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As I know people have thought it before, I'd like to make it clear that the views and opinions of my characters are not necessarily the same as my own.

At the present, all character illustrations are done by me.

If you don't play D&D, and you want to know what a spell or effect does, just let me know and I'll explain it for you.
Orange Zergling


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class[es]: Rogue ~15/Ranger 5/Justiciar Stalker 1 (Homebrew)
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Attitude/temperment: Views things with a cynical attitude, weighs the pros and cons of situations and usually does what is most beneficial to him or the people he considers friends ('friend' being a loose term, he mostly thinks of them as trusted allies rather than friends), and sometimes just does whatever he feels like at the moment.
His logic contradicts itself on many levels, and he is psychologically screwed up to a degree due to traumatic events at an early age. Oskar views the whole thing of 'love' as a 'waste of time', probably also due to said traumatic events. By extension, he's also rather prude.
Oskar has a crippling fear of animated corpses, skeletons, and other undead. He claims this is because of a lich which gave him an "unhealing wound" around two years ago, and just never got over it. Ironically, he has good relations with Destro.
Equipment: Two shortswords, two +3 Flaming Daggers, and a Bag of Holding with an undetermined amount of gold in it. (a lot.) He swears uniform mud-brown clothing, with wrappings on his arms and legs, all-terrain boots, leather gauntlets, and a facemask resembling a bandage wrapped around his nose and mouth. He also wears a cloak that is extremely frayed at the edges and particularily the bottom.
Approx. Height: 5' 11"
Approx. Weight: 115lbs
Speaks in brown.
Oskar has a zergling animal companion that he found (in an egg) by a meteor crash site in his late childhood. It is domesticated in a manner similar to a slightly feral dog and acts as a mount. It has no name and it's abilities seem to be limited to it's claws and teeth. Periodically, it's glowing red eyes will turn black and it will go into a berzerking-state for a few minutes. This appears to happen under extreme stress and/or confusion. This effect has not yet been explained adequately.
If it ever makes noise, it will 'speak' in orange.
Backstory: Oskar lived in a tiny village around 3,000 miles or so from the Town. There, everybody had the same last name, Terrawind, to signify the balance between self-restraint, reason, and freedom and spontaneity that they valued. Anyhow, one day, Oskar was out in the woods, when he saw something crash from the skies to the ground not too far away.
Being 14, and ever-curious, he went to take a look. And what he found was... odd. A pulsing, slimy, fleshy egg the size of a chicken egg, several yards from the crater left by a meteor... How it survived is unclear, although other Zerg eggs have proved to be unbelievable resilient. He picked it up, and immediately dropped it; the goo on the egg was acidic. And kinda disgusting. He went back to his village, got a pair of tough gloves, went back, and smuggled it into his house.
It ever-so-slowly grew to the size of a person within about six months or so. Then, in a small burst of goo, out hatched a small Zergling. Yes, one. Let me finish before you hear the explanation. He managed to hide it, as it grew to the size of a large dog. Life was good... mostly. During this time he had aquired a girlfriend, Alyssa. However, this is where the good news ends. See, it was punishable by death to be romantically attached to more than one person in this village.
And it turned out Alyssa had had another man she was seeing. And thus, she was executed, via guillotine, while Oskar was forced to watch, to 'make an example'. This is probably what started the avalanche that... gave him 'problems', mentally. From then on, the young Oskar hated his family, his 'friends', his whole damn village for keeping that law. Except his brother, Taklinn, of course. They remained close, Taklinn providing a pillar of support for his brother during his troubling times.
And then it happened. Oskar was away from the village, with his Zergling in the woods, when a meteor, not dissimilar to that which bore the egg from which his pet had hatched from, landed right ontop of his village. He wasn't sure whether to laugh in vengeance, or cry in anguish. He thought, grimly, "I got what I wanted, I guess...". For unknown reasons, his Zergling ran off, taking with it, an egg like the one it had hatched from.
And so, Oskar began his 3,000 mile trek across the lands to the Town, drinking heavily (and thus building up his enormous alcohol tolerance) along the way, stealing, and gaining infamy among certain organizations for murder, arson, theft, and such.
Around two years ago, he met a dwarven lich, who defeated him, and inflicted an 'unhealing wound' to the back of his hand. He fled, and later defeated him, ending his little 'curse'. Upon arrival to the town, he discovered his original Zergling was dead, but the other egg had hatched, revealing another one, just like it, with orange markings.
Other: Okay, I realize his backstory butchers Zerg mechanics, but this was originally written waaay back when, before I really knew much about them, and just liked them 'cuz they looked cool. The two eggs were malnourished, removed from the creep, and for one reason or another, ended up on a meteor on a collision-course with Earth. Another one split off from it, creating the one-in-a-trillion chance of a meteor landing on one's village. So thats why only one hatched from each egg, and they both took so long to mature, both in the egg and infant stages.
Orange Zergling


Race: Human
Class[es]: Wizard (Enchanter) 12-13ish
Age: 18
Alignment: Neutral Good
Attitude/Temperment: He's your average 'good guy in training'. He generally tries to help the greater good, but is plagued with hesitation in certain situations. Taklinn is rather the opposite of Oskar; he tries to be optimistic and is pretty level-headed. He's earned the nickname "Cockroach" from Oskar because according to them, he was pretty indestructible as a child.
Equipment: Gray robe and gray-blue commoner clothes underneath. Nothing else, really.
Approx. Height: 5' 9"
Approx. Weight: 110lbs
Speaks in dark blue.
Taklinn has a familiar named Qui. Qui is a female white-with-tan-patches mouse, who is very, very, very pessimistic and sarcastic. Either way, she usually does what she's told (with a fair bit of complaining). Qui speaks in green.
Taklinn was taught the art of wizardry by Destro several months ago, and just sort of faded into the background. He specialized in Enchantment magic, and his barred schools are Necromancy, and something else which evades my mind at the moment. He doesn't have a crippling fear of the undead like Oskar does, he just doesn't particularly enjoy being around rotting flesh.
Taklinn is the younger brother of Oskar. For many years they thought eachother dead, and by the power of plot and boredom, both ended up in The Town. It is unclear where exactly he sleeps/lives at the moment.
Orange Zergling


Race: Vampire of Human descent
Class[es]: Rogue 26ish
Age: 106 (23 at time of death)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Attitude/Temperment: Could be classified by some as 'kinda emo'. He hates himself, and, by extension, everybody else. Thus, it is very unlikely he'll ever be on anybody's good side for very long, if at all. He's very inconsiderate, rude, and generally unpleasant. He's always brooding over his opinion that he's an utter monster, and has thus sub-consciously convinced himself that no matter what anybody does about it, be it permanently polymorph him back to human form or somesuch, he shall always be what he is at heart; a nightmare.
Equipment: Dirty leather armor with commoner's clothes resembling glorified rags over it. Ragged, frayed gray cloak. +4 Ghost-Touch Kama that drains 5 power points, and/or 2 random spells-per-day of second level (or 4 of first level, or 8 cantrips (the attacked person decides what level of spell to be drained, but the actual spells used up are random)), upon hitting.
Approx. Height: 6' 1"
Approx. Weight: 142lbs
Speaks in gray. His voice sounds hollow and kinda creepy.
While he is not from that setting, Raverak and his (father? spawner? parent? sire? person who made him a vampire) borrow rip-off some mechanics from Legacy of Kain vampires.
Backstory: Raverak was born as a human in a port city called Azicus to a father who worked as a fisherman and a mother who he never knew. He always assumed she was just a prostitute or somesuch who failed to be careful. Anyway, Raverak grew up in Azicus helping his father live his humble life. When his father died of an obscure disease, he left to seek a better life. He could have just gotten a cleric to heal or raise him, but fishermen don't exactly have 5,000gp diamonds lying around.
For around a year he lived as a middle-class shopkeeper in a small town, though he always sought... more. Thus, he took up adventuring, after discovering he had a knack for opening locks, finding traps, and sneak attacking. He delved into dungeons, slew monsters, obtained phat lewt, and unquestioningly followed horribly generic plot hooks for another four years, until his party was slaughtered at the hand of a vampire. This vampire was not like others he'd faced; it could turn to mist, seemingly with but a thought, and had incredible strength and senses. Thus, he and his friends had under-estimated it, and fell rather quickly.
Standing wounded, with his enchanted Kama, amongst his dead allies, he swiped out at the vile entity, only for it to take one step backward, missing the magically-darkened blade by inches. In the end, Raverak was killed. In what seemed like an aeon, he had returned to life... although, without looking, he could tell something was deeply wrong. He felt... different. As if the blood no longer flowed through his veins, but stood idle, as if his lungs had stopped taking in oxygen, even as he took a breath...
It didn't take him long to realize he had returned from the dead.
He hated his new existence. He always felt cold, empty, and unnatural. Not to mention his newfound literal thirst for blood. In this state, Raverak knew nobody would look at him and not want to kill him ever again. And thus, his mind slowly fell into madness, constantly haunted by reality. He's not insane, no, just kind of... out of it. In an assassination attempt against him, somebody had torched a building he was in. He barely escaped the flames, they scorched the left side of his body, scarring his face, leaving him even more freakish than before.
Every once in a great while, he thinks about his life as a fisherman, and wonders what he could have been... but as soon as the thoughts come, they are brushed aside. Raverak always wishes he could forget his life before undeath, so he would have nothing to compare his reality to. In his ever-thirst for human blood, Raverak has turned his unblinking eyes to the Town, in hopes it's seemingly infinite populace can provide the sweet substance he requires to exist.
Orange Zergling


Race: Human
Class[es]: Druid 18ish/Archdruid (homebrew) 6
Age: 221 (life sustained via Staff of Eternity), appears to be in early-thirties
Alignment: Neutral Good
Attitude/Temperment: Feravitus is very calm and understanding, and forgives easily. While it takes quite a bit of work to provoke him, and he almost always acts in self-defense, his wrath will bring the very skies crashing down upon his enemies. He is not quick to judge but his opinion is hard to sway once it is made. Feravitus tries to enjoy life while it lasts, despite, essentially, immortality.
Equipment: Leather armor with a wolf pelt slung over it, and a +5 Merciful Disrupting Quarterstaff of Speed called the Staff of Eternity which bestows special effects on it's barer (shown below).
Approx. Height: 5' 10"
Approx. Weight: 120lbs
Speaks in dark green.
Feravitus has a Wolf animal companion named Durarus who is silvery-gray in color and has the same piercing yellow eyes as Feravitus.
Backstory: Stay tuned.

Staff of Eternity (SoE): The magical, wooden Stave Feravitus carries is a powerful artifact that enhances his already formidable powers. The wielder of the staff has the following traits.
Immortality: The SoE allows it's barer to live forever, and never die of old age. If the SoE falls out of it's wielder's possession after he would normally have died of old age, he has approximately 1d4 days to reclaim the SoE before he begins to rapidly age and die.
Spells: The SoE's wielder can use the following spells during his turn unless under an Antimagic Field or somesuch.
  Summon Nature's Ally IV - At Will
  Control Weather - At Will
  Cure Critical Wounds, Mass - 5/day
  Wall of Thorns - 5/day
  Summon Nature's Ally IX - 4/day
  Awaken - 1/day
  Reincarnate - 1/day
Nature's Grace: The SoE's wielder is constantly under the following effects, even while in an Antimagic Field or other such impediment. These effects are bestowed on any animal companions and such as well.
  Endure Elements
  Know Direction
  Speak With Plants
  Speak With Animals
In addition, the wielder of the SoE is constantly under a True-Seeing spell, however this does not function in an Antimagic Field nor is it passed on to animal companions and the like.
Deception: The SoE looks like an ordinary walking stick to the naked eye. However those under the effect of True-Seeing see it for what it really is; a wooden staff with runes inscribed all along it's length with a green, glowing orb at it's head.

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