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Opinion: The Town an obligation?

Well, as I'm sure you all have noticed, I haven't been around much recently.  Namely, I've checked in mostly on weekends, if even then.  It's kinda like a hiatus, except with a little more attention paid and I don't call it a hiatus.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not that I've lost's just that I've undergone a bit of a revelation about the Town and my art, the Town especially.

I was making it much too large a priority, and I think that many of the squabbles that I've had with other members are resultant of that.  I found that I was taking the Town too seriously.  I really learned something about us all when conversing with Ms. E, as she stated that she was obligated to continue towning when Soph was over (not to make her come off as anything less than selfless; it was because she didn't want to make people wait)...and, well, I went a bit crazy on her because, frankly, I drew the line at sacrificing personal human contact for the kind over the internet.  She decided eventually in favor of my opinion, possibly for fear of being eaten.

I think that the Town became far too big a part of my life, and honestly I can't say it was entirely healthy for me.  I would say the same about a number of players were it not that it might offend them (as I tend to be wrong in placing my opinions in the noggins of others).

Now, you may all be asking, right now, "Well, what are you going to do about it, NecroPaladin, as the startlingly attractive but nevertheless disconcertingly hypocritical young man that you are?"

And I will answer with a proud, "Good sir," or "My dear," followed by the mere two words:

"Absolutely nothing."

That's because doing something would run directly counter to what I think I should be doing (the aforementioned two words).  I've found that the most enjoyable and stress-free environment for me is when I don't feel like I need to post anything (My apologies to the K.N.A.V.E.S) and when any storylines I'm involved in can go at my own leisurely pace.  The Town should be a game that you can pick up and play, and as much as I bitched and moaned that others move too slowly, there were plenty of other, just as (or nearly as) entertaining things I could be doing, albeit with a different sort of flair to it.  While, say, I would react negatively to someone ignoring a storyline in favor of another storyline, it's another effect entirely when we find ourselves disrespecting people because they just didn't feel like towning.

I'm not going anywhere, Town.  I'm not leaving, or even really taking a break.  But I think that all of us, myself included, shouldn't feel that we need to Town.  No matter how important it is to NecroPaladin that you post for him, it's entirely within your right to say "eff him" and go off to do something that you feel like doing.  I'm really just not important enough for that.

And with that, I bow and jump off my soapbox, possibly lighting something on fire in the process.

*runs around on fire*

I agree. I've known this for a long time. Why I'm still here? I'm addicted to Town and I love it.
However, as a lot of people I interact with know- if I don't feel like playing someone or something? I don't do it.

Ah, this little revelation....
I think I came upon it myself a few weeks back.
Mildly frightening thought, noticing that I felt the need to post in Town.
Whether it was because I felt I needed to do it for others or because my mind was demanding "Town time".

I didn't really care though....I don't have too many better things to do, save lacrosse and time with friends, which all works itself out rather nicely anyway.
I've got myself to a point where I can pull myself away from Town more, so that's probably good.

Yay for mild addictions.

I think to prove to people how addicted they are to this town that we might have a "Day of Silence" on the boards...a day where no one's allowed to post for the day.

I'm ok about posting, I've pretty frequently gone off and gone and done something else for a time. Keeps the little grey cells moving as the saying goes.

I think I like that Day of Silence idea, actually....
Orange Zergling

Wukei wrote:
I think to prove to people how addicted they are to this town that we might have a "Day of Silence" on the boards...a day where no one's allowed to post for the day.

[Chant]Do it do it do it do it do it do it...[/chant]

Orange_Zergling wrote:
Wukei wrote:
I think to prove to people how addicted they are to this town that we might have a "Day of Silence" on the boards...a day where no one's allowed to post for the day.

[Chant]Do it do it do it do it do it do it...[/chant]


So...if we can get more people willing to do it, maybe we can come up with a date?

It could be any day for me, given my gratuitous midterm studying right now.

I don't find it overly hard not to post for a day or so (though it does sort of make me depressed if it's more than a day), it's much, much harder to stay off completely and not even read what goes on (as I'm about to find out, I guess).

So maybe instead of just not posting, we should all go do something else for a day, stay off the forum entirely. Of course, knowing that noone else will be on could make it easier to handle.

I just took the time to fully read this, and I must take a moment to step back and look over my Towning experience.

*steps back and looks*

I see something similar to what you're saying, Necro, just not as necessarily as angry. I, too, am addicted to Town and actually get antsy nearly to the point of jittery without it for an extended period of time when I know I could have access to it otherwise (i.e. computer crash, internet malfunction, etc.). And it's starting to worry me.

I thought I originally joined Town to help my mental health by playing out my feelings. But now as a Townie for about a year, I'm realizing that it has become similar to an addiction. Sure I can lead a "normal" life with friends, girlfriends, and family, extracurriculars and whatnot. I do. But I find that I'm always on Town when I can be and I don't understand why. But I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I don't know whether Town is good or bad, an obligation to me or not, and until I figure it out, I'll keep coming back. But I'll also try and gradually limit my time on here as well.

Thank you, Necro, for shining a light on this for me. Or maybe it's just whatever you lit on fire as you left. I don't know.

I think we need an announcement within the Town forum itself, considering not everyone reads this forum.

Why should I be forced to give up the Town for a day because of other people's opinions? I do not object to people choosing not to post anything for a day but I do object to the closing of the forums.

The whole point was to shed light on the fact that people would be unwilling to do this, perhaps due to addiction.

You wouldn't have to, but if anything, you'd simply be showing a lack of control in keeping yourself away, in the eyes of those viewing Town this way.

You wouldn't have to give it up, but it would be recommended.
Besides, I doubt it would be closing the forum, simply a lack of posting/viewing.

I am against the idea of one day where no one posts, but mainly passivelly.  I post when I have time and am not doing anything else.  If we all don't post on a day when I have a bunch of free time that would be a little sad.  But only a little.  That being said go ahead and do it if you want to I'm sure I can do something else.


McBish wrote:
I am against the idea of one day where no one posts, but mainly passivelly.  I post when I have time and am not doing anything else.  If we all don't post on a day when I have a bunch of free time that would be a little sad.  But only a little.  That being said go ahead and do it if you want to I'm sure I can do something else.

I agree - I'd be sad to lose an increasingly rare role-playing opportunity, but there's always The Sims 2  Laughing

I still think that this part of the forum and the chat forum should be left open so people can chat should they have some free time...but people don't feel obligated to post here, they only feel obligated to post in the Town.  We need to prove that it's not so important that it should be top priority in one's life.

I think that this could be valuable to a lot of us. Certainly, I'll need to wean myself off in the not too distant future, and it will be worth knowing how I fare without being able to post.

I don't think anyone's going to forcibly close the boards. Town will still be there to post in if you want to, but for those who want to participate in the 'day of silence' it might be a nice experiment, to figure out how we really feel about Town, to discover if it's a nice diversion or something a bit closer to an addiction.
The Bushranger

Hm, I know I just got here (but have been in GitP Town for a little bit), but for me, being able to RP on a regular, consistant (and, yes, all-day if I could) basis is one of the few things in my life that keeps me, no day of silence for me...(unless, of course, all the people I would want to be interacting with weren't around Sad ).

I do many, many days of silence every week.

Hmm. I've just come back after a whole month of being internet-free. And I must say that quite a few times, I did feel guilty about not being on Town (especially with Sir Kim and the Conservatory crowd).

And I find myself staying up much later than I should, just to get in some extra RPing before I go to sleep... even if I struggle to get up for important meetings the next day. And I realise that I don't stay up because I'm enjoying it, but because I don't want to let the people I'm Roleplaying with down by stopping earlier.

I think that that's as much of an issue to be discussed here as being addicted to Town, and not something that a 'day of silence' would particularly help. Not to say that it's a bad idea, but to help counter individual addictions, not the supposed obligation felt, and often even pressure put on by other players, to play in Town regularly and frequently.

The problem ultimately seems to be not "I post because I have to post" but more often "I post because I don't want to let down the others who are posting as well."  

That won't be fixed by a day of silence.  That will only be fixed by saying "Sorry, but I've got important obligations and I need sleep."  I see a flaw in the logic of the day of silence, in that the temptation won't be there because the temptation is to play with others. If no one is playing, there is no temptation.  

I recommend doing as Fenric does and simply setting a time each night whenever deadtime hits.  It'll be hard to stick to at first, but once you get used to it, it'll become easier and people will respect it.

I have long recognized Town as one of my addictions, the other is chocolate.

But within the past few months, I've also realized I want to do other things as well.  So I surf Town, check up on things, catch up and then if no one draws me in, or indicates a desire to play, then I go do the other things until I feel the need to check on Town again.  It seems more and more I'm just surfing, waiting to see if someone else is going to come online, or not.  

If you want to interact with my characters, then send me a nudge, I'm more than willing, I just don't know when others want to play (or not), so I tend to assume the not when I don't hear anything when I get online.

This happened to my too but I was struck by the fact that this place is AWASOME! I just cant leave.

Truer words were never spoken.  Heck, I just took 2 monthes off of no Town.

I don't see it as an obligation, because I can stop whenever I feel like. When i first came here, I never posted here or in the GITP town. It was a nonissue.

However, I choose to play in the town. It's very fun, and takes what I find are the most fun parts of D&D for me (The roleplaying), and speeds it up. I become very attached to my characters (Illustrated by how I'm a bit sad that Mirage is marrying Orion, because it saddens Axl, and by extension me.), and I find the relationships that develop to be fun.

Take for example, my current main character, Axl. He's in love with Mirage. However, she's currently pissed off at him for letting slip that she is a dragon. However, he wounldn't have let it slip if she hadn't been sleeping with him and Orion. Rex sees Axl as a fool, and Frosthand helped him make up his mind.

I can't write stuff like that on my own. If I could, I'd be a millionaire writing soap operas. It's just so much fun to create a character, and toss him into the town and see what happens. So I don't think it's an obligation, but it is surely a pleasure.

Hmmm.. I just stumbled on this thread, and this is really an interesting notion. Personally, I don't really feel like I need to Town, but then again, I've only been a Townie for what, a few months now? So it might not have had an opportunity to set in, but I find some of your descriptions of this, er, "condition" I guess, sehr interressant. I don't think Town should be viewed as mandatory, but as what it was originally intended for on the GitP foruns-entertainment. Very unique entertainment, the like of which I have never seen elsewhere. Quite frankly, I love Town, but I love it like I love a video game or a hobby, not like a person or a pet.

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