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Monkey Muse

Pie poll!

I told you I'd be back with the pie poll! What is your favorite type? Personally, I hate the stuff.

I'm putting French Silk under the category of Cream.

oooh, I'm so conflicted. Because French Silk is one of my favorite flavors, but so is pumpkin, and Key lime, but the kicker was Shepherd's pie. I'd have chosen something else, but I went with Meat Pies, because if I had to eat something everyday, Shepherd's pie could be it. Meat and Potatoes. Mmmm.
The Bushranger

I forgot to say Key Lime!

In that case, my vote goes to Apple. ^_^

Strawberry rhubarb.

The pie of perfection.

Mmmmmmmmmm pie!

Pumpkin pie! Wee!

The funny thing is, I never have birthday cakes. Always pumpkin pie. Mmmm.

DeBunny wrote:
Pumpkin pie! Wee!

The funny thing is, I never have birthday cakes. Always pumpkin pie. Mmmm.

I'm totally going  to have to do that on my next birthday.

Who needs birthday cake?

Works out even better if you have a nearby Baker's Square.
....which I don't, any more.

Covers most pie needs. They make good French Silk, too.

Yeah. I noticed it was gone the other day. What happened?

Voted for cherry, I think it's what comes closest to blackberry on that list. Strawberry rhubard would be real nice too. And apple is not bad.

Oooohhh, Baker's Square makes good pies! I like their french silk.

Since strawberry rhubarb isn't on the list I'm going with pecan.

They consolidated.
....damnable store collapses.
I miss my pies. T.T

Well, there goes pie after football games. =\

Ooh, this restaurant called The Village Inn has the best French Silk pies, and the slices are like 1/4 of the pie. It's great, but I have to travel like 2 hours to get to one. They're in the bigger cities, something that my little town is not. 'course, it calls itself a city... dunno how it managed that.

OOoooh! I have to find me one of these 'Village Inn' places.

Ironic isn't it? That a place named 'Village Inn' is only found in large cities?

Yes, very. The only ones I know of are in Orlando and Jacksonville. I think there's two in Jacksonville, actually.

I had a sort of chocolate pudding in a pie crust that I liked before... what's that count as?

Custard pie... but go with cream I guess, it's the closest thing here.
The Herald

Apple pie!
The Bushranger

Yeah, Village Inns are all around Florida...
There isn't one in Gainesville? Weird. There's one here in Tallahassee.
Just another way in which the Seminoles are superior to the Gators. Razz

Oddly enough, though, I've never been in one.  There're basically a lot like Denny's/IHOP, aren't they?

There's no mention of bumbleberry pie on that poll, so I'm afraid that I cannot participate in it.

Golly, I loves me some bumbleberry pie.

There's a Village Inn in Tallahassee, but not in Gainesville? Hmm...

*Trades UF application for FSU*

The Seminoles have better colors anyways... I should go visit that campus sometime.

As for the Denny's/IHOP comparison, I'd say that's pretty close, although the ones I've been in tend to be a touch nicer than those two. Honestly, I've never paid much attention to the food. I was there for the pie.

*sigh* No mention of chocolate in any of those choices.  What's happening to the world today?

There's chocolate pie?


<.< >.>

I like all pie.

Aside from Pumpkin and Pecan, they're foul. but anything else is good. I went with meat because a decent (and thus expensive) Pork Pie is such a rare pleasure, but Key Lime, Apple (wirh Blackberry), strawberry and cheesecake is just nice.
Destro Yersul

Cherry pie is godly, and so is pumpkin pie, and cheesecake.

The grocery store I work at sells these pies called 'Farmer's Market' that are actually really good. I need to buy one of those some time...

Key Lime Pie please.

What? You're out? What madness is this?

Fine. Pumpkin then.
The Bushranger

Artemis wrote:
*Trades UF application for FSU*

The Seminoles have better colors anyways... I should go visit that campus sometime.

Yes. Yes, you should.

I take it you're at FSU?
The Bushranger

Actually, no. I've been homeschooled all the way. But I live only 20 miles outside of Tallahassee.

And in an on-topic comment: you have good taste in pie, Raist. Wink

Chicken and ham...

I like pie.

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