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Random funny internet stuff.

If there's a thread for this somewhere, I can't find it.

Every now and again, everyone comes across the odd thing that just has to be shared (which is how I started OotS all those years ago). Not lolcatz or whatever, everyone knows about them and they can go in the cute stuff thread, but stuff that is funny, faintly original and, perhaps, even quite well written.

I shall now perform the "Blanket Explicit language warning"

*nails up sign*

You have now been warned that some things may contain explicit language.

Anyway, I'll start the ball rolling with this...

As a historian, it made me laugh anyway. This does contain swearing so if you have tender ears / eyes, exercise discrtion.

I was trying to find pictures of calla lillies, and found this (it's a must check out):

Wow, that's just funny. I kinda like the nautalis at the end, there.

Possibly the most random website I have ever set eyes on. It does one thing, and one thing only, but it does it absolutely perfectly.

See for yourself:

But... but... It's still Monday, unless it's working off a different Time Zone?

For some of your meerkat-comparing needs.

Compare the Meerkat FAQ's wrote:
Q: Isnít a meerkat a type of mongoose?
A: NO! This great insult! Mongoose not good enough to lick dropping from my shoe! I am meerkat and I live in mansion filthy mongoose could only dream about in wildest dreams.

Lesawe's mongooses have since sneaked into his mansion unnoticed and made off with all his valuables, then they used their superior mongoose intelligence to trick him into signing over the deed to the mansion in their name when he thought he was just signing papers to collect the insurance on the stolen items.

Do not insult mongooses.

Mongooses do not play nice.
SeptAngel Thought this was really great.

*bursts out laughing* underneath gnrlshrimp's post the ad said:

"I am miserable and lonely"

Sometimes, with the way his character acts, I can see that ringing true...

This game is very addictive, but I do feel mean when I win!

Circle the Cat

The First Tech Support Call.

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