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Politics and Roleplaying and Bears, OH MY!!!

I want to have a thread where we roleplay our own countries and their interactions with other countries. You control pretty much everything about your country, from species type or types to technology level. Magic is allowed and might add to the fun.

This also allows us to roleplay full scale wars, which is extremely exciting.

Post your country here.

My country:

Sammealin has placed itself on a mountain range, and it is perpetually cold and stormy. It relies heavily on it's neighbors for food imports. It exports metals, which it's people mine from the mountain.

The people are humans, although the average height is about five feet. They are extremely resilient to uncomfortable situations, able to survive extremes much better then your average human.

They use rifles and zepplins, although both are more effective then their name sakes.

Population: 20 million
National currency is the dabloon
National animal is the polar bear, which frolicks on the frigid slopes of the nation.
More will be edited in when I think it up.

J. Muller

Grr... curse my not being able to play this due to being away for the last half of summer.

Hopefully things will still be open when I get back.

Hey, I'm going to be away for three weeks starting the 22nd. I just want to get it started. This is going to be long running, and won't end until people lose interest.

Country Name: The Armed Republic of Badguy
Shorthand Name: Badguy
Leader: God-King Karlin
Government Type: Oppressive Dictatorship
Economy: Flourishing
Population: est. 4,627,987 (not including kidnappings))
Birth Rate: 7 babies per second
Death Rate: 5 deaths per second
Climate: Alpine
Motto: Woe to the conquered
Main import: Military supplies
Main export: Fabrics and clothing
National Animal: Peregrine Falcon
National Flower: Oleander
Currency: Sin: "Ictus", Pl: "Ictum"

I'll wait for two more people to make countries. Then I'll make the thread. No limit to people participating, the more the merrier.

The Glorius Dictatorship of Anglarctur will be up shortly.
J. Muller

Heh, Anglarctur's back.

I had a thought regarding the map... why not make it dynamic? That is, instead of drawing up a map and letting people define where their countries are, or having people describe their countries and then draw up a map showing them, just have the first person--in this case Geo--draw up a map of his country (and if he wants some of the surrounding area), then have Nevr add to that with his country. For example:

[Geo: *posts map done in Paint or something that shows Sammealin and a bit of the surrounding area*]

[Nevr: *posts map done in Paint or something that shows Badguy and a bit of the surrounding area, with an arrow in one corner of the map that says "Yonder be the Lin of Sammea" or something.]

It might work... and if it seems odd that countries wouldn't know about or interact with their neighbors, just say that they've always had some small diplomatic contact, but this is more important.


Geo starts by drawing up a map of Sammealin, then Nevr draws up a map of Badguy with a mention of its geographic relation to Sammealin. Then, Geo expands the first map with a representation of Badguy. So when the game starts, the map would have Sammealin, Badguy, the two other countries, and the rest would just say "Terra Incognita."

Those are two options... and then there's always the more conventional ways.

If I was to Map out Sammealin, It would be a squiggly circle that is basically covered in mountain ranges.

I like your idea, but I'm no cartographer.

That's pretty much what Badguy would look like. I would open MS Paint, get the pencil tool, and then draw a really squiggly shape without thinking too much about it.
J. Muller

There's always Paint or Autorealm.

Well, if you are up to the task, map on!

Anglarctur is a large, well populated country. It is landlocked. To the north are a range of mountains, in which the famous diamond mines are found as well as other types of mines. The west is where most of the agriculture takes place, the area being well suited to farming. To the east is a large forest, and to the south are mostly featureless plains. A large, long river flows down from the northern mountains across the center.

The economy in Anglarctur is very good. The country has a diverse economy and is mostly self-sufficient, it's greatest exports being diamonds. The country's greatest imports are silk and alchohol

Name: Anglarctur
Goverment: Military Dictatorship
Leader: Supreme Commander Nathaniel Coffyn
Population: Large
National Animal: Grizzly bear, who were going into extinction until recently being made national animal. Now they are slowly recovering, as anyone that kills one is subject to immediate beheading.
Currency: Anglarcturian Dollar

Twenty years ago, Anglarctur was a monarchy. It was under the rulership of a senile, mad king. Eventually his oppression of the people and insane policies caught up to him when he fired the head of the military, Nathaniel Coffyn, and replaced him with a son of his friend. Enraged, Coffyn led a revolt against the king that was almost bloodless, as nearly the whole country joined in. Killing the king personally, Coffyn became the hero of the revolution and Supreme Commander. He has proven a capable ruler, but harbors a taste for conquest.

Anglarctur is a heavily militarized nation, with a large percentage of the population in the military. There are two important reasons for this. Nationalism is extremely prevalent among the populace of Anglarctur, mostly due to Nathaniel Coffyn's propagandizing. Secondly, military members are elevated far above the common people in terms of status and wealth if they survive long enough.

The people of Anglarctur believe that humans are the greatest race, and that all non-humans are worthless scum to be eliminated. Above all, they believe in the superiority of native born Anglarcturians to all others. Also, they believe the Imperial religion (called so because it was brought to the forefront by the first emperor of Anglarctur) is the correct one, and that all other beliefs are heresy.

Little of this is known to the rest of the world, though. Not much is heard out of Anglarctur, as merchants are considered outsiders and kept at the borders, ostensibly for "security reasons". Also, Nathaniel has a vigilant intelligence and counterintelligence network that is good at keeping the rest of the world from knowing what's going on inside Anglarctur.

Country Name: Aranea
Government: Unstable
Population: 6 million(Assorted Dark Elves and Humans, and many races of slaves)
National Flag:
Currency: Blood money(xB)
Religions: The Dark Mother(63%), Alsythuth(21%), Thraud(7%), Other(9%)
Major cities: Herathoth(capital), Arras'zur, Narrishtah, Devoren, Draz'Kuri, Gaundroth, Kolnahos, Merezzym
Major powers: Seekers of na'Koth, The Cabal, Hidden Knives
Exports: Spider Silk, Gems, Slaves


Name: Elsiath
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Personality: Cruel, dark, merciless

Editing in more later.

I would like to participate in this, but I don't have any experience in politics, nor do I really have the patience to think up a whole country. Post reserved for possible future editing, in any case.
J. Muller

Country Name: The Landsvall Empire
Alternative Country Names: The Most Honorable and Righteous Imperial Landsvallian Nation, The Empire of Landsvall, the Imperial Landsvallian Nation
Short Name: Landsvall
Leader: Emperor Roland IV
Government Type: Monarchial. Emperor Roland holds supreme administrative power in addition to personally owning a few large corporate interests in strategic areas of the economy.
Economy: Strong. Landsvall is more than self-sufficient agriculturally, possesses an expansive and efficient infrastructure, and has several powerful industrial centers.
Population: Approximately fifteen million*.
Climate: Northern Temperate.
Geography: The landlocked Landsvall has plains and grasslands in the south, and mountains in the north. They also possess some colonies abroad, on a continent to the south. The southern continent is tropical and mostly covered with jungles.
Motto: Vox Imperium, Vox Dei.
Main Import: Luxury Materials (Cotton, gold, silver, tobacco, etc.)
Main Export: Manufactured Goods
Currency: Imperial Mark
Military: The Imperial Landsvall Army is large and professional, with a focus on the skill and effectiveness of the individual soldier. Their infantry corps is large and well-trained, and their armored cavalry are effective though not very far above par. Their air fleet, however, is equipped with some of the best technology available, and the zeppelins of the Imperial Airfleets are capable of projecting Landsvall's power throughout the region. Their air forces are also well-trained and equipped, and the skies of Landsvall are guarded well by the planes of the Imperial Air Force.

((I'll add more to this later.))

((*This would have been about ten times higher, but then I saw that Nevr had listed a rather small pop for Badguy. I may change it if we get to discussing scale and population.))

Sounds good, get RPin.

I might have to tweak the population for Badguy, as looking back it seems rather pitiful for a nation who is supposed to have a lot of military might.
Destro Yersul

You could always leave it as it is, and specify that said military might is a (relatively) small number of highly trained elites as opposed to lots of grunts.[/two cents]

Destro Yersul wrote:
You could always leave it as it is, and specify that said military might is a (relatively) small number of highly trained elites as opposed to lots of grunts.[/two cents]

But it's already been established in-game that Badguy has been kidnapping people from nearby countries to train as soldiers.

Besides, I realized that the problem was that I was trying to compare Badguy to the USA, and for some reaosn my brain blanked and I thought that the USA had 3 million residents instead of 3 hundred million.
Destro Yersul

Ah. Well...


Lots of Elites and a large detachment of Grunts? If you had, pretty much, every able person in the military, not counting the kids and essential personnel, that'd still give you around *number crunching ensues*

1.2 million soldiers

The nation's chief export is fabcric and clothing apparel.

In other words, Karlin's using a good chunk of the nation for cheap labor. That just statistically won't work if over half of his country is in the military.
Destro Yersul

That's counting the "aquired" recruits who, I assumed, were not listed as population.

Said good chunk need not consist of any men either. They get to be soldiers. Considering you're oppressive, it could work.

Hmmm, that is a sound point...

But I still want to at least increase the population a little.
Destro Yersul

Not stopping you. You're an Alpine country too, which helps. Everyone loves natural defenses!

Increased to 4 million, even though I still feel like it's too small.
J. Muller

I put five million because I would have put fifty... since fifty million is the approximate population of Imperial Germany circa 1900, which is what I'm basing Landsvall off of. But I didn't want them to be massively overpowered compared to other countries, so I just reduced it by a power of ten.

Well now you have the quarter the population of Sammealin.

Do you mind if I join in on the fun? I still need to put some final thoughts to a country, but I do have a rough idea in mind already.

Well, Anglarctur's population is 'Large'. Yay vagueness. I'll probably make that more clear soon.

Also, can I assume there are other non-human races besides the dark elves of Aranea?

Join on in.

@Warpfire: Only as slaves. It's mostly dark elves, with a few humans.

Hmm...have to add in the slaves...*Goes to add, then to post in the game*

@V Ahh, I see.

Ahem, to clarify my question: Can I assume there are other non-human races in the world, other than dark elves? I suppose this would directed at Geomancer.

Assume whatever you need to to make it work. The people of Sammealin are barely human as it is.
J. Muller

I've increased Landsvall's population threefold because I felt it would make it fit in more as the mid-sized nation that it is.

The Illumarian Empire

Illumar consists of a vast area of desert nestled up against the sea and split by two rivers. It also holds three large islands off the coast. Most of the population lives in cities on these islands, along the coast, and on the banks of the rivers. There are tribes living in the deep desert, but they go largely uncounted. Theology and tradition weigh heavily in the empire, especially the worship of the Sun Goddess: Illeana. Her church holds great influence over the people and is usually consulted by the Empress, Alexandra, on important matters. The two factions often disagree, as governments and religions are want to do, and at times threatens to tear the country apart. Fortunately, the past few decades have been peaceful.

Alternate names: Illumar, The Great States (of Illumar)
Government: Hereditary Monarchy, although it becomes more democratic at lower levels.
Religion: the majority of the population worship Illeana, the Sun Goddess, but a decent percentage, mostly sailors, also pay homage to the Sea Goddess, Hydrene. A very small part, less than 10%, follow the mischievious Shareck, God of Shadows.
Agriculture: Along the rivers are stretches of irrigated land, which produce grains and cotton. Two of the islands are fertile, and well irrigated by natural springs, the third is barren rock. The islands are covered in orchards and a good portion of the eaternmost isle is dedicated to vinyards.
Exports: Seafood, grains, textiles, fruits, Iron, Gold, gemstones, Jewelry
Currency: The Illumarian Real
Population: Elven 20% Human 70% Dwarven 7% Other 3%

People of Power

Empress Alexandra
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Green
Position: Secular ruler of the Illumarian Empire, she inherited the postion of Empress from her mother.

Admiral Johnathan Swift
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: black and grey
Eyes: Grey
Position: Leader of Illumar's vast Navy, started as an enlisted man and rose through the ranks to become Admiral, despite being human in the largely Elven command structure.

More Coming Soon



Sorry to double post like this but I have a question: What is the relative technology level of these countries? Bows and arrows, cars, guns, aircraft, space flight? My section of the world is leaning a bit towards the fantasy realm, AKA magic, is that alright, too over powered, underpowered? I was curious where we all stood. Thanks.

We were bouncing the idea around in Geo's original thread in The Forum. I don't know about the others, but me and I think J are both envisioning ours as a World War II era steampunk kind of thing.
J. Muller

Magic is fine as long as they keep on par with about WWII level tech. I'm playing the Landsvallians as having, like Nevr said, a sort of steampunkish WWII tech. They have tanks, airplanes, and armored zeppelins.
Destro Yersul

((Die free time! DIE!))

The Under-Empire of Skyre

Skyre is a unique country in that it is built almost entirely underground. The above ground portion of the country's territory encompasses part of a mountain range, a small island and a stretch of grassland. The underground portion doesn't extend much further than the borders. When space runs out, Skyre builds down. Signs of industry can be seen on the surface, mostly in the form of massive chimneys and slag heaps. The government maintains technology as a religion, and in this way controls the populace.

Government: Oligarchy.
Religion: Technology. Skyre teaches that machines deserve respect, even veneration. All of their technology is religiously maintained and serviced.
Economy: Good. Though lacking agriculturally, Skyre makes up for this with industry.
Population: 3,581,467 give or take (plus approximately 500,00 aberrants)
Climate/Geography: only on the surface, and no one in Skyre cares about that.
Motto: Diligentia Nos Fides
Main Import: Food
Main Export: Equipment. More specifically, anything technological in nature and useful in practice.
Currency: Skyrian Credit
Military:Small. Skyrian units are extremely well trained, and fanatical in their duty. The relatively small military units are supplemented by huge tech-corps, a division made up almost entirely of machinery.

Leader: The High Lords
Skyre's ruling elite is a council of five men, each representing a different facet of society. Each is equally important, and each is also the highest ranked member of their respective groups.

Diligence is our Belief?

Somthing like that.
Destro Yersul

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Horay knowing Latin!

I should make one.

Ehh eventually.

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