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Ohhhh Boy

Over the time I've been in the Town, both here and on GitP, I've grown strongly attached to both characters belonging to many different people, and many of you guys as well. Being here has matured me as an RPer, as a writer, and as a person. And I'm still a very emotional person, so let me just get it out of the way that I won't ever forget you guys, or the awesome characters you make. I've had an unforgettable experience in the Town.

You may be asking, well, where are you going with this, Moozy?

And I'll tell you to shut up, because I feel like ranting, and you can either read this stuff or skip to the end that has most of the important bits.

Anyway. I've made lots of friends here, too, and I won't stop chatting over MSN and AIM. I love you guys. No, seriously. I have never met any of you; never seen most of you; never heard any of your voices; haven't even known you all for more than a year... Yet, I feel a kinship between you and me.

I just want to apologize if I was ever an asshole. I know I was at some point, so don't just eulogize me, rant about me if you want. I'll probably never come back to this forum anyway, so I won't find out.

As you may have guessed by now, I am in fact permanently leaving the Town. Another thing I want to apologize for: I know quite a few of my characters, if not all of them, were involved in complicated plots that won't be nearly as fun if one character suddenly disappears... I really am sorry for that. (That includes Faedorn Politics, and you guys are welcome to continue it with Destro as only DM or give up on it.)

Gosh, it's so hard to use humor to gloss over the whole sad situation when it's... you know, a sad situation. But I should stop being full of myself, so I guess I'll wrap it up as quick as I can.

So yeah, see you guys later. Some of you I'll see on IM, some of you I might never hear from again. To those who are being snubbed by my characters' sudden absences from their plot: do what you want with them; you can pretend they never existed, or just kill them off, do what you will.

Clicking Submit now.
Obsidian Blade

Awwww... we'll miss you, Moozy! You're an awesome RPer - it's sad to see you go. Apart from your abrupt absence over the last month, I don't feel any need to rant about you. But I'm not too good at eulogizing, either, so...


Take care, wherever you go.

You'll be back....

And I still hate you for Blood....

Very Happy

Just kidding.

Good kitty...

Have fun.

Even if I didn't like Blood doesn't mean I don't like you. And even if I never really talked or RPed with you doesn't mean I don't care. So, I hope you're focusing on something more important than this that warrants your absence.

Goodbye for a time.

You'll come back... I said I was leaving for good too. But I'm back.

But have fun on your little vacation. We'll all miss you. Until you come back.

He'll come back. They all do... *sniff*
The Chilli God

*Sets the timer*

<.< >.>

G'bye, mate. Have a good life.

Moozy's leaving!


Well, I hope you've enjoyed it here. Best wishes for the times to come.

And if you ever do return (there is a chance Razz), we'll be glad to have you back.

Ciao for now.
Orange Zergling




Will you at least pop onto BNet occasionally?

Haven't been here enough time to get to know, but still, See ya Soon.

Who's Moozy? O_o

blackout wrote:
Who's Moozy? O_o


Good luck, whatever you decide.  Take your time thinking things through.

"It is a sad day when a Townie leaves,
Whether for reasons in his control or not.
And everyone heaves a sigh of sadness,
And hopes he later comes back to the lot.
Yet for now there's nothing we can do,
But say "Adieu,"
And go on with the rest of the plot."

Aye, this is my poem to all who are leaving Town now.

Nevrmore wrote:
blackout wrote:
Who's Moozy? O_o


OK, now who's Blood? O_o

His main character was Rell. from GitP

Hey, I didn't even know the guy, but after lurking around for a while I do know this. Town owns his soul. Moozy'll be back. No doubt about it.

"The Soda shall return, and there will be great rejoicing and dancing in the streets, and all will be well."

-No one in particular
No specific date
No identifiable year

Well put, Pres. Well put. *golf clap*

Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.


Moozy, thank you for all the fun with Blood.  She'll be missed.  So will Dragon.  He was hilarious.

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