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Shadow of the Sun

Random crazy stuff you've done.

All right people, this is Town, so you've GOT to have some random stuff you've done before, and this is where to post it. We'll try not to judge you. At least, not to your face.

For me, well, I've got a track record of, er, being 'inappropriately affectionate' with my friends. For example, just yesterday I managed to take a flying leap at Mikey and...ended up licking his cheek. He was, er, not impressed.

Picking up a large spider the size of your palm, and stroking it, talking to it for 15 minutes in class count?
The Chilli God

My favorite was coming to my Business Studies class early, and then hiding under the teacher's desk.
This was just last year, mind.
Teacher came in, sat behind his desk, and continued to teach the class, all the while not noticing me for about half an hour before a peer dobbed me in.
...I got stuck trying to get out.

Running at the monkey bars and holding on when I went off the ground.  I only stopped when I almost got a concussion.
DeBunny and my buddies were lighting a fire in a grill-type thing in this wooded area so we wouldn't freeze to death.
One of them got the bright idea to spray paint at the fire from a spray paint can.

Eh....the fire decided that going up the paint spray and into the bottle would be a good idea.
It exploded.
The other friend (Bill) and myself dove behind some trees, but Bill didn't quite make it, so he got splattered with paint all over.
I just got flecks all over my coat.

Kevin, the guy who was holding the can, got it everywhere on him, face, clothes, everything.
Oh, and his pants caught on fire.
It was...hilarious.

So, this would be Kevin's random and crazy moment, not mine.

Me? I randomly hug people, to see how they'll react.
Or tell a random person in the hall that I've been stalking them for some time now.
The hugging usually causes them to freeze up in an amusing fashion.
A few people hug back, which is great.

Heh, DeB, I remember you telling me about that. And seeing the jackets of proof.

As for me... Well, I've done a few crazy things. Some unintentional.

I run for fun. Razz

More on track now... ((Hehe, puns.))
I've done a belly flop off the high dive at the local pool.
I've ran around a pool and actually fell in, nearly cracking my head open.
I've had an airsoft war and had the police called because someone though we had real weapons.
I've been paintballing- me with a semi-auto against a guy with a full automatic.
And a few other things I can't think of right now.

That laser tag game with the marines.

I think that qualifies as insane. >.<
And painful.
Man those guys were rough.

Before I moved my friends and I all would have needlessly brutal fights over coins that we saw on the ground, anytime we saw coins on the ground usually pennies. It got to the point that some less violent friends would throw coins at us just to watch us fight.

I sat in a shopping cart, was pushed at a curb at full speed and was sent flying out of it. I ate a raw lemon. I ate a raw potato.
I know I've done more than this, but I don't seem to remember much.

I froze a lemon and threw it out of a two-story window.

Alot of the time, when I'm playing airsoft, I often shout various things I hear Marines say from Halo, despite the fact that it has no bearing on the current game. Examples include "How you doin' amigos!?", "I'd have been your daddy, but that dog beat me over the fence!", and various others.

I've lost count, and honestly I think if one does something wild and crazy, it's not for the sake of showing it off.

However, after I showed you all my gas mask, I figured "why stop there?" and wore the thing all day Monday, through each class, just to see how people would react.  Laughs, odd looks, terror alerts.  That sort of thing.

Woland can vouch for me on this.

Terror alerts? That was exaggerating a bit right?

Darkblade wrote:
Terror alerts? That was exaggerating a bit right?

I'm sure it's not. Many people are deathly afraid of Dr. Bitterland.

Eating jelly babies with tobasco, that's probably the most crazy thing I've done in a while
Obsidian Blade

My best friend used to live in a block of apartments. We used to climb out onto her balcony and lower ourselves onto the fire escape stairs, then jump across between the buildings. The balconies had these awesome rails to hang off, and it was possible to hook your feet under them and then hang upside down, like extremely elevated monkey bars.

It wasn't a very big jump, but a fall of about three or four stories. Now that I think back on it, it's a miracle we didn't ever lose our grip and break our legs, though there were some pretty close calls.

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