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John''s not from around here.  Not by a long shot.  It doesn''t matter where here is he''s not been here before.  His friends dropped him off with little to no warning and he knows he''s not supposed to leave until he catches word from them.  That''s fine by John though.  He likes new places, the weirder the better.  Something tells him he''s going to love this new town.

John''s been around and he knows a thing or two about healing.  His lenses let him figure out whats wrong with a person and a little healing magic and the occasional herbal tea usually sorts them out.  If that doesn''t do the trick give John a few days for a walkabout and he''ll find an old fiend who owes him a bit of magery.  Like John''s dad used to say "If a creature from another dimension can''t solve the problem maybe it don''t need fixin''"

John wouldn''t say he hates violence but that''s mostly because hate strikes him as a violent word.  Make no mistake he''ll rearrange you in the organs if you try to rumble him, but he''ll be dead before he gets caught throwing the first punch.

After helping dawn to thwart a leafy takeover of the Town and creating anew race of timelords, John left Town on unknown business.  He has only recently returned and is currently hunting for Dawn.

 In his travels John apparently acquired timelord regeneration and decided to break his vows of pacifism.  He has also traded in his belt for a jacket and a nasty scar over his eye.

And now he''s regenerated.  And a bit more prone to oddity.

He regenerated again and accidentally trapped Pierrot in his brain.

"Firiat, Mage of the Order, known to some as the Ally of the lord"

Al likes the album Graceland.  So don't be offended if he ignores you in favor of quietly singing Paul Simon songs to himself.  It's nothing personal.

Al is also the keeper of the Order's Karaoke hook up.  He has not been seen since the events that gave John his facial scar.  Only time will tell how he fared.

And so it has.  Al is now sporting a jaunty hat and half mask.  And he's gone capital E Evil.  So you know that's going to be fun...

Is currently a mite less evil and at war with an evil timelord/slug/catgirl named Dei.



Kar is a shapeshifter.  He is also a member in good standing of the Order.  He also has a second personality named Pierrot.  Pierrot is a clown who runs Pierrot's Carnival.


A timelord formerly in Al's employ.  Recently regenerated.  May be one of John's children.  Addicted to Laudanum.  Carries a cane.

Dated Auora for a short time before screwing it up.  Formerly tended bar at Trog's.  Now a musician again.

Theme Song.

John's daughter.  Former Dalek, current Timelord.  Does tech like it's going out of style.

The Dark Woman/Susan(?)
John's mother.  Sort of a god.  Has a looney tunes take on combat.  Likes sex and violence.  Currently inhabiting a body that formerly belonged to an Npc named Susan.

Lex is John's third child.  No one's quite sure where he's been but he's bound to pop up right about... Now!

Lex is an information junkie.   He loves examining new spells and technology but can be a little distant towards other people.  He finds they're often less interesting than a new problem to solve.



A Cannibal Demon, Marcellus derives his abilities from ingesting the flesh of others.   He's also a mercenary who's worked for and nibbled on just about everybody in the Order.


The (Celestial) Toymaker, a minor god who collects souls.  Specializes in toys.

The Rake


The Very Odd Thing

Remnants of a shattered god.  Generally nice guys but with a sinister side.  It's their shtick.  Nice, but kinda sneaky.  Or, Nice to your face, but totally evil.


An angel and a scholar.  Contains most of Firiat's memories but none of his magical ability.  Compensates with magical devices  and a hefty research library.


A collection of Firiat's illusions, trickery, and power.  Easily fades from view.  It's powers are mostly psionic but it can easily respond to threats with his inhuman strength.
Kalan Freeman

A slave.  Pleasant guy.  Owned by Erou.



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