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Poll stolen from Necropaladin and Ms E

[Stats and Description]
Name: Ekrath Roland Wardric
Race: Drow
Class: Paladin 20
Age: 28 (when adjusted)
Height: 5"6 (In armor, 5"4 without)
Weight: *Shrugs* He's pretty skinny
Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Good. He follows the paladin laws but he also is easy to get along with and generally lighthearted
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: White

Ekrath was left in the sunlit realms when he was very young, because he showed no aptitude for either magic or fighting. He was taken in by a foster family consisting of two married elves, and a human boy named Estone. Ekrath's childhood was pleasant enough, though he knew early on the horrors of his race, and sought to do something that would set him apart from the prejudices he sometimes experianced. He originally wanted to play music for a living, but was neither skilled enough with instruments nor had a nice enough voice to make a living off it. Dejected, he took up the sword, with hopes of becoming a great champion.

He was definatly a good fighter, and though he had little talent, he made up for it with determination and grueling training regiments. He was regarded as a bit odd by his foster family, free-spirits, all of them. Still, he enjoyed having a place where he knew he was welcome, a place where he could always call home. That is, until the raid happened. One day, Ekrath was showing his brother Estone a particularly acrobatic manuver out in the woods, as his brother watched, bored, while strumming a lyre, taunting Ekrath with his musical skill. While the two were out, their parents were attacked, and slain by a drow platoon, and their house torched. The boys returned to the scene, devestated, and both ran as far from the town as they could, in different directions.

Ekrath, alone for the 2nd time in his life, drew shelter from a Temple to Athena, where he was welcomed by the priests like an old friend, and treated as such. He stayed at the temple for a year or so, learning the teachings that Athena preached. However, his skill with magic was meagre, and he knew he would never be a cleric. Luckily, the preists were impressed by his skill with the blade, and inducted him as a paladin. Setting out once again, Ekrath made his way to the Town, where his entire life was thrown into pure chaos. He met Gent and Catherine (Who he developed a crush on very quickly), and soon after was confronted by Deigrian Scourge, a member of the organization KNAVES who had previously fought with Ekrath and lost, ending up with one eye slashed out.

Ekrath also reunited with Estone, and even met his real brothers Scath and Bri'el, who had been cast out of their home in the Underdark. Ekrath and his brothers had a good time, until Ekrath, Scath, Bri'el, and a kobold named Calwreith fought a Divine Demon. The fight ended in pure horror, all participants dead on the ground. Some time later, Ekrath awoke, memories fades, and in the form of an Elf, weilding the Reflection. He gradually began to remember things, until his mind was once again whole. Ekrath even became a god for a short while, until he was slain and captured by Nerull.

Eventually, Ekrath was put to the test by the Death God, and passed, earning his freedom, and found himself, once again, in the Town, as a Drow once more. He found that the Town had changed, with many of his friends having moved on. He lived a hollow existance for a while, his life seemingly pointless. Until he met Evelina. A cursed siren who fell in love with the first man she laid eyes on, Ekrath found her to be both intriging and good company. Though initially skeptical, he found himself more and more attracted to her personality, the way she talked, the way she acted, everything. Cruelly, a man named Xatuer kidnapped her, and Ekrath took up arms against him, engaging in a quest to rescue Evelina. He succeeded of course, as heroes often do, and now lives with Evelina in the Wardric Manor.

Ekrath weilds a very powerful sword. It's name is Reflection and it can tune into a person's feelings and heart. Although it isn't sentient, it does have control over who can use it well. When a stranger is using it, it functions as a masterwork longsword. If a close friend like Evelina or Gent were to use it, it would obviously change shape like it does for Ekrath, the change being affected by their feelings and heart as well.

Trivia/Notes: Ekrath owns a copy of the rare book Codex: Toxophilite. He has also written two books, Demonhunter, and Dragon's fire, both reference books.

His middle name, Roland, is not actually his name. It was a nickname given to him by the Priests of Athena, comparing his dedication to his cause to that of Roland of Gilead.

Speaks in Blue

Axl James

[Stats and Description]
Race: Human (With a bit of Angel blood. He's 1/8 Angel)
Age: 23
Class: Sorcerer/Fighter
Alignment and Temperament: Axl's tough to assign an alignment to, but I'd say Neutral/Chaotic Good
Height: Six feet, one inch.
Weight: 180
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: Caucasian

Axl James led a quiet childhood, at least until he became a teenager. He lived in a nice, but traditional village. Religion was king, and wizards and sorcerers were disliked. One day, William James was outside training, when he heard the faint sound of crying. Looking around, he found an infant wrapped in cloth lying in a cart full of hay. That was Axl. Even though William was single, and knew little about parenting, he adopted Axl, and trained him to be a fighter like himself.

Axl and his father were very close. Axl trained hard with the blade, to live up to his ex-knight father. However, at the age of 13, he subconciously lit a light when his torch burnt out. He was astonished. He had never picked up a spellbook in his life, so he must be a sorcerer. Now, everyone knows that humans can't be sorcerers unless they aren't completely human. When he mustered up the courage to tell his father, he had to think quick. As a child, Axl would be ignored at best, and attacked at worst in the traditional village. They had two choices. Axl left, or chased out, probably with William's death. Giving Axl his sword and armor, William smuggled him out under the cover of night, and faked Axl's death back at home so he wouldn't be looked for by the village officials.

The almost 14 years old Axl was in a tough position. He was a good fighter, sure, but not good enough to be safe by himself. The sporadic magic didn't help. Luckily for him, a few towns over, he met a man named Raistlin, who was a master of fighting, magic, and sneaking. He taught Axl how to tame his magic, and then joined him as a traveling companion. They were joined soon after by Drix Slight and John Ace, a fighter and a wizard, who were about Axl's age who had nowhere to go as well. Eventually, the four came up with the idea to form a mercanary company.

They (with the exception of Raistin) were all around 16, 17 when they started taking jobs. They lived the rockstar lifestyle. They'd blow through a town, take some jobs, get laid, and move out. Only Raistlin abstained from their teenage shenanigans. They probably would have continued on that path, had they not met Sabrina. They were in a desert, and had stopped in an oasis for their horses to drink, when Axl discovered a large crate. He went down to check it out, and saw a strange pod. He touched it, and nearly had a heart attack when it opened. Out stepped Sabrina, Zenian "Princess". She told them all of her story, and they allowed her to join them as well.

[Current Story]
Eventually, they ended up in Town. Axl intended on doing what they'd always done. However, two things happened that made him unable to leave. First, he met Mirage, and though he dismissed her casual flirting, he did like her. Second, Drix and John were kidnapped by Antius, and evil wizard. Axl had to retrieve a sword, in order for their freedom. Unfortunately, Mirage (along with Maia, Orion, and a few others), wanted it too. Axl was ultimately successful.

He apoligized to them all, and accompanied them on their quest to get it back as a spirit only Mirage could see. He got a bit steamed when he saw her flirting with Orion, but dismissed it as just that, flirting. They retrieved the sword, and all was well. Axl tried to pursue a relationship with Mirage, but was upset that she loved both him and Orion. Eventually, one night, Mirage took him upstairs, and they had sex. Axl assumed that it meant he was the one. Mirage even gave him a bracelet that was given to one's first lover in her family. He learned that Mirage was with Orion as well, and in a mixture of anger and depression ran out to Artemis' Shrine, to wallow in his self-pity. He eventually spilled his soul to Castle Frosthand, who gave him some good advice. However, Axl accidentally let slip that Mirage was a dragon, and really hurt Mirage. Again with the depression.

After making a heartfelt apology, and offering Mirage a ring he had found at the Omnishop that belonged to his biologic Angelic Great-Grandfather Kai (Which Mirage now wears on a chain around her neck), Axl gave up on a romantic relationship with Mirage, and even appeared at her and Orion's wedding. However, he still had feelings for Mirage, and didn't want to lie to himself about them. He gave her (via teleport) a neverwilting rose for Valentine's Day. The next day, Axl finally got some happiness when Kismet appeared in his room, and fell in love with Axl.

Axl awoke, and after a date, determined that he loved Kismet as well. He discovered that she was Mirage's daughter (From the future), and still loved her. Their relationship is a lot more stable than the one with Mirage is, and they're getting married on the 7th. However, it bears mentioning that the might screw up the timeline by doing that.

Nope. They got married, and nothing has happened so far.

Speaks in DarkRed

Axl's home village is basically British. He's since grown out of his accent, but when he's pissed off, he sometimes slips back into it.

Axl's clothing and adventuring gear differ from day to day, but he wears a necklace that has a charm made from Kismet's hair, and a gold wedding ring that has the first few notes of "I've Just Seen A Face" on it. He also has a bracelet that he got from Mirage.

Axl is also a guitarist/pianist/singer-songwriter. Here are songs he has written. Ones marked with an asterisk (*) were co-written with Raistlin.

The Soulforged*
If You Want Blood (You Got It)
Enter Sandman*
Light My Fire
Wonderwall (Lyrics By Kismet)
I Need You
Live Forever
I've Just Seen a Face
Come as You Are
Shock Me
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
New Year's Day


[Stats and Description]
Race: Immortal Human
Age: 1100ish
Class: Rogue/Wizard
Alignment and Temperament: True Neutral/Neutral Good
Height: Six feet
Weight: 150
Hair: Usually Black
Eyes: Purple
Skin: Caucasian

[Background]Raistlin was never very good at following rules? Don't go out after dark? Pfft, whatever. Don't steal? Why the hell not? Be a good boy? Who the hell do you think you are? Raistlin didn't want to follow any rules. He did what he pleased, and even though he was sure he'd get in trouble one day, he didn't care enough to stop.

However, when he was 21, he went a little bit too far. He was told by a kindly cleric to never offend a god. Raistlin forgot that advice, soon after. He tempted the high priestess of a god, and when she succumbed to his advanced, he was kidnapped by the god, who tortured him relentlessly for over 300 years. Any mortal would have quickly died under the strain, so the god made Raistlin Immortal.

Eventually, another god slayed him, and Raistlin was released. He spent over 700 years wandering the planes, learning, until he met a young teenager named Axl James. Raistlin took a liking to the confused Axl, and allowed the boy to accompany him on his travels, in order to learn magic, and study fighting and the like. They were joined by Drix, John, and Sabrina soon after (See above)

[Current Story]
Raistlin took a liking to the town almost immediatly. It's melting pot atmosphere offered endless games he could play with the inhabitants and he spent his early time here screwing off and being a general neuisance.

Raistlin enjoys the company of Kismet, despite what he says, and is really glad that she and Axl are to be married. Raistlin also got a job as a Town Police Officer.

He likes Regina a lot, and has slept with her. He gets both mopey and angry when she leaves town. He wears a charm around his neck that helps him change genders at will, and also makes him immune to any unwilling transformations.

Raistlin can change his clothes and his appearance at will. He usually wears a dark army jacket of unknown origin, though not always. His hair ranges from a Beatle-esque cut, to red and black liberty spikes, to grungy Cobain hair, to emo hair, and more.

He is also a master of shadows. He can use them to teleport, and can wound people by having his shadow attack theirs.

Speaks in Bold

Sabrina (Sabbath)

[Stats and Description]
Race: Zenian
Age: About 23
Class: Ranger/Rogue
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good
Height: Five feet, five inches (as a woman) six feet (as a man)
Weight: 130 (as a woman) 170 (as a man)
Hair: Dark red (as a woman) Blonde (as a man)
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair


Although Prince and Princess are not actually terms due to their gender-connections, the concept exists on the planet Zeni. Sabrina, or Sabbath as she is sometimes called, is 2nd in line for the royal Zenian throne, although she wants little to do with it. Born to the 'King' and 'Queen' of Zeni about 100 years ago, Sabrina was always a little different. Unlike most of her race, her forms did not look like twins, and she managed to be almost exclusivly female, despite the changing nature of Zenian children. Her parents were worried by her female preferance, and tried to intrest her in "boy" things like sports and fighting, but Sabrina didn't feel like she had to change.

Eventually, her parents were forced to accept her as she was, and gloomily accepted the fact that they would probably only have one grandchild from her. Luckily for them, they had a second child, much more normal, soon after. The other child, who's name was Alex, fluxuated from male to female on a whim, and was favored by their parents much more.

Sabrina did not mind. She was still the next in line for the throne, and if her parents wanted to dote on her sibling, that was fine with her. Gave her more time to find a partner who preffered the male form. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. In the traditional society, someone who was willing to only have one child was seen as a disgrace, and anyone who would was way below Sabrina's class.

So she left. Took a space pod from her family's hangar and flew off into space, away from the values of her society, and towards Earth to follow her dreams.

Sabrina crashed the pod into a desert, where she was rescued by Axl, John, Drix, and Raistlin. She initially hoped that one of them would be right for her, but soon after came to look upon them more as brothers than lovers.

[Current Story]
Sabrina has done little in Town, as she still struggles a bit with the culture. However, she is assisted by her four best friends, and she's even made friends with another girl, Kismet.

Zenians are a peculiar race, to be sure. They appear as Humans, though with some elven features such as slightly pointed ears, and their slanted facial structure. However, their anatomy is very, VERY different. They are, by nature, genderless, and have no true form. As children, they seem to be almost illusions, switching from male to female forms in blinks. However, during adolesance, they begin to control it, and by the time they are mature, it's completely voluntary.

Zenians are not distrustful of outsiders, but they do not usually live on Earth, so their contact with Earth races are limited. The reason the Zenians change genders is simple. For the most part (about 90% of the time), a Zenian can only birth one child. After they mother a child, they can have no more. To stop them from dying out, they can change genders, and each parter can birth one child. Rarely, a Zenian can have more than one, but it seldom numbers more than two or three.

Zenians marry for life with other Zenians, but it is unknown if this loyalty carries on when dealing with Earth races. All Zenians are basically Bisexual. Although they are genderless, by adulthood, most Zenians have chosen a gender role, the form they are most comfortable in, and the mindset they prefer. However, this does not stop them from changing forms from time to time for fun. A common greeting for friendly Zenians is for them to approach the other, kiss their forhead, change to their other form, and kiss them again. This gesture basically means "There are no secrets between friends."

Speaks in Green

Drix Slight

[Stats and Description]
Race: Human
Age: 27
Class: Fighter/Master of Blades
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Good
Height: Six feet, three inches
Weight: 184 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Dark


Drix Slight was born to an upper-class family in the wealthiest district of a wealthy city. Growing up, he always had toys to play with, and was seldom alone. But despite all that, he wasn't very happy with his life. His parents were politicians, and didn't have much time for anything, and though they tried, Drix was often neglected. Craving companionship, he joined a group of boys who met everyday after school and fought.

Drix quickly emerged among the better half of fighters, being able to shrug off pain, and deal quick punches to his opponents. This fight club continued all of his adolesence, and eventually, they began fighting with wooden swords.

If Drix was a good unarmed fighter, he was a phenominal swordsman. The blade simply fit well with him. He was completely self-taught, but that never stopped him from executing a near-perfect parry or thrust. By the time he was 15, he had whipped ever boy in the city within three years of him. The next challenge was taking on adults.

His parents remained blissfully unaware, as everyday their son fought in underground fighting rings across the city, winning almost all of his fight. Drix was a natural learner, and picked up his opponent's techniques quickly, and usually could even use them against their owners, earning him the nickname of the Mirror Fighter.

Drix left home, dissatisfied with the city life, with the politics and money-grubbers and such. He "toured" the country, paying his way with the money he earned fighting. One day, he stumbled upon a wizard's apprentice named John who had been out gathering materials for his master when he's almost been killed by a Dire Bear. Drix quickly dispatched the animal, and the two formed a fast friendship.

John left with Drix when he left the small thorp, and they met up with Raistlin and Axl, and then Sabrina (See Axl)

[Current Story]
Drix was kidnapped by Antius, along with John, but was saved by Axl.

Drix is also getting close to Willow. He doesn't know her well enough to love her yet, but he definately has a big crush on her. He slept with her at the Beach.

Speaks in Indigo

John Ace (Will work on soon)

[Stats and Description]
Race: Human
Age: 3
Class: Wizard
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Good
Height: Five feet nine inches
Weight: 132 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: White
Skin: Caucasian

(I need to work on this)

Wears a long flowing wizards robe.

Stats and Description]
Name: John Withrow, prefers the name Dream.
Race: Superhuman
Class: SuperSoldier
Age: 178 (Appears 25)
Height: 6"2
Alignment and Temperment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral. Dream is effectivly a tool, doing what he's told by those he respects, though he is a bit of a radical when left to his own devices.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Bronze

John Withrow was born in the year 1830 in London, England, to a wealthy family. He was a patriotic lad, who would take up arms for King and Country as soon as possible. He got his chance in the Crimean War, joining up in 1854 when he was 24. He was an infantryman, but his company didn't fight until the Battle of Eupatoria. Due to his family's weathly status, which at the time gave them political power, the British leaders didn't want him to fight, for fear he would die, and his family would stop funding the War effort.

John defied his superiors, donning the garb of his Russian enemies, and sneaking away to the enemy camp. He kept quite through the night, hoping to sabotage the supplies when the Russians left to attack the Turkish garrison the next day. They did indeed leave, and John got to work. However, the Russians were defeated at the garrison, and retreated through their camp, with Turkish, French, and British soldiers hot on their heels. John was eventually shot by another British soldier and died.

Eventually, the defeated Russians were allowed to take their dead, and because he was dressed as them, John's body was taken by them. It wasn't long before it was realized that he was a British man. Due to his British heritage, the Russian doctors who saw him had no qualms about using his corpse to experiment with their idea for a Super-Soldier, one who could rout an entire army without sustaining any damage. His chest was cut open, and his skeletal structure was supplemented by nearly indestructable steel. His blood was drained, and it was replaced with blood donations from living donars. Lastly, his heart was restarted by use of a clockwork that would keep it pumping indefinatly.

Unfortunatly, the 19th century technology available to them was not sufficiant in restarting his dead brain, and the project was deemed a failure. The body, and accompanying manuscripts was sent to a German colleague of the doctors for study, and eventually left in a freezer in Germany, where it would remain unknown for nearly a hundred years.

Flash forward to the year 1943, World War II Germany. A German military scientist was reading biology reports from the Crimean War, trying to find a way to utilize a new type of poison. He instead discovered the extensive reports of John Withrow, and after a short search, was able to locate the body. Though they had originally had no ideas of concieving a Super Soldier, the Military was intrigued by the idea, and top experts were dispatched to study it. The steel bone supplement was still intact, and the clockwork was defrosted, and reimplanted, and worked good as new. The Germans faced the same issue as the Russians had in the past, the matter of kickstarting John's brain. After a few false starts, the scientists stumbled upon the answer by utilizing electrical energy to restimulate the brain.

Obviously, not all of it still worked, having been dead and in a freezer for almost 90 years. His nerve endings were weakened, and though it was possible to heal them, they were left in their state, as weak nerve endings would lead to less pain, allowing John to fight basically without pain. A side-effect was that his sense of touch isn't very strong. Also, his Frontal Lobe was mildly damaged, creating short spells of time when John was incapable of showing emotion.

Their project a success, the Scientists began to improve the work on his body even more. Sheets of bulletproof metal were implanted just under his skin, and his skin itself was made even made fire-proof. He was also given injections that made him stronger and faster. John, codenamed Project Dream by and English-Speaking scientist, initially remembered little of his previous life, and even when he started to remember it, preferred to be called Dream, as the John Withrow the world knew had died in 1855. He refused to help the Germans in the War, as they were fighting his home country of Great Britain. Unfortunatly for the Axis soldiers, they had made him nearly unkillable, and they were forced to dump him into the ocean while he slept.

John eventually awoke to find himself in the Town, his transfer there aided by one of the many reality-changing spells of the wizards.

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