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The Town
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Playground in the Playground II
Wynn's Mansion VII [Modern]
Trog's Tavern XXI
House of Accolades [Full]
The Comprachicos' Market (Slums)
Stevie and Illith's Base [Constructing] [Sci-Fi]
Morbius' Mechanical Marvels I
Derelict Research Station[Plot] [Sci-Fi]
The death of a warrior
Noah's Clinic
Statestowne I
The Temple of Inari XVIII
The Castle of Mor'Illorum I
Lillah's and Kyrian's house II
Search for the lost weapons (Plot)
Ferrins castle
Trog's Tavern XX
The Large Tree in the Middle of Town
The Clan System[Elsewhere in the Galaxy] [Sci-Fi]
Bard's Space Tavern II (Always Hiring) [Skyway] [Sci-Fi]
Pandaro's Puzzles
Streets X
The Wood-Edge Field
The Net [Sci-Fi]
CHEAP hotel [undertown] [Sci-Fi]
Trog's Tavern XIX
The Asteroid Belt [Sci-Fi]
Waddle Dee's Shop Of Stuff
Time to VOTE for Council!
Deep Ruins [Undertown] [Sci-Fi]
Grayham Manor (Plot)
Space Docks [Skyway] [Sci-Fi]
Abrajin's Library
Shopping District [Skyway] [Sci-Fi]
The Black Hole [Under Town] [Sci-Fi]
Park[Skyway] [Sci-Fi]
The Arcade [Sci-Fi]
Thanksgiving Feast: Come and get it!
Abbidon[Planet] [Sci-Fi]
The Temple of Inari XVII
Akbar's Fine Transportation Dealership [Skyway] [Sci-Fi]
Random Warehouse [undercity] [Sci-Fi]
The Black Gauntlet Headquarters [Undertown] [Sci-Fi]
Cloud City [Town] [Sci-Fi]
The Skyway [Sci-Fi]
Undertown [Sci-Fi]
Cali's Saikei Garden III
Hilltop Mansion
Of Characters Offering Illegal Services ... [OOC]
RCS (Plot)
Renegade [Sci-Fi]
McKay's Luxury Station [Sci-Fi]
Ellis Synthetic Advancement Center [Sci-Fi]
Marraen Colony 021 [Planet] [Sci-Fi]
First Intergalactic Bank [Sci-Fi]
The Cihcdyn System [Sci-Fi]
Brick Arrow [Sci-Fi]
The Gryphon [Sci-Fi]
Time to VOTE for Mayor
Mist Spire XI
Galactic Medical Corporation [Sci-Fi]
The Debates at Trog's: Iames v. Quint v. Sunn
Corporate Space Station{Plot} [Sci-Fi]
Lori's {Closed}
"Spiders From Mars" Stopoff [Sci-Fi]
Hangar 18 [Sci-Fi]
The Nebula [Sci-Fi]
Ool [Planet] [Sci-Fi]
The Scraps Dealer [Sci-Fi]
The Ebon Hawk [Sci-Fi]
Brasche's Base [Sci-Fi]
Trog's Tavern XVIII
The Hanged Man [Sci-Fi]
K.N.A.V.E.S. Headquarters [Air] V
Marraen [Planet] [Sci-Fi]
Livingston Station [Sci-Fi]
A Cave [2112] [Sci-Fi]
The Temples of Syrinx [2112] [Sci-Fi]
EMPTI Headquarters [Sci-Fi]
Bard's Space Tavern (Always Hiring) [Skyway] [Sci-Fi]
Interplanetary Medium [Sci-Fi]
Woods III
Van Halen (plane, pun and concert hall)
December Avatar Contest [OOC]
The Scraps Dealer
Time to Nominate for Mayor and Council
'A Foaming Pie' Cleaning Services
Modern Town Police Station [Modern]
The Plane of Nightmares [PLOT]
December Avatar Contest (OOC)
Your thoughts on a Sci-fi themed Town?
The Temple of Inari XVI
Gwen's House and Gardens V
Town Police III
The Black Dragon's Den II
The Other Romantic Pond
The Castle Steelheart
The Rock Estate
Trog's Tavern XVII
Scrap Merchant
Wynn's Mansion VI [Modern]
Rubus Oculus Detective Agency - Find Things, Solve Crimes
Streets IX
The Zeppelin Nation
The OmniShop VIII
TAANPC v. Omnishop
Rosetta Industries [Modern]
Town Militia
A secondary good organization and its enemys [OOC]
The Junkyard Skatepark.
Town Association for the Advancement of NPCs
Conservatory III
The Chicken Road Motel and Dinner [Modern]
Multivac Technologies Incorporated Corporate HQ [Modern]
KNAVES vs Town Police Trial
The Fresh Scents Bakery
Trog's Tavern XVI
Castle Frosthand
The Temple of Inari XV
Megaera's Apartment
Trog's Basement
The 'Canopy' of Central Town
The Hotel Cherokee [Modern]
The Forgotten Forest [Plot]
Beach IV
Iari II
Loki's Hideout [Modern]
K.N.A.V.E.S. Headquarters [Air] IV
Streets II [Modern]
Wynn's Mansion V [Modern]
The Ruins of Ylarra [Plot]
Trog's Tavern XV
The Eyrie III
The Nightmares (OOC)
The Town of WinterHearth II [Vulpine Empire]
McLean's Residence [Modern]
The Temple of Inari XIV
ArsenINC. [Modern]
Rose Forge II
Remember, remember, the 5th of November [OOC]
The Town Park
Trog's Second Floor II
Mountains II
Town Halloween Party [OOC]
Streets VIII
Dec. 8th (OOC) [Modern]
Mist Spire X
Workshop of Wonder II
Blackspine Valley
The Dungeons of Xulryn (Plot, open)
The Green Chapel II
High School [Modern]
Countryside II
The OmniShop VII
Flo's Diner [Modern]
Trog's Tavern XIV
The Temple of Inari XIII
A Plane in Progress
Andrew Avellino Memorial Graveyard [Modern]
Enkidu City [Tyrath]
Town Hills Apartments III
Hangman's Hill
Gull's Rock
Seven Paths Academy for Adventurers [Tyrath]
House D (Town Hills) [Tenants: Hawkeye and Wukei]
The Papua Cave
Town Census
Across the Axis [Plotish] [Modern]
The Temple of Gen
Temple of Iames II
Time to VOTE....
Wynn's Mansion IV [Modern]
The Infinite Layers of the Abyss
The Town vs Drake Trial
Lux Aeterna
Mist Spire IX
The Temple of Merant Herreldr II
Namira of the North
Iames Campaign Headquarters
The Old Ship Wreck [Plot]
The OmniShop VI
[Trial] Kyrian/Lillah vs Aerin
Lillah and Kyrian's house
The Town Police vs Iames
The Town vs Iames
Kelvin's Aracane Investigative services. [Modern]
Gwen's House and Gardens IV
The Temple of Inari XII
The Police Station [Modern]
Streets VII
Time to Nominate! 9-15 Sept!
Trog's Tavern XIII
The Wilderness of the Beastlands
Plane Hopping! Current Plane: There isn't one
Town Police II
Blue Wings II
Nikki and Jinki's China Market [Modern]
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