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Organized gods?

We have so many gods in the town that we need an organized Pantheon. We could have a kind of hierarchy structure to with demi gods as lesser gods and gods that are more powerful the top (obviously). What do you think?

...No.  We get new gods too much for this to work.  And most of them don't pass lesser.  Or come from this world.  I'm actually making another world campaign setting for Xand and Dnax.

Ooo, and don't forget that there are always characters vying for godhood.
Aesa <3
The Chilli God


Yeah. Organization. In Town. For Gods, no less.

Most gods in Town have probably already got their rank status listed in character profile or their temple's front page - Power levels can sort out all the rest.

I've always wanted a war of the gods, where the followers fight each other.

Oh that would be great actually. Certainly would make followers have a fun time on their hands.. Oooh! And just think what with all the factions with the different powers! That would be so fun!

The concept would be fine...if half the gods actually had followers...

Mine just don't have followers HERE.  I'm actually making the world that Xand is from, and most of his followers are still over there.  And disbanded, since his exile.

Well that helps a lot here, doesn't it?

Wukei wrote:
The concept would be fine...if half the gods actually had followers...

This is part of the reason why I tend to deny a lot of the gods actually being gods. It's nice and everything to have NPC worshipers... but I honestly don't believe they cut it unless you do a really good job presenting your god/goddess.
Of course, Aesa has PC worshipers, but I don't consider her to be a goddess either (At least not yet), so it isn't just worshipers that does it.

You also have to consider that the only way he can form now is by taking power from another source.  So really, it doesn't, I was just sying that he does have his cults.

I don't consider a lot of my gods gods for that reason, either.  Sure, they have legends in other areas, but not here.  Here they're just epic level characters.

Hel actually is a bit below epic-level.

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