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Looking for Players
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Gauging Interest: Kingdom Hearts-Based?
Legends of Arhade OOC
Return of the Karistan Empire (Star Wars RPG)
Torchwood GURPS
Taken by the mists [OSRIC+Ravenloft]
Adventurer's Guild
recruiting: Left for dead, The zombie endgame.
Dustworld 1.5 Beta Testing
Here Be Gods (A Town-based Story): Two lines of Play. H/V
So how many people have Shadowrun?
Tomb of Horrors... Vael Style
The Castle of Ravenloft
Urban Campaign
Round Robin DMing game
Purgai Campaign(Hopefully on-going)
Citadel of the Demon Prince
Girl Genius (Werewolf Game)
DustWorld Playtesting{DMs and Players required!}
Age of Worms
In the Giants' Playground
Dungeon of Doom!
D&D Sporting Events
Aether Uncovered
Dark Tide
The Sinister Spire OOC
Wraith: the Oblivion
WoD--A vampire in New York
Alternative History
Of Demons and Dinosaurs [closed]
Faedorn Politics [OOC]
Politics and Roleplaying and Bears, OH MY!!!
Looking for a Partner
Gosh, it's boring over here...
The Guild Game
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