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Purgai(Homebrewed DnD Setting)

No, Dustworld is not on hold. This is another side-project I got goin', co-produced by Bookboy.

A quick, non-detailed rundown of Purgai; Monsters are legit PC races here. Wanna play a Goblin? Go right ahead. None of them social issues. You can play Drow if you want; No Underdark, no racial issues or tensions, any open warfare or hatred is between kingdoms whom have members of every race as citizens, so you people who wanna play Drizz't wannabes here go right ahead; No sob-stories about being outcast from Drow society for being good, please. Good Drow are perfectly normal here. Then again, so are bad Drow. Same for every other race, 'cept Mindflayers. Their just downright evil. More details to come.

Ancient History

Nobody remembers anything about the First Ones, beyond the stories and fairy tales. The First Ones were the original race from which all current sentient races come(except perhaps the Fae. Nobody knows from which they came.). Every living thing that can use tools, from the Kuo-Toa to the Gnomes, are descended from the Godtouched, those whom were destined to rule all of this world. They wielded magics impossible to control today, and had great magic-powered machines, and vast cities, all now long forgotten beneath the earth, lying in ruins.

All that is truly known is that the Great Schism caused the Forever War. The First Ones all began to drift apart from each-other. Many went to the coastlines, and became the Sea Elves, Kuo-Toa, Sahuagin and Locathah. Others went to the mountains, and became the Dwarves, and Gnomes. Still others settled in the dense swamps, and underground, becoming the Orcs and Goblins. Many wished to fly, and became the Dragons, and so on.

After the Great Schism, many of these new offshoots of the First Ones came to meet each-other, after so many changes had occurred in each and every one of them, the Forever War began. Differences in lifestyle, bodily changes, and a vast and neverending list of other small, negligible differences weren't acceptable to the many offshoots of the First Ones. The war was long and bloody, lasting many centuries. Most races were driven to the brink of extinction.

Finally, the wise Dragons decided to send messengers under banners of peace to each of the cities that had spawned in spite of the conflict. They were the ones closest to dying out entirely, due to their low breeding rate. The many races of the Homeland decided that an age of seperation was in order, for nobody was truly winning, yet everyone was losing.

The Dwarves and Gnomes fled to their mountains, the Orcs to their swamps. The High Elves to their forests. The aquatic races fled to an island chain not far from the coastline, and the Dragons into their magically hidden fortresses. The reptilians, like Kobolds, and Yuan-Ti fled across the ocean, where they found a desert paradise. Many peoples of different races fled across the ocean to a different continent, one that is commonly called the Sister of the Homeland.

After millenia of peace, expansion, and safety, the races encountered each-other once more. Learning from the horrors of the Forever War, they did not choose genocide. They were wiser, and better than that. They learned from the histories. They were not mindless, slaughtering animals. They traded rather than fought. They learned from one another. Passions had cooled enough for the people to speak rather than bathe steel in blood.

The Great Reunion was eight hundred years ago. Societies have been rebuilt. Cities have been constructed. Kingdoms have been established, and have grown strong. Interracial relations are at their peak. Trade between many of the kingdoms is strong. But not all is well, as what is happening behind the curtains would be cause for alarm among the common citizenry of the many great cities, and their outer villages.

Welcome to Purgai, enjoy your stay.

Cliche, but it works. Enjoy. =P More to come, ya dice-monkies.



Lecktoral is the main continent on Purgai, a vast region of plains, grasslands, mountains, and forests. Every type of terrain except for deserts can be found here. All of the races originally came from this continent, and a multitude of kingdoms have their capitals here, as well as most of their largest cities and towns. Along the western coastline, several large trade ports have sprung up with ships coming to these ports from Relfoj, Trithleon, and the Broken Isles to trade. The continent lies east of the Broken Isles and Relfoj, and southeast of Trithleon.

To the southern end of the continent lies the Blasted Lands, the region where the united armies of the Mind Flayers and the Beholders, backed by the infamous Cult of the Black Moon, landed twenty years prior to wage their war on the kingdoms of Lecktoral. The kingdoms rallied their armies, and fought back. All southern ports, and villages were overtaken by the invaders in days, but lines were quickly established, and forts constructed.

The northern end of the continent is in dire straits as well. The Cult of the Black Moon's undead forces landed here twenty years ago, the same time the Abberations came. The cult's intent was clearly to launch a two-pronged attack and to divide the continent's defenders. They succeeded, but like with the Blasted Lands, the line hasn't shifted much. The cult's undead forces have scarred the very land which they have conquered. The remaining living survivors in the region known as the Blighted Lands now toil away in slave camps for the necromancers of the cult, crafting weapons and armor for their undead warriors.

The eastern lands are comprised of an impassable mountainous barrier known as the Skyscrape Mountains; Snowstorms are so fierce in this territory that airship travel through the region is unheard of. Sailors report that the territory goes all the way along the eastern coastline. The lower elevations of the mountains are inhabited by barbarian tribes.

The central and western lands of Lecktoral are made up of vast plains, valleys, forests, and grasslands. This region is known as the Lecktoral Greenlands, and it serves as the home for all of Lecktoral's major kingdoms and city-states.


Lecktoral's sister continent, Trithleon is remarkably similar with the exception of the deserts, and lies directly north of the Broken Isles, northeast of Relfoj, and northwest of Lecktoral. The continent is currently in the throes of a great war. The King of Corona, Mhallix Corona, has launched a massive invasion against multiple other nations on the continent, and has hired support from various infamous and highly-trained mercenary warbands, as well as support from the Cult of the Black Moon, to reinforce his own armies. Thus far, his campaign has been incredibly successful, with several kingdoms falling under his shadow, and he is pressing the advantage.

To the south, Trithleon's Great Forest houses the only known large Fae cities on Purgai. The Kingdom of Corolar is where the Fae claim to originally come from. Also deep in the forest, it is rumored that a large tower stands as a tribute to the gods' power. The Tower of the Gods stands to test those whom seek power from the deities themselves.

Trithleon's eastern and central lands consist of vast grasslands and plains. This region, known as the Cambron Grasslands, is the home  The Frendor Mountains to the west are inhabited by a group of tribal barbarians. The northern reaches are not cold; In fact, they are a desert. The Trithleon Desert is small, but it is dangerous, and rumored to contain many ancient Godtouched relics beneath it's sands.


The desert continent of Relfoj lies to the west of Lecktoral and southwest of Trithleon, directly west of the Broken Isles.

A continent of deserts, jungles, and canyons, Relfoj is home to many ports and inland colonies of the kingdoms of Trithleon, and Lecktoral along it's eastern coast, in the jungles, and the continent has it's own established kingdom, Alon, further inland. Alon dominates the majority of the continent. Trade between Alon and the colonies from Lecktoral and Trithleon is strong.

The southern end of the continent lies a giant oasis called The Paradise. This is where most of the water for the inland colonies and the kingdom of Alon comes from. Combat in this giant oasis is punishable by death, a penalty administered by the gods themselves. Animals living in the Paradise are peaceful. They hunt, but do not harm sentient beings. Relfoj's northern and central lands are comprised of the vast Relfojian Desert. Many smaller villages, and quite a few large cities inhabit the Relfojian Desert. The western lands of Relfoj are comprised of the Great Maze, a twisting, deep, and winding set of interconnecting canyons that are rumored to go deep into the center of the very planet. Nobody has gone deep enough to see if this is true and lived to tell the tale. A small city of the kingdom of Alon has been founded at the only known way into the canyon.

To the eastern end of the continent lies the vast Jungle of Kossei, an environment similar to the Paradise, only infinitely more brutal; The animals deeper in the jungle are the mightiest. Many trade ports, and small villages have been hacked out of the jungles, particularly right at the coast.

The Broken Isles

The Isles are home to the aquatic races, and a small number of minor colonies from the kingdoms of Trithleon and Lecktoral. The Isles lie directly inbetween all of the other three populated continents. There are three islands in this island chain, each with a large number of underwater settlements and cities just off the coast, and a small number of aboveground settlements. Each aquatic race has at least one settlement on the coast of the islands, with an elevator that allows land-dwellers to get beneath the surface and into one of their cities.

The underwater cities of the aquatic races have domes and buildings that are interconnected, allowing land dwellers to come to them without needing magic or any special breathing devices to live in the cities for extended periods of time.

Pirates and privateers in this region are a real problem, particularly because this island chain contains a large number of trade ports that stop off here during the long journey between any of the other three populated continents, as the islands, more or less, lie right between all three continents. Trade ships are regularly attacked out here.


The northernmost continent of Purgai is solidly under the control of the Cult of the Black Moon. Undead roam the frozen lands, searching for meals. Northfall is covered in mountains, frozen tundra, and endless fields of dead, icy, open ground. Only two settlements are on the whole continent; One on the easternmost peninsula, and the other settlement near the northern end of the continent. The town on the eastern peninsula, named Sanctuary, is a colony from the kingdom of Ambilion on Lecktoral, and has either not been noticed, or left alone, by the Cult of the Black Moon. The other settlement, a massive city solidly controlled by the necromancers of the cult, has no name; All that go near the city are never heard from again.

On the continent's western end, there is said to be a massive mountain that is an ancient vault of the Godtouched. The vault is said to house a mystical blade, though it's purpose is not known. Only the foolish, or excessively brave, go to find the blade. None have returned thus far. The area is avoided wholeheartedly by the Cult of the Black Moon for reasons known to few. Those who know are among the cult's ranks.

Yay, continents are done!

Next, kingdoms on each continent.

Kingdoms of Lecktoral


Population: 60% Human, 40% other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Good

Political and Racial Details: Ambilion is the kingdom originally founded by humans on Lecktoral. The nation has been a major player in Lecktoral politics since the Great Reunion. The Humans have proven to be very adaptable, with the kingdom having villages in several types of terrain.

Trade: Ambilion's major exports are cloth, and lumber. Imports that are in high demand include sugar from the Broken Isles, and cotton from Trithleon.

Government Type: Monarchy

Population: 75% Elf, 25% other

Ruler Alignment: Chaotic Good

Political and Racial Details: The kingdom of Mizlaplan has been as important as Ambilion in Lecktoral politics since the Great Reunion. The Elves were the original founders of the nation. The Elves, with their capabilities with the arcane arts, consider the most powerful rulers to be mages. As such, the government is a Magocracy.

Trade: The Elves export vital medicinal herbs, and large supplies of potions, while importing cloth from Ambilion, and cotton from the kingdom of Corona, on Trithleon.

Government Type: Magocracy

Population: 40% Orc, 30% Goblinoid, 30% Other

Ruler Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The kingdom of Magto is a warrior nation. The people of Magto, while not outright evil, have proven themselves to have an extremely proud and brutal warrior tradition. The majority of the population has some kind of combat training. As such, the nation of Magto has one of the finest militaries on Purgai. This makes the nation a force that many refuse to anger, and because of this, they hold great sway in Lecktoral politics. In Magto, leaders are chosen from their military skill; Extremely prominent generals and military tacticians, or in certain cases, extraordinary warriors, are elected to serve the nation as a leader every ten years.

Trade: Magto imports almost everything imaginable, from food to weapons, but the nation has no real exports. To compensate for this, warriors whom serve in the Magto military sometimes serve as 'mercenaries' in other nations. The proceeds from such services fund the nation as a whole.

Government Type: Democracy

Population: 50% Halfling, 50% Other

Ruler Alignment: Chaotic Good

Political and Racial Details: Talorn is a pretty laid-back nation; the nation doesn't even have an army. Every village and city has it's own individual militia. For national defense, Orc mercenaries from Magto are often employed. Talorn isn't that much of a major player in Lecktoral politics, but they have a voice nonetheless.

Trade: The nation has a variety of exports and imports. The exports are nothing but farm goods; Corn, Grain, etc. Imports consist of most manufactured goods.

Government Type: Democracy

Population: 50% Dwarf, 30% Gnome, 20% Other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Good

Political and Racial Details: The nation of Artesia is an economic and military powerhouse, rivalling Ambilion and Magto respectively. This nation is the only one to field an airborne navy, comprised of armored airships, and it's ground forces are well-trained, and disciplined. Artesia is ruled by a leading council, with one representative from each Dwarf clan and prominent Gnome family. The council makes vital decisions regarding how to direct the nation as a whole.

Trade: Artesia's imports include anything agricultural or magical: Crops and so on all need to be imported. Exports include airships, and well-designed siege engines and ocean-going vessels, among other manufactured tools and goods.

Government Type: Democracy

OK, that's the nations of Lecktoral. Next up, nations of Trithleon, then the Broken Isles, and then Relfoj and Northfall.

Trithleon Kingdoms

Kingdom of Corona

Population: 60% Drow, 40% Other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Evil

Political and Racial Details: The nation is currently caught up in what is essentially a continental war. All of King Corona's legions have been deployed, and are being reinforced by the Cult of the Black Moon's army of the dead, as well as cutthroat mercenary armies. The Drow ruler of the kingdom is power-mad, and will likely attempt to spread his war to the rest of Purgai when Trithleon is conquered. The average citizen strongly disagrees with the king's reasons for the war, and in reality, an actual rebel movement is already underway inside the kingdom's larger cities. Most citizens are terrified that the king will begin executing the citizenry if anyone begins speaking out against him and his actions, so only the bravest are part of the rebel movement.

Trade: The Kingdom of Corona has extensive trade relations with kingdoms and countries on the continents of Lecktoral and Relfoj, and in the Broken Isles. Trade with most other nations on Trithleon, however, has been cut off. The nation is mostly self-sufficient, but isolationism is not suitable in the King's eyes, so trade with other nations across the sea is strong.

Government Type: Monarchy
The Kingdom of Ishakari

Population: A mix of multiple races makes up Ishakari in roughly equal amounts.

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The Kingdom of Ishakari is a society founded on honor. The nation is currently caught up in a war with the Kingdom of Corona. All races are considered equals in Ishakari.

Trade: Ishakari is home to a variety of unique plants that grow there; These plants have multiple practical applications, such as being ingredients in incredibly potent potions and as food seasoning, and also function well in the role of home decoration. They export these plants. For the most part, the nation is self-sufficient.

Government Type: Republic
Kingdom of Zule

Population: 99% Dragons, 1% Other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The Kingdom of Zule has stayed out of the war with Corona for the most part, but the entire population knows with certainty that staying out of the war for much longer will not be possible. The country is run by Dragons; Dragons own everything. A small handful of people live on the Dragons' land, but they pay tribute to the dragons in question to live there. The Dragons themselves are currently arguing about something in the Council. Whatever it is, rumors have it that it involves the Cult of the Black Moon, and a dragon whom achieved Demigod status prior to the Schism.

Trade: The Kingdom of Zule does not trade much; The nation is mostly self-sufficient. Trinkets and other such things are often bought from Ishakari to pay tribute to the dragons running everything.

Government Type: Monarchy(in a way)

And, that's it for Trithleon. Before people ask why there are so few kingdoms, it's because Corona took 'em all over.

Nations of the Broken Isles


Population: 90% Sea Elves, 10% Other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Good

Political and Racial Details: The Sea Elven nation of Eshareece is one of the four kingdoms in the Broken Isles. They are the only nation in the world to have no members of it's population in other kingdoms. The Sea Elves are friendly to outsiders, but they see no reason to leave their beloved ocean. Any Sea Elves who do leave often end up as sailors. The nation of Eshareece has no military; The Sahuagin, and Kuo-Toa provide local defense, being more warlike.

Trade: The Sea Elves work alongside the other three nations on the island chain to export seafood, and salt to the continents by bringing it to the surface ports run by the land-dwellers. Imports include any kind of crops grown on the surface.

Government Type: Monarchy
The Kingdom of Tashen

Population: 90% Kuo-Toa, 10% Other

Ruler Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The Kuo-Toa are one of two races in the Broken Isles that provide military defense for the whole region. Being pretty isolationist compared to other nations out there, the Kuo-Toa are reclusive and sometimes are hostile to outsiders, but for the most part, they tolerate the existence of outsiders in their areas.

Trade: The Kuo-Toa work alongside the other three nations on the island chain to export seafood, and salt to the continents by bringing it to the surface ports run by the land-dwellers. Imports include any kind of crops grown on the surface.

Government Type: Monarchy
Kingdom of Rolah

Population: 95% Sahuagin, 5% Other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The Sahuagin nation of Rolah is one of the two races in the Broken Isles region that provides military defense for the rest. Being exceedingly warlike, the Sahuagin provide most such defense.

Trade: The Sahuagin work alongside the other three nations on the island chain to export seafood, and salt to the continents by bringing it to the surface ports run by the land-dwellers. Imports include any kind of crops grown on the surface.

Government Type: Monarchy
Kingdom of Orel

Population: 70% Locathah, 30% Other

Ruler Alignment: True Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The Locathah of Orel have to have the most contact with land-dwellers out of the aquatic races. Being relatively unwarlike compared to the Sahuagin and Kuo-Toa, the Locathah are capable warriors when pushed into a corner despite their lack of a military. The Locathah also house more land-dwellers in their underwater cities than any of the other aquatic kingdoms. As such, they are viewed favorably by land-dwellers.

Trade: The Locathah work alongside the other three nations on the island chain to export seafood, and salt to the continents by bringing it to the surface ports run by the land-dwellers. Imports include any kind of crops grown on the surface.

Government Type: Democracy

Kingdom of Relfoj


Population: 80% Reptilian(Kobold, Yuan-Ti, Lizardmen, Troglodytes), 20% Other

Ruler Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Political and Racial Details: The kingdom of Alon is a powerful nation, with a strong military and economy. The people are mostly reptilians, but that is because of their environment; Few people care to live in the deserts.

Trade: The people of Alon trade for just about anything. Their land isn't the best for agriculture. They export small numbers of Godtouched artifacts from the deserts, but they import everything else.

Government Type: Monarchy

Secret Organizations

This section is for enterprising DMs interested in running games in this setting ONLY. Players must turn and run.


Cult of the Black Moon

The Cult of the Black Moon is, on the surface, a cult of mercenary necromancers. Behind the curtain, however, they worship an ancient Dracolich, who's name is lost to time. The leader of the cult, the Lich known as Rythmul, simply calls him Deathclaw. The Dracolich is extremely powerful; He is of Demigod status, but he is sleeping. The Dracolich can only be awakened by sacrificing a sufficient amount of wealth to him, and that is what the money used to pay the necromancers goes towards.

Despite their drive to awaken the Dracolich, the Cult is also dedicated to slaying a dragon Demigoddess, and killing her followers. This organization is known as The Order. The Order's founder was a paladin by the name of Potra. Potra was Rythmul's sister.

Deathclaw, while real, is known only in tales and stories. The common citizens, and most of the nobility, all across the planet, know nothing of Deathclaw's existence. They know him from stories, and of how he committed an act of unspeakable evil back during the Forever War, but they think him nothing more than a simple tale, told by bards.

The Cult of the Black Moon has it's stronghold on Northfall, the city of necromancers on Northfall's northernmost tip, built directly over Deathclaw's tomb. New members are to descend, supervised by a member of the cult's high council, and gaze upon Deathclaw's sleeping body.

The Order

The Order is an organization of paladins dedicated to waking up a dragon Demigoddess. This Demigoddess' name is lost to time, much like Deathclaw, but The Order calls her Stardrake. Stardrake is known in tales, much like Deathclaw, but she is nothing more than that to the common people or most nobility.

While Deathclaw is to be awakened by a sacrifice of wealth, Stardrake required that many good deeds be done in her name to awaken. Where Deathclaw is to awaken and make his worshippers overlords of Purgai, Stardrake is to awaken, and banish evil from the land. The Order only recruits the finest of warriors and paladins to join their ranks, those who's hearts are pure and good, to assist in this manner. Whenever The Order dispatches any warriors or paladins, it is to commit a good act that will bring Stardrake that much closer to waking up; For the most part, The Order lets it's unlikely(and unwanted) allies, the Thrik, manipulate people to their ends to hinder the Cult of the Black Moon.


The word 'Thrik' means Dark Allies in the Dwarven tongue. The Thrik are a shadowy organization of thieves, assassins, and shadowdancers, dedicated to ensuring freedom and goodwill are done throughout Purgai. They assist The Order, aware of what they do, but not why they do it; They know nothing of Deathclaw or Stardrake, and the war between The Order and the Cult.  Their assistance often makes the Elders of The Order angry, as their assistance is unwanted more often than not, but without them, The Order likely would have fallen to the Cult of the Black Moon long ago. As such, their assistance is tolerated.

The Thrik do not call themselves such; The organization has no official name, but they are called that by The Order.

The Chaos Legion

The Chaos Legion is a massive organization, spanning all of Purgai. They are dedicated to the complete overthrow of all law and order, viewing any kind of order as evil. They make use of large numbers of unique constructs, warriors of animated armor, called Chaos Soldiers, backed by wizards, to attack villages and towns. They operate swiftly, but not silently; They attack fast enough to ensure that all messengers and town guardsmen do not escape to bring word to their superiors. They do not pillage and burn, but they selectively attack town guardsmen. When the village's guards are slain, the Chaos Soldiers turn and flee. This confounds the rulers of nations, as the attackers cannot ever be identified. The methods of the Chaos Legion are completely random.

Dragon Binders

The Dragon Binders are a secret organization that knows the truth of Deathclaw and Stardrake, and are dedicated to ensuring that neither dragon ever wakes up. The Dragon Binders are not evil, per se, but they are willing to kill large numbers of people to ensure that the dragons remain asleep. Most of the Dragon Binders are former members of the Cult of the Black Moon and The Order. They are dedicated strictly to maintaining the status quo, and nothing more.


The Abberation alliance of illithids and beholders seem to have no real agenda; They simply appeared on the continent of Lecktoral and began wreaking havoc. Unbeknowest to any, however, the Abberations are attempting to reach the Palace of Ambilion, where a source of potent magical energies lie untapped; This source of energy remains undiscovered by anyone but the Abberations. They want to reach this energy, and then use it to summon their god, The One Who Is Not Named. Doing so will usher in a new age of darkness for all of Purgai, darker than even if Deathclaw were to be awakened.

Boy, that was alot! OK, coming soon, further details!

Miscellanious Odds and Ends

Yes, Psionics are used in this setting.

Magic and Psionics are both equally common; The setting has plenty of wizards, and to a lesser extent, Sorcerors. Same with Psions and Wilders. There are massive numbers of such people(about as many as there are Fighters, and such), but few ever grow to come past Level 1.

The setting also has Airships. Airships move faster than boats, but Airships also have less places to dock; They can only land at specially designed airdocks, which are in the cities of Purgai. Don't expect to be able to make it into a village via airship. Airdocks are rarely at naval ports, regardless of city status, too.

Boats and airships both have magic cannons that shoot elemental blasts, as well as Magic Missles, and they are powered by magic for propulsion(yes, I'm going to stray into Ebberon territory a little here). Prices remain the same.

Magic items are fairly common as well, but not common to the point where a Commoner would have one. I mean that they'd cost a decent-sized amount of gold, but their in ample supply.

If anyone has further questions, send 'em via this thread, and I'll get back to you. There's the setting, I'll start making some pre-made adventures for people who want 'em.


Sorry, people, forgot Deities. Anyhow, Purgai has a pantheon of nine deities.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Justice, Law, Righteousness
Background: Marith is the patron deity for those whom enforce the law and seek to do good in the world; City guardsmen, paladins, and Lawful Good Clerics often worship him, and those whom do not enforce the law, yet obey, pray to him to keep them safe from those who would break the law and cause them harm.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Healing, Charity, Kindness
Background: Trastel is the god of Healing and Charity, and all temples in his name give away the majority of their treasuries to the poor and the sick. His clerics are known for being overly charitable.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Thievery, Trickery, Pranks, Amusement
Background: Kamkilorn is the deity of thieves and tricksters, and the brother of Marith. The followers of Marith and the followers of Kamkilorn, despite being polar opposites in trade and outlooks on life, often get along well.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge
Background: Maflonosh is the patron of wizards and sorcerors. Legends say that he was an abnormally powerful sorceror before ascending to godhood. Wizards and sorcerors pray to him for their research to be of benefit to them and their causes.

Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, Oceans, Woodlands, Mountains, Animals
Background: The god of all nature, Hiranko is also known as the Treelord. Druids and Rangers worship him, and pray to him to keep the natural cycle going, especially in the recent dark times.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Revolution, Change, Chaos, Anarchy
Background: Braltiok is pure change; The very incarnation of it, in fact. Those who worship him do so in different ways. Rebels and revolutionaries often seek Braltiok's blessing.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: War, Conflict
Background: Nefolkin is the god of war. Warriors and generals pray to him before battle to guide their weapons. He takes sickening pleasure in watching as the descendants of the Godtouched seek to slay one another upon the battlefield.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, the Afterlife, Spirits
Background: Farjingon is also known as the Spiritguider. Those who die are taken to their appropriate afterlife by Farjingon. Originally of Lawful Neutral alignment, over the millennia, he's grown to accept and even enjoy his new position. He has few worshippers, but those whom have lost a loved one or friend pray to him to make their journey to the afterlife swift and painless. He dislikes it when undead are created, and as such, his worshippers despise necromancers, but is most willing to allow people to rise from the dead.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Greed
Background: Hajinil is the god of Greed. His worshippers are often scoundrels whom hoard all that they possess, and then take the hoards of others. Assassins, hired killers, and non-good thieves often pray to him to make their missions and expeditions a success, thus filling their pockets.

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