your character explode in a messy red cloud of mist.

Basically, it causes the life-force of the target to overload and detonate.  The more life-force something has, the more the power hurts.  For the sake of simplicity I'll use hit dice (HD) here.  If a critter has 19 or less, it will tingle.  That's all.  At 20 it deals one damage.  At twenty one it deals two.  Then four, eight, sixteen, thirty two, and so on.

Something with 30 HD will take around one thousand damage.  Something with 40 HD will take around one million.  This is basically a way to combat those silly 'lole I have 100 levels in every class!' people.

Protection from Positive Energy or some other spell that's the positive energy equivalent of Death Ward will keep this power from asploding you.

Continuum Nova:  This ability is, by RAW, one of Ruin's, though it fits with Maph'tey's flavor better and so he uses it.

*Blows a raspberry at RAW*

Basically, a portion of the continuum is converted directly to radiant energy.  This makes things die.

A lot.

If Maph'tey cuts loose, this power will reduce everything within a seventy mile radius or so to nothing more than boiling glass and stray bits of atomic plasma.  By RAW it deals half 'divine' damage, one fourth sonic and one fourth electricity.  In all, something at the epicenter will take over forty thousand d6 damage.  The further away you get, the less damage it deals, though even getting caught within a mile of edge would obliterate pretty much anything.

Technically this ability allows for a reflex save to take 5d6 damage.  If he limits the attack to a five foot square I can see that working.  If someone gets caught in the full blast?  Not so much.

If you want a good picture of the power watch this.  It's educational!

Swartzchild's Gravity Vortex:  Or just 'Vortex' for short.  This ability collapses space into a black hole.  Fun, eh?  If you happen to be within forty feet of the singularity it’s a successful reflex save or go tumbling to your death.

Requiem of the Fallen:  Sort of an inverted anti-magic field in a sense.  A normal anti-magic field will suppress mortal magic but doesn't work on artifacts and deific power.  This power suppresses deific power and artifacts but has no effect on mortal magic.  Like an anti-magic field, once afflicted it's there until it dissipates.  It normally lasts about four minutes, though Fenric will tell you otherwise.

The Proclamation of Nietzsche:  Basically a more potent version of Requiem of the Fallen.  This spell needs to be built from the ground up to be used against a specific individual and permanently severs the connection they have to their divine portfolio.  To them, it is as though all that they oversee has suddenly ceased to exist.  All divine ranks are lost, though Divine rank zero is retained.

Mantel of the Infidel:  This ward will protect the warded being from divine auras, divine remote viewing, salient divine abilities, and the like.  It has no effect on mortal magic.

Reactive Spell Resistance:  This ward will grant 100% spell resistance to spells as they're cast on the target.  It can ward against up to ten different spells, at least when Maph'tey is using it.  For example, say someone shoots Maph'tey with Disintegrate while he's warded with this spell.  The first shot will harm him as per normal.  However, the second shot will be nulled by the ward.

When first cast ten spells are selected to be warded against.  As the target is stuck with spells in combat the old designated spells can be swapped out for new ones.

Nifty, eh?

Consumptive Energy Nimbus:  Despite the name, this isn't an aura of energy that eats things.  It's an aura of things that eat energy.  It will deduct a certain amount of energy damage from each attack that gets caught in it.  So no, it isn't energy resistance.  It's more akin to elemental damage resistance.  And I mean 'elemental' in the widest of terms.

It will draw in any form of elemental or para-elemental energy that strikes it.  This includes, but is not limited to, cold, fire, acid, electricity, radiance, positive and negative energy, earth (force), air (sonic), and even salt.  Not that there are many monsters that shoot elemental salt energy, but it's good to be prepared.

This energy is stored in the aura and can be used to blast stuff in the form of spatial sheer, which is Slashing damage if that matters much.  When manifest by Maph'tey the first sixty damage of any individual energy attack will be absorbed.  Not immunity, but the next best thing.

And now, for something completely different

Rebonack: Yes, like my screen name. No, this isn't the 8-bit joke character.

Race: Living Spell. Yep, he's a creature of pure magic. Sees magic, smells magic, breaths magic, eats magic. This begs the question of which spell he's based on. Several of them, actually. The most important ones are Animate Object and Disjunction.

Gender: Ummm... will no work? Oozes aren't know for being very sexually dimorphic.

Age: Not really sure yet. Once I figure this out I'll let you know.

Alignment: Apathetic neutral, leaning more toward evil than good. Rebonack really likes being alive, and he'll do what is necessary to continue his existence. He has little love for humanoid creatures in general. He isn't racist. He feels contempt for all humanoids equally. This isn't enough for him to go out of his way to kill people, though he has been known to use unsavory techniques to find people he considers worth adventuring with. Like the clandestine summoning of ghouls.

Class: Martial Type. Rebonack can't cast anything himself, though he can use his innate abilities quit well. Suffice to say that he knows what he's doing in combat.


The thumbnail will be all that's here until I make a nice IC description.

As you can probably tell, I'm poking around with this guy to get a feel of him. We'll see where it goes.

Abilities and Stuff:

Disjunctive Touch: An object or person hit by Rebonack's slam attack or engulfed by him will be targeted by a Disjunction effect. This is what happens when you're a living Mage's Disjunction after all. This ability affects all even Rebonack himself. Thus, any spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural power with a duration other than instantaneous will not harm him. This ability does not affect objects animated by Rebonack.

Magic Mimicry: Rebonack can mimic the magics used by any magical item that he consumes. Even something as simple as a humble scroll can be used as a template for casting dozens of spells. However, Rebonack can only use one such item at a time. If he attempts to use two or more the last one he swallowed will be disjoined.

Animating Touch: Rebonack can animate any non-magical, non-living substance that he touches. This is, in fact, how his strange armor functions.

Modular Tile Armor: Rebonack's armor and weapons are actually composed of many small animated hexagonal tiles of adamantine all hovering around in relation to each other. Despite the composite nature the material it is just as strong as normal adamantine.

Split: Rebonack is immune to piercing and slashing weapons. Such weapons cause him to split instead of dealing damage, creating a smaller, separate ooze with a mind of its own. However, these oozes are still essentially Rebonack. They share his personality and memories and motives. Usually he'll just rejoin with them, though one that has remained separate is what eventually became Rebonack's steed Armos.

Ooze Traits: Rebonack is an intelligent ooze. He has a number of abilities that stem from this fact.

-Unlike a normal ooze Rebonack has an intelligence score. As such he is not immune to mind affecting effects like most oozes.

-Blind: Rebonack has Blindsight and as such he is immune to any ability that relies on sight, such as gaze attacks.

-Unlike a normal ooze Rebonack is not immune to all poison because drunk oozes are funny. However, he is immune to paralysis, sleep effects, stunning, and polymorph.

-Rebonack is immune to critical hits and can not be flanked.

Element and Paraelements

I don't use the standard element setup. Mainly because having everything diametrically opposed is boring and because a sizable portion of the paraelements are redundant. Seriously, smoke, dust, and ash? How uninventive.

Positive and negative are diametrically opposed, though the other four interact as such: Fire>Air>Earth>Water>Fire. Some element types are about the same when they're conjured or evoked, while others can be quite different.

Fire: Fire is pretty self-explanatory. It burns stuff. Whether conjured or evoked it's pretty much the same. Representative of charisma.
Earth: Hard and unyielding. Earth takes the form of Force when it's evoked. Representative of constitution.
Air: Light and supremely adaptable. Air takes the form of Sonic when it's evoked. Representative of intelligence.
Water: Able to flow though or around any impasse. Water takes the form of Erosion energy when its evoked. Basically looks like a transparent, watery projectile flecked with blue. Representative of dexterity.
Positive: Upholds the order of living systems. When conjured it can heal living creatures and harm undead. Evoked as Positive Surge, able to overload and destroy living things. Representative of wisdom.
Negative: Degrades the order of living systems. When conjured it can heal undead creatures and harm the living. Evoked as Negative Surge, able to overload and destroy unliving things. Representative of strength.

Ice (Air+Water): Ice is nice. Conjured as chucks of frozen water and evoked as Cold energy.
Ooze (Earth+Water): A rather variable paraelement depending on the precise mix of elements. Always evoked as Acid, though it can be conjured as anything from mud to acid.
Steam (Fire+Water): From really hot water vapor to really cold water vapor. Usually conjured as fog. Evoked as a billowing white projectile of Scald energy.
Magma (Earth+Fire): Molten rock. As with fire the conjuration and evocation are pretty much the same.
Explosive (Air+Fire): This should be pretty clear. Stuff explodes. Both conjuration and evocation of Explosive energy is about the same.
Dust (Air+Earth): Irritating particulate matter floating around. Often conjured as thick sand storms and other similar impediments. Evoked as Scour energy, appears as a howling wind with nasty pointy bits suspended in it.

Lightning (Positive+Air): It's a bolt of lightning. Pretty self explanatory.
Radiance (Positive+Fire): Hot white light. Evoked as Radiance and conjured as light. You just ignore that Evocation sub-school on Daylight.
Prismatic (Positive+Water): Cool colored light of all hues. Evoked as Prismatic energy, which can often have rather unexpected effects. Conjured as harmless pretty lights.  Appears as a transparent mass filled with scintillating lights of all hues.
Crystal (Positive+Earth): Another variable paraelement, ranging from metals to massive crystals. The conjured and evoked forms of Crystal are about the same.

Vacuum (Negative+Air): An area evacuated of air, void attacks deal Void (Decompression) damage as objects explode from the inside and fluids boil. About the same whether evoked or conjured. Void attacks appear as hollow muted grayish distortions of the air.
Darkness (Negative+Fire): The antithesis of light of any kind. Evoked as Shadow and conjured as magical darkness.
Salt (Negative+Water): It may sound silly, but it's quite useful. Conjured as boring ionic compounds and evoked as Desiccate, a white globular projectile. Damages stuff by sucking water out of it.
Rust (Negative+Earth): Metal turning into useless powdery oxidized stuff. Conjured as rust, which isn't terribly useful. Evoked as Oxidation, a dull red projectile capable of eating through metals like no other. Not that useful against other things.

Annihilation (Negative+Positive): Represents the utter disjunction of any function, whether living, inanimate, or unliving. While it's possible to conjure this substance, it will destroy itself instantly. So that isn't so useful. Appears as a crackling mixture of arcing white and black Annihilation energy. When it hurts it hurts a whole lot. When it doesn't hurt it doesn't hurt much at all.

And now for you people who like the Crunch.

Fire: 1d6+1 Fire damage. Ref half.
Earth: 1d6-1 Force damage. Ref half.
Air: 1d6-1 Sonic damage. Ref half. Ignores hardness.
Water: 1d6 Erosion damage. Ref half. 1d8+1 vs [FIRE] creatures.
Positive: Heals 1d6 damage. Will half.
Negative: 1d6 Negative damage. Fort half.

Ice (Air+Water):
1d6+1 Cold damage. Fort half.
Ooze (Earth+Water): 1d6-1 Acid damage. Ref half. Ignores hardness.
Steam (Fire+Water): 1d6+1 Scalding damage. Ref half
Magma (Earth+Fire): 1d6 Lava damage. Ref half. Half damage next round.
Explosive (Air+Fire): 1d6 Explosive damage. Ref half. Additional 1d6 per 5 feet thrown on a failed Ref save.
Dust (Air+Earth): 1d6 Scouring damage. Ref half. -2 to hit on a failed save.

Lightning (Positive+Air): 1d6 Electric damage. Ref half. +2 save and penetration.
Radiance (Positive+Fire): 1d6 Light damage. Ref half. 1d8+1 vs undead.
Prismatic (Positive+Water): 1d6+1 Prismatic damage. Ref half.
Crystal (Positive+Earth): 1d6 Crystal damage. Ref half. No resistance.

Vacuum (Negative+Air): 1d6-1 Decompression damage. Fort half. Destroys force effects.
Darkness (Negative+Fire): 1d6+1 Shadow damage. Fort half.
Salt (Negative+Water): 1d6 Desiccation damage. Fort half. 1d8+1 vs [WATER] and plants
Rust (Negative+Earth): 1d4-1 Oxidation damage. Fort half. Splash on objects. 1d8+1 vs metallic creatures and objects. Ignores hardness of metals.

Annihilation (Negative+Positive): 2d6 Annihilation damage. Fort one eighth.

Dead Space

Let's start with a bit of geography, shall we?

Between any two planes you find the astral plane, also know as the interplainer medium. This medium extends all through the multi-verse, allowing teleportation spells to function properly and acting as a convenient source of ectoplasm for shaping into elemental energy.

But the multi-verse, like all things, has its limits.

Beyond the multi-verse exists the extraplainer medium.

Dead Space.

Dead Space is utterly cut off from the regions of universal space around it. Teleportation spells won't get you there. Neither does creating a worm-hole unless you happen to be able to bridge the gap between dead and universal space.

Interestingly enough, this is where people who get mowed over by spheres of annihilation are shunted.

That is, of course, usually the end of them since the moment something pops into this in-between place they begin to quickly loose their momentum in time. The end result is dead time.


The other most common method of arriving here is via some sort of accident that involves screwing with time.

It should also be noted that 'magic' is dampened here significantly. Pretty much regardless of why that magic works. Natural portals don't reach here. The different elements or reality are so balanced that filtering down to just one is nearly impossible. The Weave does not exist here, thus there is little magic energy to reach out to. Worshipers are separated from their god by an endless gulf.

The laws that govern this place are very different than those of the multi-verse. So be on your guard...

Shidar 'Shiver' K'rah: It's my old Hamlet character with a new twist, woo! Lol, stats are found here.

Race: Human from the fridged northlands. But he isn't a barbarian. Still has a modified version of the tauric template going on. Because it's spiffy. So add cryohydra in the mix there.

Gender: This one is certainly male. No question about it.

Age: Closer to thirty than twenty.

Alignment: His own brand of lawful neutral, leaning good. The poor guy is feeling a bit disenfranchised at the moment, but he'll probably get over it. Probably.

Class: Hero, which is my own answer to the martial classes. He's got some levels in monstrous humanoid thrown in there for good measure.

Appearance: Perhaps the one thing about him that's most likely to stand out is his appearance.

Attire is pretty normal for the most part, at least as far as martial types are concerned. Shidar is normally clad in well maintained banded mail set over drab green linen underclothes that cover the better parts of his arms and legs. The suit comes fully equipped with gauntlets, bracers, and some quality leather and steel boots. Of interest about the boots are the three boney looking claws that appear to be affixed to the metal toe. These are, in fact, actual claws on his feet result of the template. But more on that later. On his back one will find a haver sack. Just because they're so handy. A green cloak is fastened to his pauldrons and cuirass, of the same hue as the underclothes and leather skirting on his armor. Normally the cloak covers the better part of the left side of his body.

There's a good reason for that. And that brings us to his physical appearance.

His eyes are a peculiar amber color. His hair icy blue. Because you just gotta have blue hair. His facial features are kind, yet hard. The sort you would expect from a generally good person whose home has been destroyed and people enslaved.

If you were to see Shidar without his armor on the appearance would get a little bit more peculiar. First the left side of his body. That bears significantly more of a mark of the whole tauric hydra template. His left arm is a fair bit bigger than his right, the leathery, armored hide a dull muddy purple mottled with streaks of black. The left hand itself bears closer resemblance to a hydra's forelimb than it does a hand. He can still use said limb, in fact he has become quite comfortable with it.

Physically. Mentally it's still rather strange.

Aside from the upper and right side of his body the general hydraish look is prevalent. The transition from reptilian armor to human flesh is by no means a smooth one, with a gnarled and perhaps even grafted look between the interface.

The feet are clawed, as mentioned before, but are otherwise more human in shape than hydra. Finally, there are a pair of scars between his shoulder blades and spine. This is where a pair of hydra heads would be situated if he didn't make a habit of cutting them down and applying acid to them each morning. Ouch.

Background: As is usually the case, only basic information will be found in my character's backgrounds. Shidar is a northlander. Specifically a Cimmeriania. Because Conan the Barbarian references are awesome.

His home was destroyed and his people, those who survived the war at least, were enslaved. Shidar was purchased by a rather eccentric old wizard, which lead to his current state of... modification. It was some time after this that he was sold to Timothious' father, lord Hector. Since that time he has been Tim's body guard.

Equipment of Note: Aside from the attire mentioned already Shidar possesses a rather spectacular lance, the main weapon he utilizes in combat. Aside from this he keeps a short sword and a composite bow on his person in case use of the lance isn't viable. He also has a smallish oval buckler that he straps to his left forearm when in combat. In the pack are various items, rations and the like mostly. Though there's an endless decanter of acid in the pack as well for the obvious purpose of halting the acquisition of additional heads.

This post is going to be filled with cute pictures of raccoons and raccoon related animals.

Stay tuned!


Death Count Thus Far: 39

Name: Ezekiel 'Zee' Hanna Bath-Manoah, also known as 'Avatar'
Race: Far-spawn Human
Age: Twenty Five
Alignment: 404 Error: Alignment Not Found
Class: Sorceress/Monk is probably the closest.  She doesn't play like a DnD class at all.
Power Rating : Scalable from 2 up.  Zee scales to her opponent such that she will always stand some semblance of a chance in a fight.  She puts up quite a resistance, though she usually loses in the end.

Description: Avatar usually appears as a somewhat tallish half-elf.  Eyes are gray-blue, slightly pointy ears, and auburn hair held up in a long pony-tail by a green scrunchy.  She's athletic and trim and moves with a subtle confidence in her motions.  She's equipped with a lithe black tail that usually has a cute little yellow ribbon tied to it.  She's almost always wearing a 'cloak' that moves as if it were a living cloud of ink, writhing and twisting as eyes slink about in its mass, forming and budding and reabsorbing.  

Finally there's something that's just fundamentally off about her.  Her colors seem too defined and her lines too sharp while at the same time causing difficulty to pin down her precise appearance.  She's at once supernaturally beautiful and almost snore inducingly plain.  Gives her a distinct dream-like quality.

Abilities and Equipment:
-Speed: Avatar is no more durable than a normal human.  Often time the only thing that keeps her alive is her uncanny quickness that puts even magical Haste to shame.  Catching her by surprise usually leads to a quick end to a battle.
-Life-Shaping: Avatar is able to manipulate the growth and development of living things at the bio-molecular level.  This ability, however, is far too slow to be used properly in combat.  In addition she can gain an intuitive understanding of how an organism functions simply by concentrating on it for a short time.
-The Dreaming: The main manifestation of Avatar's Far nature.  This ability manifests in a number of different ways.  She can create nightmare-matter, an opalescent white substance wreathed in writhing black tendrils of mist.  It dissolves matter and reacts violently with elemental energies, creating more unstable nightmare in a destructive chain reaction.  It also manifests as the ability to pull mundane items out of her non-existent hat and occasionally results in random aspects of her dreams popping into being when she's asleep.
-Already Dead: Avatar is a somewhat unusual native outsider tied to the Nexus; if she's slain she will discoporeate and reform in a random location twelve to twenty four RL hours later.
-Anathematic Secrecy: Any form of divination even tangentially related to Avatar automatically fails.  This includes detection, scrying, trying to peer at her fate, mind reading, or anything similar.  Such spells and abilities will return nonsensical information rather than something useful.

Backstory: Lots.  As is the case with any character that has been growing and evolving for over a year now.  That said, the Narrator isn't terribly fond of stuffing Backstory into character bios.  Below are some highlights.

Avatar lead a fairly normal life in an mundane reality until she was struck by a truck running a red light during a walk.  The result was a coma.  And the Nexus was her dream.  Being a living dream in a quite real world resulted in a rather unpleasant Far critter known as, among other names, Ragnnora, snagging her as an avatar.  Said Far critter hadn't ever been mortal in quite this fashion before and eventually the two personalities grew so close that there's no distinction between them any longer.

At this point Zee is a rogue avatar.  The rest of Ragnnora believes Zee to be deluded and confused by her new mortal nature and sees her as little more than an insignificant curiosity.

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