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Full Name: Dynr Thergh
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Birthdate: 7th, september
Place Of Birth: Small dwarver mining village
Occupation/Status: Freelance guard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Powers/Abilities: Large amount of fighting practice, some of the finer points having been lost in the haze of time. Strong dwarfish constitution and high physical condition.
Weapons/Items: An enchanted suit of mithril heavy chainmail, with additional plating protecting vital organs. A well crafted steel shortsword, and a seemingly normal great-axe.

Appearance: Looking quickly, Dynr looks like most dwarves. His face is hidden by a long, braided beard. Overall, his physique is very unremarkable. His armor, although enchanted, bears no obvious signs of it. It is clear that it, and his axe, have all seen heavy use.

Personality: He's rather withdrawn around people he doesn't know. He also has a grudge against adventurers, as he was deemed "useless" by his people. This was because whenever there were any goblins, which had been plaguing the mine as of the time, were slain by a band of adventurers. He's also very distrustful of magic, although he is unable to give a good reason as to why.

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