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The Town
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Beach XV
Adventurer's Guild! Graveyard Quest
The Ruby Citadel - Realm of Sardior, the Ruby Dragon
The Streets XXVIII
The Shadow Lair of Kimiya
Adventurer's Guild!
The World Between the Between[PLOT]
Trog's Tavern LXIX
Warrior's Rest
The Countryside VI
Mountain Temple of Kyr X
Castle Frosthand II
Seoral and Cedie's Beach House III
The Iris
The Temple of Inari XXIX
The Black Dragon's Den VI
The World Serpent (Wukei's Ship)
The Roads Less Traveled 5 [Plot of DooOOOoom!]
Trog's Tavern LXIII
The Porter's Lodge
Gienah - a world outside Time II [plot]
The Mechanical Orb
The Glass City in the Stars
Mountain Temple of Kyr IX
Iering's Ear Rings
Streets XXVII
General Store in the Slums
The Roads Less Traveled 4 [Plot of Doooooom!]
Claddagh Inn VI
Trog's Tavern LXII
The Tower Delve [Plot]
The ruined planet, Drakorlon, and Coros III
The Great Glacier
The Temple of Inari XXVIII
Mountain Temple of Kyr VIII
Trog's Tavern LXI
1100 block of Winsome Lane - (site of Lesawe's apartment)
The Temple of Merant Herreldr III
Market Street
Stacked! Adult Bookstore (Previously The Black Cauldron)
The OmniShop XII
The Roads Less Traveled 3 [Plot(of Dooooom!)]
Dacha Russkij VI
Mountain Temple of Kyr VII
Sentinel: HEAT
Slums VI
Trog's Tavern LX
The Streets XXVI
Docks II
Claddagh Inn V
Pheros (Plot)
Zor and Sofia's Cave III
The Ranch
Mountain Temple of Kyr VI
The plane of Combat
The Silver Tower II
Trog's Tavern LIX
Seoral and Cedie's Beach House II
Streets XXV
Fern's clearing
HyperCorp Research Facility [Modern]
R. Stigetto & Son Creamery & Soda Shoppe
Beach XIV
The Palace of Mephistopheles
The Roads Less Traveled 2 [Plot(of Doooom!)]
Mountain Temple of Kyr V
Trog's Tavern LVIII
Craftsmens' Caravan [Event]
Eric Kidd's Mindscape
Claddagh Inn IV
Romantic Pond II
The Roads Less Traveled [Plot (of doom)]
Trog's Tavern LVII
Mountain Temple of Kyr IV
Sszinyon's Hideout
Network of Caves - up in the mountains
Underground OmniTek Compound[Plot - Feel free to join]
Raiders of the Last Crusading Pirate of Doom's Crystal Skull
Seoral and Cedie's Beach House
The Streets XXIV
Trog's Tavern LVI
MagShock [PLOT]
The Black Dragon's Den V
The Castle of Mor'Illorum V
Feira's Rugs, Carpets, and Quilts
The Secluded Hilltop
Power Poll: Nailing it Down
Dr. Peter's Therapy (open now!)
Should We Stay or Should We Go? [Council Voting Thread]
We're done with this one, unsticky and lock
Trog's Second Floor IX
First Annual Town-Wide Fair [Secret LOVE Hideout]
Mountain Temple of Kyr III
Manor Murder Mystery Game [Plot]
Trog's Tavern LV
Random Venues Inside of Town
The Temple of Inari XXVII
The Osax Swarm [Spacecraft] [Sci-Fi]
Abandoned Manor
Zor and Sofia's Cave II
Trog's Tavern LIV
Trog's Tavern LIII
Solaan's Planar Realm [Tyrath]
Mountain Temple of Kyr II
The streets XXIII
Trog's Tavern LII
Normalish House [Modern]
Sanctorium Of Magtok
Beach the XIIIth
Streets of Detroit[Plot] [Modern]
The Rock Estate III
Claddagh Inn III
Graysteel Wall
An normal-looking house in the suburbs [Modern]
Somewhere beneath the sewers...[Plot] [Modern]
Trog's Tavern LI
Mountain Temple of Kyr
The Temple of Inari in Ravenloft [Plot]
The Empty Lot Where the Temple of Inari Used To Be
Mountains VI
A Rundown Attic
The Great Forest [Sci-Fi]
The Temple of Dagon
Town Hills House #6 (occupants: free pokemen) II
Trog's Tavern L
Lux Aeterna II
The Streets XXII
Trog's Tavern XLIX
K.N.A.V.E.S. Headquarters VI
Zor and Sofia's Cave
Dacha Russkij V
The Agency Base [Secret] [Modern]
Nomination Time
The Pleasure Pits of the Abyss [Plot]
The Broken Theater[Plot]
Shinticca Shrine
Slums V
The Party of Lords [Plot]
Nerull's Domain
The Dakorian Library
The Beset Village [Plot]
The Dome Center IV
Trog's Second Floor VIII
Trog's Tavern XLVIII
Sea of Sand II
The OmniShop XI
Woods V
The Streets XXI
Trog's Tavern XLVII
Wardric Manor
The Studio [Modern]
Unknown City [Plot]
Town Hills House #6 (occupants: free pokemen)
The Dome Center III
Trog's Tavern XLVI
The Golden Tankard
Streets XX
McTeda Mansion
The DragonHunter Base
Thieves' Guild
SeaShell Keep
Beach XII
The Magma Cave
The Temple of Inari XXVI
The Game Pit [Modern]
Countryside V
Trog's Tavern XLV
Dacha Russkij IV
The Dome Center II
The Gears
The Tundra
The Great Forest
Slums IV
Zor's Cave III
The Sarathi Villa II
The Castle of Mor'Illorum IV
The ruined planet, Drakorlon, and Coros II
Sandakan [PLOT!]
Tereals house
The Tardis
Streets XIX
Seņor Flamingo's Gas - Now serving salt and pepper! [Modern]
Mountains V
Fading [plot]
Warpflayer Mines (Dungeon)
Trog's Tavern XLIV
Legendary Dawn of the 28th Day's Resident Evil (Dooom!)
Town Hills Apartments IV
Countryside IV
Cruithne, Earth's Second Moon
The Bishop's Resturant [Modern]
Korova Industries [Modern]
Dacha Russkij III
House D, Town Hills II
Drake v. Roper
Trog's Tavern XLIII
Marty's Pawn Emporium [Modern]
ArmsTech Corporation Complex {Plot} [Modern]
Larkin and Max's Cottage III
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