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The Character Directory
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BlackFox's Vicious, Varied, and Violent Characters
Bushranger's Modern and Sci-Fi Town Characters
Lex-kat's Character Portfolio
Cloud Strife's Charecter
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Baeleck's Brand Spanking New Character List
Vendaetta Incarnate's Characters
apeoflight's characters
Veacross Char's
Denbek's Characters
Bardsareawesome's New List (Now with 50% more game stats!)
BardsAreAwesome's Character List
Character List for BardsDontSuck
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TigersFang's Unique Personalities
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Butterfly's Character Cocoons
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Avalon's Menagerie
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Butterfly Babes Character
Azrael's Characters
Carrion's Character(s)
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Gusk's character
Child Of Spleen's Character/s
ReignonYourParade's Characters
Pokémon of the Klocia Region
DivaDe's Character(s)
Moxie's Stories.
Mongo's Characters
Character Adoption Center.
Shiny's Characters
Sneak's Incredibly Spiffy Characters
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Wing's Character Box
The Messenger
A Rainy Knight's Characters
Therarde and Co.
The Green Thread
The Cabinet :El Presidente's Character(s)
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Tiben's Characters
nightwing's characters
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Phoenixineohp's Characters
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Metakirbs (Greatly reduced) Character list
Die Die My Darling
Penguinizer's Character(s)
Bookboy's Characters
Lord Vader's Characters
blackout's Characters
Terumitsu et al.
WyndRyder's Character Profiles
Ace 2's Characters.
Draken's Exemplars of Evil, mostly.
Flabbicus' Characters
Defiler's Characters
Miatog's character list.
Osnagard's Character List
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Murky Pool's character
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Pwenet's Character List
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McBish's people
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Character Power Thread
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Atreyu's Reese's PC's
Mortia De Luna Draco
Magtok's Malicious Museum of Madmen and Muppets
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Alarra's characters
Artemis' Character List
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Darkblade's Chars
Yar, har, fiddle dee dee, you are a pirate!
The Barrel of Foxes (Aiki's Characters)
Wukei's Characters
The_Librarian's Characters
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Kyrian's Characters.
Warpfire's Rockin' Dudes and their Excellent Adventures
Damon's List of Extreme Rockocity.
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Ms Elaneous Characters
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J. Muller's Character List
The Chilli God's Character List Thingie
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