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Orange Zergling

Out of/In Sync with the Old Town?

Not sure exactly where this goes, I think here, but could be wrong.

Anyhow, do our old characters from the Old Town know other old characters that they knew in the Old Town? The reason I ask this is because I want to know if I can walk into Trogs and recognize people I know, or if my character[s] have never met them before and must act accordingly.


EDIT: I speel gewd.

I've done a straight copy and paste job with mine but Baeleck gave his Amnesia. It's up to you I guess.

Some people see this as staring anew, I see it as a simple transition.

Hmm...I'm starting anew here.

When I can find some kind of character concept that grabs me long enough to play for more than a few hours...*sigh*

Yeah, what I did was wiped their plots, and then introduced them again in a slightly different context. Then the inter-worldly amnesia (SotS's idea) kicked in, and that way I could get around the absence of certain characters who were in the old town but not in this.

I'm just going to bring in all my characters (I can't get rid of them until I'm completely done with them Very Happy ) and have them go on with their lives as if nothing is different. Really, the only difference is better RPers. As for the "Old Town," I'll just have them continue what they're doing and then fall into relapse on the whole forum when I can do it inconspicuously.

Except for reading OotS, of course, Rich it's not your fault that certain people joined your forums!

I'm continuing from Ye Olde Town. I have one double character, a character that hasn't made it over here, and a character that was introduced here. It's up to you though.

My people all co-exist between the two towns.
J. Muller

I'm playing it with my characters as a separate place, but since the only characters I'm bringing over from OT (Chase and Mereor) didn't interact much with you guys' characters, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm mostly going to introduce entirely new characters.
Ms Elaneous

(Everything made a clean sweep from Old Town to new. They don't even realize what's happened.) Do you? *coos at characters* Do you?

I've only introduced one from "Old Town" but he remembers everything from Old Town.

Nevrmore wrote:
Some people see this as staring anew, I see it as a simple transition.

The same. I got too in-depth with my characters' personalities and backstories to just start them all over again. They were shaped by a lot of plotlines, and it would be much too hard reverting them back to when I first introduced them.
Orange Zergling

I settled on my character[s] acting like it was old town as well.

Well, I actually had them all travel here in-character. So they know they're in a new town, they just still have their respective pasts. That is, Namesake was in the middle of an old Town Plot and sorta teleported, State flew, District teleported, Deckard took a boat, Malleo opened up a new shop, Morbius flew, and Revenant was kinda folded up in a card and carried here.

Since I'm still in Old Town, mine blend a bit. They are two separate wavelengths of the same llama, but often they meet or travel together. If he meets some one in Old Town, he generally recognized them in New Town, but if something affects him in one Town, it doesn't in the other.

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