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The Town
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Town Police Department Headquarters III
The Mad Scientist's Castle [Plot]
Vedran's Apothecary
Claddagh Inn II
The Hive (Dungeon)
The Bank [Modern]
The Temple of Inari - Fox Goddess. XXV
The Mall II [Modern]
Manaforge Al'zon (Above streets)
Trog's Tavern XLII
Expedition to the Demonweb Pits [Plot]
Streets XVIII
Eldoran v. Roper
The Catacombs of the Dread Lord of Darkness [Mirror]
Mist Spire XII
A City Outside of Town [Plot]
Victor's house
Layer 230 of the Abyss, the Dreaming Gulf
Voting Week
Eldoran v. Purple Worm
APNPCR Head Quarters.
Trog's Tavern XLI
Trog's Second Floor VII
The Cabin in the Countryside
Temple of Iames III
Aesa v. Sand Golem
Elsewhere Castle [Plot]
Dacha Russkij II
Axl and Kismet's Home
The Dome Center
Wanted Items
Arena: Aesa v. Boneyard
The Arena
Trog's Tavern XL
The site of the murder
The site of the fire
Beach VI
The Temple of Holy Inari XXIV
The Chapel on a Hill
Election time! [Nomination Week]
The Town College of Arms
54 Gravel Avenue, the house of Rhon's murdered lover
The Eyrie IV
The Streets XVII
Quincent's Secret Location
The Black Dragon's Den IV
The Strategic Evil Information Network
Trog's Tavern XXXIX
Woods IV
The Viral Realm
Zor's Cave II
New Rules Enacted
A rift in time (Character transfer thread) [Sci-Fi]
A rift in time (Character transfer thread) [Modern]
A rift in time (Character transfer thread)
A Small Hut in the Woods
Fortune Teller's Shop
Sneak's Milk Bar Restaurante II
The Patchwork Lands (Open Plot, Join in!)
Trog's Tavern XXXVIII
The Toss & Roll [Tyrath] II
Larkin and Max's Cottage II
Mountains IV
Deep Space [Sci-Fi]
Uncle Billy's mechanics [Sci-Fi]
The Orbital Shipyards [Sci-Fi]
Trog's Second Floor VI
Town Defense Forces Space HQ [Sci-Fi]
The new school for the specially abed [Modern]
Fiendish Fashions
Claddagh Inn
Trog's XXXVI
The Chapel of Tsmit
The Temple of Inari XXIII
The Streets XVI
Countryside III
Ruined Prison Complex
The Scene
Trog's Tavern XXXV
Hoseki and Kantur's House
Sarathi Villa
The Butterfly Zoo
The Home of Ry
The ruined planet, Drakorlon, and Coros [semi-plot]
Cupid's Matchmaking Service
Trog's Tavern XXXIV
Der Musikshoppe Von Die Wuschen Geschwister (Store)
Trog's Second Floor V
Barkhouse Bestiary
Robot Invasion [Plot - Feel Free to Jump In]
Beach V
Sea plot (looking for interest)
The OmniShop X
The Silver Tower
A Hidden Cave [PLOT]
Dacha Russkij
The Wasteland
Trog's Tavern XXXII
Streets XV
Gender Bender Week Hits Enupnion [Event Feb. 17- 23]
Trog's Tavern XXXI
Gienah - a world outside Time [plot]
The Open Sea
Spook's Warehouse/Apartment
[OOC, Rant] To Players of Police Characters
Atreyu the Masked LLama vs Melantha Trial
A Hidden Laboratory
The Temple of Inari XXII
Larkin and Max's Cottage
A Flat in the Middle District
Zor's Cave
Astral Plane
Trog's Tavern XXX
The Underworld [Plot-ish]
The Mercenary Headquarters
The Black Dragon's Den III
Town Police Department Headquarters II
Streets XIV
Trog's Tavern XXIX
Alien UFO
The Needle and Thread Tailor's Shop
Barbarian Village[Plottish]
Rebecca's home
Trog's Tavern XXVIII
Klocia [Ravenloft]
Riviera Paradise
Trog's Second Floor IV
The Castle of Mor'Illorum III
Town Cemetery II
Shrine of Artemis
Under the Mountains [Plot]
Valentine's Day
Kateb Estate
Mountains III
Trog's Tavern XXVII
A Random Village Up North-Northwest...ish. (Plot-related)
The LAIR of Magtok
Far, Far Away [Plot of DOOM!]
The Legendary Tower of Dem
Shadow Realms of the Dakorath
Moxie's Smithery
The Temple of Inari XXI
Bodr'eds books (and book club)
Gwen and Alexander's House and Gardens VI
Alarra's Gems II
[Trial] The Town vs. Laraek
Trog's Tavern XXVI
Streets XIII
Aeri and Nazgul's Mountain Home
Slums III
Trial: Jaric vs Aerin and the Alexander sisters
Hidden free pokéman base (Slums)
Trog's Tavern XXV
Niccolo's Pizzeria
The Pokécenter
Spelljammer Port Facilities
Trog's Tavern XXIV
A cottage a few miles out of town.
Archlight Academy
The Frollo Estate
The Silent District (Now with 60% more Plot!)
Sanctuary of the Path
The Firetrap
Pirate Base (Plot-Related)
Mountain Cult Rescue [Plot]
Trog's Second Floor III
Team Lore Town Base
Streets XII
Vote for the Best Avatar of the Year!
Alexanders' Garage and Repairs III
The Castle of Mor'Illorum II [Accepting All Monsters]
The Grammaton Refuge (Slums)
The Temple of Inari XX
Gypsy Camp
The Cannoli [Docks]
TPD Slums Station
Town Police Department Headquarters
Trog's Tavern XXIII
The Land of Gnome [plot, open and accepting PCs]
Rose Forge III
Elder Ash
The Realm [plot] [Modern]
The Linking room [Modern]
Trog's Tavern XXII
The Rock Estate II
Project Seraphim (Plot)
Pre-Town-ish thing
Plot-Looking for Interest [Sci-Fi]
The OmniShop IX
The Temple of Inari XIX
Orbital Starport [Sci-Fi]
Streets XI
Lacroix [Planet] [Sci-Fi]
The Library of Babel
The Grey Blade [Bounty Hunters] I
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