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Name: Sasha 'Sia' Langues

Touch me again and I'll rip your arm off.

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Alignment and Temprament: CN. Slightly feral and has no social experiance. Extremely claustrophobic and alway very tense.
Age: Late teens.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 100lbs.
Hair colour and length: Black, short and ragged.
Eye colour: Deep brown.
Weapons: Two daggers - magical qualities of these are unknown.

Over a little while it has come out that Sia raised herself on the streets of Dranell, a city in an unknown world. She lived with an urchin band (called 'kinterjells') until she was eight, when she was suddenly forced to fend for herself. Although she has not said much about this period, it has become known that she worked in a brothel for a few years until she was identified and picked up by the Co-Ordinater or one of his agents. She was trained until she could carry out high-level missions.
It is not quite clear why she was sent to Town in the first place, but it likely has something to do with the orb she stole from the Temple of Elders.
Nothing else of her life has been revealed.

[Common Knowledge]
-Sia does not appreciate having any sort of physical contact with other people or animals, especially men.
-Sia often speaks with strange words and hand signals, which is the way of speaking on the streets. She alls into this habit most often when she is angry or excited.

- Has no magical or supernatural abilities whatsoever.

[Ongoing Storylines]
Quit working for the Co-Ordinater and is currently living with Adder.

Sia speaks in blue.

Name: Lelin

F***ing with people's heads is so fun, isn't it?

Race: Part human, part outsider
Class: Rogue
Alignment and Temprament: NE. Relaxed and sarcastic, but willing to have fun. As long as it's her kind of fun. Which involves torturing NPCs. Basically, a self-serving bitch who is out to gather more power and dominate those weaker than herself.
Age: 27
Height: 5'8
Weight: 134 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Brown, long.
Eye colour: Dark green.
Weapons: Her powers and an acid longsword.

Nothing at all has been revealed of Lelin's former life, except that she worked for the Coordinater until recently, and has known Sia for a long period of time.

[Common Knowledge]
-Enjoys hanging around Trog's Tavern.

Lelin has many abilities, most notably the ability to manipulate the human body to do a variety of things, such as becoming incorporeal or to heal itself.  

[Ongoing storylines]
Is currently planning revenge on Adder and Sia for 'betraying' her.

Lelin speaks in purple.

Name: Gabriel Cental


Race: Human
Class: Ranger/Kindler
Alignment and Temprament: NG. Down to earth and protective of his friends, but easily riled up.
Age: 25
Height: 5'11
Weight: 176lbs.
Hair colour and length: Blond and shoulder length.
Eye colour: Amber
Weapons: A +4 composite longbow and two +1 longswords.

Although not too much is known about Gabriel's history, it appears that he grew up in a 'temple', where his powers were experimented upon by the 'temple men'. He uses mild terms to describe them because he doesn't like his sister to know the extent of what she would have gone through had she remained there. He was trained to be a Kindler, a warrior who manipulates the element of fire to his advantage, but due to reasons unknown he left their ranks, having failed some sort of test.
About a year before he came to Town he broke out of the temple with his sister Lakshmi in order to save her from the experiments. The remainder of his family were killed in the attempt. After that they wandered from city to city, earning money by stealing from temples and making use of his abilities with fire. He developed an extremely close bond with his sister and is fiercely protective of her, perhaps too much sometimes.

[Common Knowledge]
- Temperatures in the room rise when he's upset/angry
- Is ferociously protective of Lakshmi.
- Is reserved and not a very good conversationalist.

Gabriel is pyrokinetic, though he doesn't seem to have full control of his abilities. Fires generally tend to light spontaneously when he's angry or upset.

[Ongoing Storylines]
Gabriel is currently in a relationship with Sunn, and now has two daughters with her.

Gabriel speaks in gold.

Lakshmi Cental

AWESOME! Can I try?

Race: Human
Class: NA
Alignment and Temprament: LG. Loves to laugh and is pretty much incapable of being serious for long.
Age: 9
Height: 4"3
Weight: 39lbs.
Hair colour and length: Blond and waist length
Eye colour: Ice blue.
Weapons: None.

Lakshmi is in the custody of her older brother, Gabriel. Her powers greatly interested the 'temple men', and they became divided as half denounced her as an animal and half worshipped her as a god. Gabriel decided that either way his sister would grow up in a padded cell, and resuced her at a great cost. Lakshmi believes that she would never hurt anybody, but has done so unknowingly on several occasions, most notably killing ten men from the temple as well as her mother by accident.
Despite her rather bad experiances she is still far more outgoing then her brother and willing to believe the best in people, which hasn't served her all that well so far.

[Common Knowledge]
- Is very talkative and friendly.
- Greatly dislikes violence.
- Is innocent to the point of naivety.

Lakshmi has a somewhat limited telekinesis, but her main power lies in imagination. She only has to imagine an object for it to become real, or change.

[Ongoing Storylines]
Lakshmi is currently recovering from being captured by slavers.

Lakshmi speaks in indigo.

Name: Fydan Shielder. INACTIVE

I told you before, I need space sometimes. Isolation is my element.

Race: Elf
Class: Fighter 17, Wizard 9
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Neutral, leaning towards Good. Close-mouthed, determined attitude. Can be blunt.
Age: 152
Height: Short. Let's just leave it at that.
Weight: 127lbs.
Hair colour and length: Bright green, waist length.
Eye colour: Dark green.
Weapons: Ice sword.

Fydan is a sarcastic warrior that has never told anyone much about her past. Apparently she was born in the slums of large city where she quickly learned to keep her mouth shut if she didn't want someone to tear her tongue out. She learned to fight there from a mentor who drove her to her limits. She grew up in these harsh conditions, learning to trust very few people.
One day the slums were raided by a group of slavers. Although she survived their onslaught, her family didn't, and her sister was spirited away. The authorities turned a deaf ear, and so she vowed revenge.
Fydan disappeared for two decades, returning to her home city only to start looking for the slavers that ruined her world. She searched for them for another few decades, only to finally realize that she would never find them. Depressed, she has wandered the land ever since, searching for a purpose and becoming increasingly bitter. Nothing of her adventures has yet been revealed to anyone, but after her arrival in Town she began to lighten up and become friendlier.

[Common Knowledge]
I am far too lazy to fill this out. Common knowledge is common knowledge, right? Shouldn't everybody already know this stuff?


[Ongoing Storylines]
- Currently in a relationship with Kal and dealing with the loss of her friend, Rell.
- Tired of city life, she and Kal have moved to the absolute outskirts of Town and are currently living in a nomadic lifestlye.

Fydan speaks in green.

Obsidian Blade

Modern Town

Name: Ceinwen Muirgen ('Rift') INACTIVE


Ceinwen Muirgen (alias: Rift)

Race: Human
Class: Superhero
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good. It is rare for her to act serious, and she is always ready with a sarcastic retort. She loves to play practical jokes, much to the annoyance of her associates.
Age: 27
Height: 56
Weight: 126lbs.
Appearance: Ceinwen looks vaguely Scandinavian, with bright blue eyes and blond hair. Her skin is unnaturally pale, a side effect of traveling through wormholes, and her eyes there's not really another way to describe them are just plain creepy. Not exactly something you can put your finger on... but they're different. It might have something to do with the pupils they don't react to the light at all.

Ceinwen Muirgen grew up in England with her mother, a rather air-headed woman who shared only one thing with her daughter - a love of practical jokes. Ceinwen was always a little bit different from the other children her age. Teachers often reported items going missing when she was in the area, and she always seemed to walk to and from school unusually fast. The girl was banned from all school computers after deleting important information from them multiple times by accident.
It was not until her early teens did Ceinwen start to consciously open wormholes and use them for dimensional transport. Although the effort drained her terribly at first, after practice she could soon transport both herself and other objects at will. She found that doing so often caused electrical blackouts in her neighborhood and wiped technologies such as computers, cellphones and play stations free of data.
Ceinwen preferred to hang out with other social misfits, and soon became embroiled in a small-time crime group, where using her powers soon made her into a legend. Small-crime escalated into gang warfare, where she became proficient using semi-automatic pistols, her weapon of choice.
When a street fight resulted in the death of a close friend, Ceinwen left London in disgust and moved to America, hoping to either locate her father or get into the police both of which she failed at doing.
Quickly becoming disillusioned with the world, Ceinwen earned a degree in astrophysics and started developing her abilities more and more as she traveled, eventually joining a crime fighting group. She stayed with them for a few years and found that protecting civilians from harm was a much more fulfilling occupation than doing the opposite, although Rift has a suspicion that she is in it mainly for the adrenaline rush. After a falling out with the rest of the group, she wandered from place to place, fighting those who she believed deserved it and sometimes ending up in jail herself - not that many prisons are capable of holding her for long.
One day she happened to read about a company called Rosetta Industries - a place where she might be able to find out more about her abilities. This prompted her trip to Modern Town...

[Powers and Abilities]
Rift has the ability to open wormholes in the space/time continuum to use as dimensional transport. She can bring other things along with her, although taking other organisms through is more strenuous. Due to excessive exposure to the wormholes, the magnetic fields around her are damaged and therefore most electric devices that store data are wiped clean when she comes too near or tries to use them. Her eyes can also withstand extreme reflection or brightness.
Rift also is skilled with using semi-automatic pistols. She always has at least one on her person, though normally she carries two.

Rift is currently trying to find out as much about her powers as she can.

Rift speaks in dark green.

Obsidian Blade

Sci-Fi Town

Name: Tanith

Race: Human (?)
Class: Rogue
Alignment and Temperament: TN. Rarely concerned with the welfare of others, Tanith is perfectly prepared to steal and blackmail to get her way. The few people she does care about are likely better off without her in their lives.
Age: Twenty-something.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 143lbs.
Hair colour and length: Brown, long.
Eye colour: Dark green.
Weapons: A blaster, several grenades, and a few bombs concealed around her person.

Nothing is known about Tanith, except the fact that she hails from the planet Alnitak of the Orion system and has a large number of 'alternate identities' that are certainly not legally acquired.

[Common Knowledge]
- None.

- Specializes in bombs and demolitions.
- Is a reasonably good hacker, but can't stand computers that talk.
- Is claustrophobic.

[Ongoing Storylines]

Tanith speaks in brown.

Name: Jude

[description pending]

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