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Any fascinating tales of injuries?

Here's one, happened about an hour ago.

Had a sudden tornado/thunderstorm up here in Milford, Michigan. The tornado didn't actually hit us(or hit the ground), but there was this huge storm that accompanied it, and I happened to be working on my DnD notes.

SO, of course, I grabbed all my stuff, and ran inside at a breakneck pace to keep it all from getting wet. Next thing I know, my head is slamming into the back door of my household. The door broke.

I mean, it BROKE. It's OFF it's hinges.

I also have a decent-sized lump on my head.

I think I have a concussion, as well, but it might just be me overreacting. While I still have a few functional brain cells, allow me to say: Ow.
Orange Zergling

I stepped on glass shards, twice.


Also I apparently bit entirely through my tongue when I was 5, which is why I have this large white scar on it now. Supposedly you could see all the way through it.
The Chilli God

Chopped off a good part of my thumbnail with a craft knife when I was 5.
Stapled my thumb in 5th grade. The staple twisted around the bone and went all the way through.
Bone-bruised my arm while attempting to hit someone else about 4 years ago, and it later turned into a fracture because of forced exercise.

That's it, though.

My family seems to have somehow angered the nail gods.  Dad's shot several through his hand with a nailgun, and I've stepped on two, along with several smaller ones that just didn't go through my foot.  

The first time was when I was about five years old and we were moving.  We went to the construction site for our new house, and I was crying because I didn't want to have to move.  I ended up wondering outside and stepped on a nail that went most of the way through my foot.  My parents thought I was still crying because of the move, so they didn't immediately come out to see what was wrong.  It was a bad way to start the day.

I'm an accident magnet. Though for some reason I'm not dead yet...

I have some pics of something more recent and  bloody, though. My sister's dog made me jump into a ceiling fan. Wasn't too serious, though.



Cut my thumb with a crafting knife. Got a lovely scar on it.

Cycled into the corner of my house down a slope, nearly blinding myself. That wasn't fun.

Haven't really had many serious injuries though.
Destro Yersul

Not me, but a guy I know has to be the most accident prone person ever. He's got metal rods holding a couple of his bones together even, including his left forearm and thumb. The thumb is an interesting story. See, he was in shop class, using the tablesaw. He didn't cut it off though. Know what kickback is? Basically the saw catches the wood and sends it flying across the room. Which is why it's best to use something other than your hand to push it through. Well, he didn't. The wood caught, it got sent flying, and it took the top half of his thumb with it. Way I heard it he got down to the office carrying this piece of thumb before shock wore off.

I, personally, don't have anything like that. I've banged my head on a lot of things, but not with much force. Although I one sliced my thumb open by accident with a water gun.... not deep enough to leave a scar though. Only scar I have is on my elbow, and I got it by falling off my bike.

My more serious injuries seem to always happen at this park up the street. It's a nice wooden playground, although they've replaced most of it with plastic by now. Safer, but not as fun, in my opinion. Right, first one I ran full speed into a low walk way, landed flat on my back with the world spinning around me. Yay head injury? I was fine in a few minutes, but it was interesting to watch the world go TILT. Next one I was having a Jumping contest off one of the taller pieced of equipment. basically it was the lasdder you used to climb up to the plat form where the slide was, we were jumping to the sand about ten feet below, seeing who could go the farthest. In order to increase my distance I grabbed onto the crossbar above the ladder and swumg myself out. Went a bit too far, ended up laying back in the air. I put my hand down to stop myself from hitting the ground too hard and broke my left wrist. My cast was neat, though, I convinced the doctor to do both blue and green wrappings. I was scared when they cut the thing off, though. I knew diamond blades were sharp and I didn't want to get cut.

Skateboards. They are my bane. I've sprained my wrist twice and broke it once because of those things. I've broken my toe stubbing it on a bookshelf. And I've broken my finger wrestling. I've slammed a different finger in a door. I've smacked my head against many things while running. And just Saturday night, I almost broke my hip falling down a short flight of stairs.


I get hurt at least once a day...

But my most major injury is what was the eventual cause of my back surgery.  Within a week of one another I had a skating accident and a car accident.

I cut the top of my left thumb off by sticking it into a barstool joint and turning the barstool when I was 2.

I got third degree burns from touching trying to grab the steam from a humidifer two months later.

I got my head stuck in between the railings of my old house's front steps when I was 4.

My mom slammed my head into the trunk of the car (by accident, she didn't see me coming) when I was about 5-6....I still have the scar.

Oh. I almost forgot, speaking of cars and moms, my mom rolled the window up on my neck when I was about 5-6 (she didn't realize I was sticking my head out the window like a dog and we were driving, so she didn't hear me at first).

^ That's happened to both of my younger sisters. looks like we're all only slightly more dangerous to ourselves than those deathtrap hazards we call parents  Razz .

I don't have any pictures, because when this happened I was too young to properly operate those clunky contraptions that were called cameras. I was... oh, let's say five years old, because that would be mostly right. It would have been somewhere between the ages of three and six.

Anyhow, the hour was getting late and I was standing on a chair in front of the stove, helping my mother cook... something or other. There was a pot of something boiling, I remember that much. By helping her cook, I mean, I was just watching. There's not much a person of that age can actually do that could be called helping, but both of us were enjoying the experience until I, little klutz that I was, took a spill off the chair and cracked the bottom of my jaw against the metal top of the stove.

My mother helped me up, lifted my chin with the palm of her hand, opened my mouth, and started looking for injuries such as, say, broken teeth or a severed tongue, but found nothing and started to relax. Then she took her hand out from beneath my chin and saw that it was covered, covered with blood. Without her hand to hold it up, a piece of torn skin that started at the bottom of my chin and went down to the very base of my lower jaw hung freely, looking for all the world like "a second mouth". My mother called for my father and told him that I was hurt, and that we needed to get to a hospital. My father, knowing that my mother tended to overreact whenever I got wounded, sauntered out of the bedroom to see what was the matter, took one look at me, and grabbed the keys to the car.

So, yes, I have a rather nice little scar on my chin, though it's not nearly as big as I think it has a right to be.

Tune in next time when I tell you how my brother almost cut one of my fingers off with a broom handle.

And then, after that, I might tell you about the time where I almost lost an ear at a birthday party.

Hm....I was playing with one of our cats while it was a kitten and it got one of its claws stuck in the middle of my upper lip.
There's a nice little scar there, perfectly centered. Kinda odd, really.
Hurt. A lot. Lip wounds tend to do that with me, for some reason.

Hm....I have lots of head trauma things, not much else.

My dad, on the other hand....
Got his arm ripped off at the elbow, apparently, when fighting with a sizable dog. Reattached. Fingers are a little wonky.
Sliced a ring finger off with a steak knife doing God knows what. Reattached. Wonky. It wasn't reattached....perfectly straight. Slightly crooked.
He's broken most of the bones in his body at some point in time, mostly thanks to skateboarding in his youth.
Shadow of the Sun

I once got a volleyball to the jewels. Fun.

Then, later, I managed to slice a two inch gash into my right palm. I'm happy, though, because it's what let me learn left from right.

However, I feel my mother wins the competition in my family.

She cut her heels off. With a piece of sheet metal.

well there are some VERY interesting storys here.. i guess ill add mine.. my dad told me when i was very young that I foolishy stuck my hand.. well you know treadmills? The bottom is covered with metal and a small slit to let the velcroe or whatever through i put my finger in that hole... and my hand got shoved forward and got a preety big gash in my finger and now i have a scar on it... 3 fingers and i cant keep them perfectly straight like they always stay bent its weird... I can try and get them straight but theyll always be bentish... OOOH and this freakish thing in like the 2cnd grade we were on the playground and it was  time to go in so i started getting down onto the ground (they had a big wooden castle it was HUGE and like 3 stories tall... was awsome Very Happy but anyways.. I was on the last step and rubbed my knee against SMOOTH wood and then out of no where it just gets a Big Gash in it for like no reason... now i look back to that and still dont know what caused it... left a smallish scar and.... thats about it i think... Edit: OH WAIT has anyone ever rolled down the stairs before? WELL we were moving boxes from the attic (christmas junk) well i couldnt see the steps and i skiped one at the very top and i fell down and hit my head on the wall man that hurt.. and my brother said i rolled down in a perfecr circle..(thusthudthud THUD) and weirdest of all i just gott back up put the box down and layed down (ya was weird but it hurt really bad)
Shadow of the Sun

And one of my friends, a sports nut, recently compound fractured his nose by being shoulder barged in the face. He also has two black eyes.

It makes him look like a koala.

2? wow 2 blackeyes... hmm..and i lol'd Razz

Because I like the chit-chat threads and don't want them to die, I'm sharing another scarring injury.

(Mind you, I injure myself on a daily basis [which is funny, since I spend like 23 hours of the day in a bed)

A couple of years ago, when I had the money to get such things, I bought myself an Egyptian dagger (you know, the kind that are all wavy.  I also have a Mayan sacrificial one somewhere, etc).  Well, wouldn't you know it, I bought some scissors, but they were in one of those damned packages you need something sharp (ie, scissors, box cutters, a knife) to open.  I'll never understand putting scissors in a box you need scissors to open.  If I'm buying scissors, I obviously don't have them to open the package with. (By the way, I wasn't allowed to hold anything sharp for a long time after this [and I was 22 at the time.])

Well, I took that Egyptian dagger and slid it into the package quite easily (yes, it was sharpened.)  Then, as I was trying to cut down, silly me, instead of up, the dagger slid out and sliced down into my opposite thumb.

I removed it slowly from my thumb and stared down at it.  It didn't actually hurt (or maybe I was just in shock.)  As the blood began pouring out, I stepped into the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper, and pressed it to the wound tightly.  Then I stepped into Mom and Dad's bedroom and said quite calmly, "We need to go to the ER."

Usually, of course, I tend to overreact quite a tad.  See, I have anxiety attacks quite often.  So my dad was like, "Let's see how bad it is," with one of those sighs like 'oh, you hurt yourself again.'  I removed the toilet paper and blood immediately began pouring to the floor.  I think that's the first time my dad ever reacted more insanely than my mom and I.  (He usually tells me 'take a hot bath.'  Even when I fractured my arm it was 'take a hot bath.')  He immediately jumped up and ushered me to the door.  I got 5 stitches that night.

Hmm, I guess I haven't had any injuries as major as some mentioned here...

But when I was 3, I walked behind a swing and got smacked in the face...hard. There was a huge scab over pretty much all of my left cheek, and it left a scar...

And then, just a couple of years ago, I tripped over a ball and broke my arm in three place. From tripping over a ball...Oh, and I also cut my right knee open when I tripped. The whole of my knee turned red as the wound reopened every time I moved. I ended up having 4 stitches on my knee and it left a little scar. All that from tripping over a ball...I don't really play football any more now.

When I was five or so my brother had one of those foam baseballs that was tethered to a stand. He told me to hold the stand, so I did. He most likely was not thinking very much when he pulled the ball back about ten feet and released it. I had a black eye for several weeks afterward.

Wisdom teeth... Hurt... *writhes*
Destro Yersul

Lykan wrote:
Wisdom teeth... Hurt... *writhes*

Yes, they do. Very very much. Probably hurt more to get them pulled though, so I guess I'm fortunate that my mouth has room for them...

In other news, I hate it when I cut myself and don't notice till it starts hurting a half hour later. Those kinds of cuts hurt more than they have any right to.

Yech.  Some of these made me cringe.  Well, lets see...  The most painful thing I can remember has to be the time I poured battery acid into my eye.  It was when I was ten or eleven.  Me and my older brother were playing and decided to head back inside, which involved going in through our garage.  My dad had left out a car battery he was working with(some of the details are a bit fuzzy, I got distracted rather quickly).  There were tubes coming out of the respective nodes(again, I don't remember why exactly, only that there were).  My brother, who was a bit taller than me(that's important), grabbed one of the tubes and looked down into it.  He started telling me about all the cool things he was seeing, compelling me to beg to have the tube as well.  Like a good brother, he handed it to me to look at.  Now, as I said, he was taller than me.  So instead of looking down into it, I had to look up.  There was some acid in the tube, which promptly found itself in my eye.  Now, I probably shouldn't have to tell you this, but it is a really bad idea to pour battery acid into one's eye.  It hurts.  A lot.  A quick, screaming trip to the hospital later and I got to enjoy the pleasure of doctors holding my eye open and flushing it out with a plethora of equally delightful solutions.  Luckily, I didn't suffer any permanent loss of vision, although my right eye now sees colors a few shades off from my left eye.

Ever been walking around barefoot and stepped on a thumb tack?

How about had a car trunk shut on your head?
... A car trunk with a bike carrier attached to it and two bikes strapped to the carrier....

Fall and smack your face into a wood-burning stove?

Angry cat bite your wrist?

I leave you with those thoughts.

Yes (actually, nails, stickers [not those wussy stickers, either, but those with an inch long prongs] roofing nails, thumb tacks, thornbushes [that's 2 inches] glass, etc),

yes (to the first part, it didn't have bikes on it, but I do still have a scar),
no,  (though I've fallen and smacked my face into my crib when I was a baby.  I still have the scar to prove that one, too.)

and yes (and a dog bite my leg, and rabbits scratch my arm and face, etc).

Is that all you can dish out?  I've taken it.  Multiple times.

I got my foot stuck in a trampoline spring once. Its kinda mentally scaring looking down at your foot and seeing a foot long spring in it. Fortunately it was only like the prong part. Couldn't really walk on that foot for a week. Also needed to get tetnes shot.

What can I say? I'm not accident prone.

Figured a few people besides me would have experienced those things, that’s why I asked.

Ooohhh… here’s one I forgot to add…

I had a really close call involving an exercise ball and my neck. You know, those GIANT rubber ones? I got hit over the head with it. I heard my neck go 'crunch'.

I mean it was an audible sickening 'crunch' noise and my whole body from the neck down went all tingly and weird. Doesn't seem like it caused any permanent damage.

I fell off of one before.  The only reason I didn't get hurt is because it was in physical therapy, so my therapist was there to catch me.

However, I did have a dog recently stand up in front of me and my knee made a similar crunching sound.  I now probably have to have surgery on it (though hopefully the MRI will show that it's not bad enough for surgery and can be worked back to health with physical therapy.  Though that's made harder by my back issues.  I definitely don't need another surgery though.)

The dog is fine, if you were wondering.  She has a hard head.  Meanwhile, I have already weak joints.  So it wasn't surprising that she made an already weak knee worse.

I can't walk today.  I've been in bed all day.  The pressure Ike is giving off is making all of my aches worse.  I may ask Dad to take care of rabbits/guinea pigs tonight...

I hurt myself daily, unfortunately.  I ran over the back of my foot (again) with the cart I use to pull water bottles into the kitchen.  It's trying to heal up.  The day after I ran over it again (double ouch, because the pain from before is coupled with the pain caused by the second hit.)

Owww... the back of a persons foot/ achilles tendon area is soooo sensitive, and so dratted easy to run over.

Here's praying your knee recovers quickly and without surgery.

*nod nod* I'm hoping.  I just need to make sure I don't overstress it until Dr Long decides what needs to be done.

It apparently was an injury that's put down a football star like within the last 2 weeks.  The Patriots, I believe, was the team.  A lot of football stars become retired because of such injuries, though.

When I was 11 I stabbed a garden fork through my foot... didn't even get a bloody wheelchair... It hurt, I couldn't move and It was all because me mate wouldn't lend me a spade for the afternoon...

Learn from my mistake... DO NOT DIG WITH A GARDEN FORK. It hurts...

A bunch of leaves jumped out and dripped me while I was running home from school today.

My hip and hand are banged up enough that I have to type with one hand, and I look like a zombie from the Thriller video when I try to walk. >.>

I didn't know you were in Milford, blackout. Cool.

Anywho, I haven't really had any bad injuries. Nothing hospital worthy, at least.

Eighth grade I smacked in the forehead with a rock. Still a bump and scar there where it hit.
Cut my thumb open in second grade while cutting broccoli. Damn you broccoli!
When I was about five, my dad was building a pickup, and I was playing around it. Sliced my knee open. And I still have the scar for that one.

Right now, I have all sorts of little scars and scratches on my hands from work.

Little 4 year old DA wandering around in his kitchen, while his dad is cooking. His dad goes to the bathroom, and little DA goes over to see what he was cooking. Looks good. But how is it so hot? Hmm. This requires further investigation. Oh, it's from the stove. Little DA, being the bright child he was, decided it's a good idea to put his entire palm on the stove. Well here we g-JEEBUS THAT'S HOT!

My stove is circular, with little rings going around it, so I had a white circle around my palm and fingers for a few years.

I just nearly choked on Dr Pepper.

The last time this happened, my sister and my friends were laughing cuz they thought I was teasing.  They didn't realize I was actually choking until I fell to my knees, clinging to the chair in front of me, and was nearly blacked out.

Wukei wrote:
I just nearly choked on Dr Pepper.

The last time this happened, my sister and my friends were laughing cuz they thought I was teasing.  They didn't realize I was actually choking until I fell to my knees, clinging to the chair in front of me, and was nearly blacked out.

Back in second grade, I almost died from choking on some candy. Paramedics wouldn't have made it in time.

The only thing that saved me is that one lunch lady happened to have some CPR training.

Now, that school district offers free CPR training to all of its staff.

Which saved a kid about two years later.

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